Episode 166

Drew Does Ayahuasca

EP166: Drew Does Ayahuasca

My story of attending a jungle retreat in Costa Rica that offers spiritual ceremonies using a plant-based medicine.

What tools do you use to lead you to fulfillment and happiness? What does a complete transformation look like for you? Drew considers transformation more than just a physical attribute. In his quest to help others be the best person they can be, he explores the mental, spiritual, and emotional aspects of the whole self in addition to having a strong physical body. During this episode, he details his journey to Rythmia, a jungle retreat in Costa Rica and his discovery of the powerful effects of breathing exercises and his experience after drinking a concoction made from the ayahuasca vine.

Drew shares his own, unique experience. Your journey may vary.

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Key Takeaways:

[4:31] What is Ayahuasca and why do people use it for spiritual ceremonies?

[6:23] What led Drew down to Rythmia in Costa Rica to experience ayahuasca?

[12:02] Drew felt called to have this experience after speaking with others about their experiences.

[16:25] The breathe-work exercises brought about both physical and emotional changes in Drew.

[18:51] Drew explains what happened when he attended the ayahuasca spiritual ceremony.

[21:26] Drew reconnected with his soul during his ayahuasca experience.


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October 23, 2018 in Podcasts

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