Episode 164

Using Clarity and Vision to Achieve Your Purpose with Brian Nunez

EP164: Using Clarity and Vision to Achieve Your Purpose with Brian Nunez

Increasing your self-awareness is the key to living the life you want.

Has your ego ever gotten in the way of you reaching your goals? Nike Master Trainer and Author of Elevate to Great, Brian Nunez courageously shares the story of how he learned the hard way, not to believe the hype. The lessons he learned from his experience have kept him motivated to help thousands of others gain focus, clarity, and fitness and fueled his passion to live the life he wants without substitutions.

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Key Takeaways:

[4:56] As a teen, Brian was so wrapped up in his sports identity he had no idea who he really was.

[9:01] How Brian teaches kids to be resourceful and to have a well-rounded mindset.

[12:10] An important life lesson Brian learned during his college football experience.

[18:29] At 23, an unfortunate life event fueled Brian’s passion for personal training.

[24:54] Clarity is the key to transforming your mindset.

[30:43] Brian uses his Nike role as a vehicle to help thousands of people gain focus and achieve their goals.

[35:14] There is no alternative to putting in the work.

[44:25] What brings Brian fulfillment in his life?


Mentioned in This Episode:

What We Learned

  • Brian was always very introverted growing up and became even more so after his parents divorced when he was very young. Sports was his only outlet and he credits it as being his saving grace. He loved being a part of a team, the structure, the community and the bond.
  • Brian now coaches teens and college kids and tries to encourage them to be open and to share more and not to bottle things up. He teaches them to be resourceful and extract those good characteristics out of what sports will give you.
  • Brian states that one of the biggest lessons he learned was to not believe any of the hype. It is the hype that crushes people the most in their life, when we start to believe we are better than we are. That is when you will get blindsided. Just stay focused.
  • Brian said he had a wake up call when his sister called him in the middle of the night to tell him their stepdad had taken his own life. He states that this woke him up to the power of connection and the detriment of disconnection. He had seen what it did to his stepdad and realized he had the same excessive type tendencies.
  • After his wake up call, Brian states that through that transformation within himself that was when his life started to change. He quit the fire academy and his EMT job and went all in with his passion. He wanted to help people get more connected. Training and exercise became his first vehicle for that.
  • Brian teaches that once you understand what is most important to you, then you will have an idea on creating your vision. You need to figure out who you are first, not what you do, but who you are. Your values are how you are going to live your life and the basis for every decision you make.
  • Brian believes keeping your ego in check is crucial for leaders. One of the ways you can do this is by first listening, then learning and then leading.
  • Brian states it’s important for your growth to surround yourself with people who know more than you.

How To Take Action

  • Stay focused on your work that needs to get done. Don’t get high on the highs or low on the lows. Don’t believe the hype. Don’t believe you are better than you are. That is when you will slack off and can get blindsided.
  • Find what you are passionate about and go all in. The more passionate you are about something, the more effectively you will be able to help others.
  • If you want to help people, you have got to help yourself first. Bet on yourself. Double down on your strengths. If there is something you really want, don’t be afraid to go after it. Put in the hard work, dedication and commitment and have faith that good things will happen.
  • Your mindset is the biggest piece of transformation. You can have the best meal plans, the best trainer, and the best workout, but none of that will matter if you don’t know how to change your mindset and the way you see yourself.
  • Brian says a great tip for people having a hard time is to make a list of all the things you know for sure you don’t want in your life.
  • Surround yourself with people whose strengths are your weakness. You are the sum of people you surround yourself with.


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October 09, 2018 in Podcasts

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