Episode 165

Body Positivity and the Formula to a Happy, Healthy Life with Danika Brysha

EP165: Body Positivity and the Formula to a Happy, Healthy Life with Danika Brysha

A former plus-sized model and co-founder of The Brunch Series shares her prescription for a healthy life.

What is your system for creating new healthy habits? Does it work? In this inspirational episode, Model Meals creator Danika Brysha shares her transformational journey to health and happiness. Her story includes how she used food as an emotional crutch, her battle with bulimia, how she dealt with her relapse into an unhealthy lifestyle, how she manifested her dreams and became a plus-sized model, how she got sober, and how she created a flourishing business while living as a nomad.

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Key Takeaways:

[5:54] Danika finally settled into the life she wanted after she found the Whole30 program.

[9:17] After a two-year relapse, Danika created a Self-care Checklist that enabled her to create sustainable, healthy habits.

[13:07] Danika opens up about how her differences were eventually the things that led to her success.

[18:07] Why it’s all about loving yourself for who you truly are, not your outward appearance.

[21:49] When Danika lost weight she lost her modeling job and her income but it didn’t keep her down for long.

[30:21] When her clients have a down day, Danika addresses them with gentleness and compassion.

[33:25] The Brunch Series incorporates self-care, body positivity, community, and delicious, healthy food.


Mentioned in This Episode:

What We Learned

  • Danika states most of her life was centered around food and struggling to lose weight. Her goal was to become a model. In High School, she became bulimic, throwing up seven to eight times a day. After she finally began accepting her body, she was approached to become a plus size model and began modeling for big brands.
  • Danika discovered Whole30 while living in New York and modeling. She credits it for totally transforming  her life and especially her relationship with food. She was so inspired by how much she could change in 30 days, that she started adding a new habit each month, from journaling to meditation to working out. Within five months, she had lost 40 pounds, but also lost her plus size modeling job because of her weight loss.
  • After losing her modeling job, Danika had to move back to California and move into her parents garage. She was six figures in debt and slowly starting to binge daily again. She finally made a checklist one day of what she could do to keep herself from binging. She came up with a self care checklist. She started using it daily and realized that it had a massive impact on changing her habits.
  • Today Danika has paid off all her debt, relaunched her business Model Meals, delivering healthy meals to people and has started an event with her chef boyfriend called ‘The Brunch Series’ for women that focuses on self care, wellness and healthy habits. They live in a 30 foot bus and are traveling all over the U.S. for The Brunch Series.
  • Danika believes very strongly in self love. She states that everyone should make positive changes for their health because of self love, because we all deserve to feel good. It’s so important to learn to love yourself.
  • Danika believes it’s important that we shift our thought process of believing our worth is equivalent to what we get done or what we do. If we can work on changing how we think of our self worth as being attached to what we accomplish or how we succeed, then it actually doesn’t bother us as much when we don’t get everything on our checklist done.

How To Take Action

  • Consider attending The Brunch Series if possible and learn how to work on your own self help checklist and getting connected in your own community.
  • Try to journal daily. Allow yourself time to just write whatever comes to your mind.
  • Try meditation, even if you only meditate for one minute or so, eventually one minute will turn in to more. Meditation is something that will truly help you work through stress in your life.
  • Practice positive affirmations. Spend a few minutes each day speaking to yourself in a positive way. Build yourself up daily.
  • Use social media in your favor by following people who look like you or have the same ‘flaws’ as you do but are celebrating them as beautiful.
  • Focus only on one day at a time. If you can have one happy day, then another one and you line those up and get a few in a row, it will then become a month, then a year, then it becomes a happy life.


Posted by Drew Manning

October 16, 2018 in Podcasts

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