Episode 170

How Awareness Can Transform Your Life with Drew Canole

EP170: How Awareness Can Transform Your Life with Drew Canole

Self-judgment, negative self-talk, and limiting beliefs hold many people back from shining their bright lights. Today’s guest, Drew Canole leveraged his early childhood trauma to build a strong online following and his successful company, Organifi. Referencing his new book, You Be You, Drew shares his personal transformation that started as a physical metamorphosis but has ascended into spiritual awareness.

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Key Takeaways:

[5:42] Drew hasn’t always been the image of health he is today, he shares the story of his transformation.

[9:40] Organifi products not only taste good but also have clinical doses of brain and body superfoods.

[13:28] Drew’s book, You Be You is a story of overcoming limiting beliefs and leveraging them to be your unique you.

[23:11] The Three Pillars of the book are Detox Your Life, Raising Your Consciousness, and Owning Your Awesome.

[34:12] How Drew taught himself to overcome toxic, negative thoughts.

[40:15] Books Drew Canole recommends to help expand the mind and assist with transformation.

[43:01] Why it is important to focus on recovery no matter what type of physical or mental exercises you do.


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What We Learned

  • Drew was struggling, unhappy and 40 pounds overweight and hanging around toxic people over 7 years ago. He made the decision to move across the country to San Diego where he didn’t know anyone and start over. He began to make YouTube videos and recorded his transformation of turning his life and health around and getting into the best shape of his life. He has gained over 6 million followers online since then.
  • After creating this YouTube channel Fitlife.TV, Drew looked around and realized how privileged they were with organic fresh vegetables in his area. He created Organifi 4 years ago and launched his first product, Green Juice into the marketplace. It’s full of superfoods and amazing for you. Organifi has since gone global and grown to shipping over a million bottles last year and has expanded.
  • Drew grew up in a very abusive home where he was beaten and tortured and experienced horrifying child abuse. Even though he endured such awful, traumatic experiences, he says he has leveraged it. Instead of making excuses about his limitations, he says he has benefited from it because it has given him compassion.
  • Drew came up with the idea and concept of his book, ‘You Be You’ when he realized that when he was relaxing and doing meditation, he was releasing some of the trauma in his body and that was crucial. He realized it gave him the premise of being totally authentic and radical in just being an authentic, unique you.
  • Practicing the ‘Trophy Room Process’ can help you gain a new perspective. Whenever you are experiencing anxiety, go to your trophy room in your mind and focus on each incredible awesome thing you have done.
  • Drew believes it is important to stop the noise each day in your mind. Spend at least 5 minutes daily silencing the noise in our mind, getting off social media and looking around at nature and just breathing. Practice wishful thinking afterwards.
  • Learn how to merge your identity with your why. What is your goal? Why do you want it?

How To Take Action

  • Read the book ‘You Be You’.
  • Try meditation to help relax and release negativity and even trauma.
  • Work on being totally authentic and just being yourself, your unique self.
  • Spend time each day quieting the noise in your head by getting out in nature and just breathing. Practice wishful thinking afterwards and believe in it.
  • Work on learning how to merge your identity with your why. What is your goal this year? Why do you want it?
  • Spend time practicing the trophy room process anytime you are feeling anxious or stressed.
  • Be kind to yourself. If you are kind to yourself and have a level of compassion for yourself, you will have that same level of compassion for others daily as well.


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November 21, 2018 in Podcasts

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