Well, i started my transformation on Jan 23rd, i was just sick and tired of not feeling well, had a huge belly, i was borderline depressed, you get the picture. I always saw ads on my newsfeed about this “KETO” diet for some reason but it never caught my attention. One day, my brother, who WAS ALSO overweight told me he was start doing this so called “keto” diet, i was like…”yeah sure, whatever”.  after a couple months i started to notice that he was slimming down pretty good, so i was like “damn!” But i didn’t like the whole idea of measuring my food, hitting certain macros and all that. Back then i thought that was just BS!, so i joined an 8 week weightloss competition, i lost 30 lbs! At the beginning with Keto, i said “screw this, i feel like crap”(keto flu) so i started incorporating carbs again in my diet…and i felt worse Lol. So i went back to keto, been on keto for about 10 weeks now, love the foods, love the diet, i consistently tracked my macros, worked out HARD, for about 6 weeks straight i exercised twice a day because i knew keto was gunna help me melt my fat. I added intermittent fasting and that increased my fatloss exponentially. Im blown away by the results of the keto/IF combination. I have to mention, i still have about 15 lbs to hit my target, but im happy with the progress the keto lifestyle has helped me obtain. It literally gave me my life back. As a truck driver i thought i was doomed, being sedentary most of the day, but this lifestyle has completely turned my life around.

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