Episode 167

Breathwork as a Transformational Tool with Christian Minson

EP167: Breathwork as a Transformational Tool with Christian Minson

A former monk shares his journey to self-realization.

Breathing is a foundational part of our everyday lives but have you ever considered using it as a tool to contact your divine spirit? After a transformational experience using breathwork and plant medicine at Rythmia in Costa Rica, Drew is interviewing key members of the staff. Today’s guest is Christian Minson, the leader of the breathwork program at Rythmia. He is also an author, speaker, and founder of Breathflow Wellness, a holistic health business. Christian describes what it is like to be a seeker in life, the path that led him to become a monk, and how breathwork can be used as a tool to achieve self-realization.

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Key Takeaways:

[4:57] How psychedelic medicine, a God experience, a bumblebee, and a book led Christian to immerse himself into a monastic life.

[12:48] Christian describes the process of becoming a monk.

[24:41] Why Christian left the monastery and started practicing breathwork.

[36:54] How Breathflow can bring about a deeper relationship with spirit.

[44:48] Why do some people have emotional experiences during breathwork?


Mentioned in This Episode:

What We Learned

  • Christian grew up asking a lot of questions and seeking. In high school, he began his spiritual journey by using psychedelic medicine and exploring different spiritual paths.
  • During Christians college years, he became involved full force with the organization, ‘Self-Realization Fellowship’ and joined the order. His parents were skeptical at first, but eventually supported him. He then officially became a monk after going to an Ashram retreat for over a year.
  • As a monk, there were four basic vows that you had to take. Christian took vows of simplicity, obedience, loyalty and chastity. The chastity vow was the one he said that got to most people.
  • Christian discovered an inner calling to leave after 10 years of being a monk. During that time he had also discovered the techniques of breathwork. He was introduced to breathwork and that helped him start to get in tune with his emotional repressions. It brought out all of these different emotions.
  • Because the breathwork basically helped him to make the decision to change his life and transform, Christian started training to become a facilitator and senior trainer with the Transformational Breath Organization. He has been working as a senior trainer now for 12 years.
  • Christian believes that breathwork, meditation, prayer and plant medicine are all tools that are there to help us uncover our higher self and to get a glimpse of who we truly are.
  • Christian believes that breathwork can be a precursor to meditation to clear your emotional field or it can even help those who struggle with meditation and staying still. Breathwork doesn’t require stillness of the body or mind, yet it creates the experiences we can have in meditation and prayer and can actually do it quicker.

How To Take Action

  • Consider taking a breathwork course and learning more about it.
  • Consider incorporating breathwork prior to meditation to clear your emotional field so that is resolved prior to you meditating. You then will not have to spend the first half hour trying to calm your mind and emotions.
  • Consider trying just breathwork instead of meditation. Some people struggle to meditate and are physically uncomfortable trying to stay still. Try breathwork instead of meditation because it doesn’t require stillness of the body or mind, yet it creates the same experiences you can have.
  • Consider visiting Rythmia to learn more about breathwork, meditation and plant medicine.

Posted by Drew Manning

October 30, 2018 in Podcasts

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