Episode 178

Healthy Meal Planning is Easy with Jasmine “JazzyThings” Schmalhaus

EP178: Healthy Meal Planning is Easy with Jasmine “JazzyThings” Schmalhaus

The creator of ‘Your Dinner is Planned’ shares tips and tricks to simplify your meals.

You may cringe when you think of meal planning because it sounds like just one more thing to do but it doesn’t have to cause stress. Eating at home is healthier, can cost less, and if you have a plan it takes less time than going out to eat. Drew’s guest, Jasmine Schmalhaus, shares tips and tricks from her latest project, Your Dinner is Planned, a membership site designed to make your family’s life simpler, healthier, and to assist you in keeping your lifestyle and fitness goals. It includes meal plans, daily recipes, and shopping strategies. It’s a timely episode to start the new year!

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Key Takeaways:

[6:24] Why a crazy Human Resource lady turned into a writer of cook books and meal plans.

[12:15] Jasmine shares the distress competing in bodybuilding shows caused her and how she shifted her focus from looks to health.

[21:48] Jasmine describes the benefits of her ‘Your Dinner is Planned’ membership website.

[31:38] Tips and Tricks to make healthy food affordable and meal planning simple.

[39:23] Jasmine’s current health and fitness routine.


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January 15, 2019 in Podcasts

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