Episode 171

Sugar Substitutes and Keto: What You Need to Know with Guy Gone Keto’s Thom King

EP171: Sugar Substitutes and Keto: What You Need to Know with Guy Gone Keto’s Thom King

Making the transition to a keto lifestyle is easier thanks to sugar-free condiments.

It is getting easier and easier to shop for keto-friendly products and sugar substitutes. But, knowing which products use natural, healthy sweeteners and how those sweeteners affect ketosis can be a struggle. In this episode, Drew welcomes the Director of Research and Development for Icon Foods and Guy Gone Keto, Thom King. Thom describes the incredible brain-boosting and physical health benefits living a keto lifestyle provided him. He also explains how the body processes the most common sugar substitutes on the market and tells why his company is betting big on allulose.

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Key Takeaways:

[6:43] Thom shares what inspired his deep commitment to the ketogenic lifestyle and how he seized the opportunity when a friend discovered stevia.

[15:15] The different types of sugar substitutes and how they are processed in the body.

[31:23] Understanding the ever-changing nutrition label can be confusing.

[36:02] In his food lab, Thom creates keto-friendly products including easy-to-use condiments.


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November 27, 2018 in Podcasts

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