I’m 43. My wife and I started on this journey together in January, 2018. I was skinny and scrawny my whole life until I got into high school and started playing football. I worked out 4-6 hours a day. When I graduated I was 175, 5% body fat, 32″ waist, 48″ shoulders. By the time I got married at 21, I was 210 and by 25 I was 310. I have always been strong and muscular, but being fat and overweight really brought me down. I deal with mental and emotional disorders and food was always my comfort. Since the age of 25, I have yo-yoed from 280 to 300. The last straw was when I stepped on the scales on Dec 31, 2017 and saw 312. My wife had been researching Ketogenics and had been following Drew (unbeknownst to me until this morning) for the last year. We have been on Keto for 3 1/2 month now and feel amazing. BP is lower, LDL is lower, type 2 diabetes is almost non-existent. My goal is for a healthy 190-200 pounds, with a good muscle tone. My 21 year old daughter is recently married and is now expecting my first grandchild. I am looking forward to living long enough to see my grandbaby, and watch him/her grow up. Thank you Drew and team for the hard work.

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