Episode 168

Drinking Ayahuasca Tea is a Plant-Based, Medicinal Experience with Dr. Jeff McNairy of Rythmia

EP168: Drinking Ayahuasca Tea is a Plant-Based, Medicinal Experience with Dr. Jeff McNairy of Rythmia

A doctor of clinical psychology explains the what, where, why and how of using ayahuasca.

Ancient cultures have used plant-based medicines to heal humans for centuries. Only since modern times have treatments been designed to keep people on a lifetime schedule of pharmaceuticals. Jeff McNairy, Psy.D., M.P.H. joins Drew to discuss his passion to change medicine for the better and his role at Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica. Dr. McNairy explains the chemical components of ayahuasca tea, drug interactions and possible side effects, and how Rythmia stays fully in compliance with the Ministry of Health in Costa Rica. If you think drinking ayahuasca tea is just something hippies do you want to listen to this episode.

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Key Takeaways:

[5:04] How Ice-T influenced Jeff to follow his passion to change the field of medicine for the better.

[7:46] Jeff started his career working with kids to empower them and increase their self-esteem.

[15:12] Jeff has seen plant-based medicine push people to make dynamic internal shifts.

[21:12] Rhythmia in Costa Rica is a bridge between ancient, plant-based medicine and modern, westernized medicine.

[24:47] Possible risks of taking plant-based medicines without the proper protocols.

[27:28] How is ayahuasca tea made and how does it affect the body?

[30:29] Is it possible to have an ayahuasca experience in the U.S. and what do U.S.-based doctors think about it?


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What We Learned

  • Jeff was always against the healthcare system and wanted to see changes in it. He decided to go through school and gather all the degrees and credentials so he could get into the mental health field and make a shift and a change.
  • Jeff was working in Hawaii with ‘problematic kids’ when he decided they were not the problem. The system was the problem. There needed to be a way in which they were worked with differently. He credits that period of time with really opening his eyes to learning how to empower people to have their own positive vibes and increasing their self esteem.
  • After Jeff moved back to the mainland to get his doctorate, he began working at Passages Rehab at night. He soon became the Administrative Director there when they found out about his background, education and training. That is when he met Jerry, the founder of Rythmia.
  • Once Jerry left to go to Costa Rica to try plant medicine treatment, he called Jeff and asked him to come and check it out. Jeff went and he tried plant medicine with Jerry and his life was changed. That is when Jerry and Jeff decided it was time to bring plant medicine mainstream and began looking for a resort in Costa Rica to buy and launch.
  • For people who may be interested in visiting Rythmia and trying plant medicine, you must undergo a lot of testing first. Any meds you are taking will be gone over, any surgeries you have had will be discussed at length. And any ongoing health issues, such as heart disease, neurological problems and so on. Not everyone will be approved to try plant medicine. Everyone is thoroughly checked out for their own safety.
  • Jeff says he has received the most opposition from his field, not the common community. When they came to Rythmia and checked it out however, they ended up loving it. They are frustrated with the system they are in as well and that’s why they came, to find a different approach and their eyes were opened.

How To Take Action

  • Consider a program such as Rythmia, if you are struggling with your own mental health issues or any struggles in your life. you feel you need to work through or have a break through on. It can help you gain a deeper clarity.
  • Consider exploring Rythmia and their ancient plant medicine treatments if you are a therapist or in the mental healthcare field and are looking for another approach to traditional treatment that isn’t working for some people any longer.
  • Actually consider going into the medical field to make a difference. You don’t have to agree with the system that is in place now, you can get in the field and begin to make a change and a difference from within and from the inside out.


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November 07, 2018 in Podcasts

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