Episode 174

What Does it Mean to Be a StrongMan? With Danny Vega

EP174: What Does it Mean to Be a StrongMan? With Danny Vega

The creator of Fat Fueled Family reveals where he derives his strength.

Core strength is a sought-after concept in the fitness industry but how does it make life more fulfilling? Bodybuilder and Co-host of multiple keto podcasts, Danny Vega describes how his core strengths are more than his physical attributes. Family values, mental clarity, and a desire to be the best man he can be are at the center of his life’s mission. During this episode, he tells Drew why he chose keto and Carnivore to fuel his body’s nutritional needs, his love of self-experimentation, and the upcoming projects that have him pumped.

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Key Takeaways:

[6:18] Danny transitioned into a keto lifestyle two and a half years ago and he is still building mass.

[12:47] Danny’s search for the ultimate feel good diet led him to Carnivore.

[16:24] As part of his self-experimentation, Danny tests his blood sugar and stress but how he feels is the most important gauge.

[26:18] Fat-Fueled Family demonstrates that there are different ways to have an awesome life with family.

[42:28] Danny’s upcoming projects include a journal, the Keto-Muscle Program and more from the Fat Fueled Family.


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December 18, 2018 in Podcasts

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