Episode 179

Fun, Functional Fitness Training with Matthew Januszek

EP179: Fun, Functional Fitness Training with Matthew Januszek

The Founder of Escape Fitness and Host of the Escape Your Limits Podcast shares how his company gets people back into a gym.

With the rise of Crossfit, IRONMAN’s and Tough Mudder’s it’s obvious unless you are a bodybuilder the need for single-muscle-focused gym equipment is not the future of fitness. Complete fitness transformations are designed to make your entire being agile and limber. Drew’s guest, Matthew Januszek is the co-creator of Escape Fitness, a UK-based company that adds style and efficiency to functional fitness equipment. Their floorspace plans and fitness equipment re-designs make a gym environment fun and effective.

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Key Takeaways:

[7:00] Tinkering in their garage led Matthew and his father to build Escape Fitness Equipment.

[14:19] Matthew explains what Functional Fitness is and how to effectively use equipment to meet fitness goals.

[20:30] If you are setting up your home gym these are the key pieces of equipment you should have.

[29:02] The next big thing in the fitness equipment industry is functional, proven, and versatile equipment.

[34:59] How Escape Fitness makes fitness less intimidating and fundamentally fun.


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January 23, 2019 in Podcasts

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