Two years and five months ago I made a horrible decision that changed my life.  I had broken my leg (badly) and was non weight bearing for 3 months (felt like an eternity).  During the first three months I gained 40 pounds on top of the 60 I already needed to lose.  During the 3 months I had a great cook (my mother in law) and ate 3 meals plus desert and I couldn’t move to burn any of it off.   When I finally was told to put weight on my leg I was physically hurting all over.  I was thinking I’ll lose some of it in Physical Therapy (NOT)!  My eating habits were out of control and I was not liking myself.  I would go to the drive through just because it was easy and that meant I wasn’t cooking.  As I rounded the two year mark of my broken leg and almost 41 years old I thought to myself “You wanted to quit smoking and be healthy by 40”. Here I was almost 41 and a non smoker but extremely over weight.  I could not exercise because I could not  breathe.

My life style change started November 11, 2017 with Fit2Fat2Fit Keto.  I am proud to say the 40 + pounds are gone!!! I am also down 2 shirt sizes and 1 pant size!   Since November I have increased my walking speed from 1.5mph to 3.0mph.   I used to focus on how far I had to go and now I focus on how far I have come!  If I feel like giving up or throwing in the towel I remember my why.  I also meal prep and plan ahead so I am prepared!  Loving myself more everyday and this life style change!!

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