Episode 180

Why Keto is More Than Fat and Weight Loss with Drew Manning

EP180: Why Keto is More Than Fat and Weight Loss with Drew Manning

The first in a series of solocasts about the lessons Drew has learned.

Did you know the ketogenic diet was originally discovered as a beneficial diet for patients with epilepsy? The therapeutic benefits of a keto lifestyle far outweigh the weight loss and fat loss. The mental clarity, anti-inflammation, increased energy and expanded cognitive function are just a few of the reasons people try and then adopt the keto diet. In this solo episode, Drew shares his thoughts on whether or not keto is a fad diet, the differences he saw in himself after adopting a keto lifestyle, and why no matter what your love of yourself and your health should always come first.

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Key Takeaways:

[6:59] Things to consider when you decide to do a diet.

[12:42] The therapeutic applications of a keto diet.

[18:00] Drew’s new book, Complete Keto includes the benefits of a keto diet beyond fat and weight loss.

[21:09] Why people say you shouldn’t do keto or lead you to believe a certain type of diet is bad.


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January 30, 2019 in Podcasts

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