Episode 163

All of Your Keto Questions Answered with Dr. Dominic D’Agostino

EP163: All of Your Keto Questions Answered with Dr. Dominic D’Agostino

A deep dive into the nuances of ketogenics with THE leader in ketogenic research.

Not just anyone is up for the task of experimenting with their physical abilities while in a state of ketosis for NASA and the Department of Defense. But that is exactly what Doctor Dominic D’Agostino does. His research ensures Navy Seals and other military personnel reach their peak performance and resiliency levels through exogenous ketone use. During Dr. Dom’s return visit on the podcast, he answers all the questions you have about a ketogenic diet, exogenous ketones and why you should attend the 2019 Metabolic Health Summit.

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Key Takeaways:

[4:42] Dr. Dom is exploring the use of multiple exogenous ketones formulations for the Dept. of Defense and NASA.

[13:59] Discovering glucose and ketone connections.

[21:29] Dr. Dom’s thoughts on a strict carnivore diet.

[27:19] Is a keto diet safe for women?

[30:56] How does a ketogenic diet affect cholesterol levels?

[37:59] How long can a person safely follow a ketogenic diet?

[43:43] The Metabolic Health Summit is where keto science is shared with the health and fitness community.


Mentioned in This Episode:

What We Learned

  • Dr. Dom has been working with NASA for the last year as a crew member with with NEEMO crew operation. He is in the beginning stages of doing research on metabolism and whether exogenous ketones can be incorporated into the NASA nutritional program for long duration space travel. His studies have shown that the keto diet itself is about 50% higher energy density. He has also been working for the past two years in the field of research on oxygen toxicity with Navy Seals.
  • Dom’s studies are trying to find out if there is one formula of exogenous ketones that works the same for everyone whether its for oxygen toxicity, seizures or the average person just trying to lose weight. Right now it is very clear that different exogenous ketones and formulations of those ketones have different effects.
  • Dom views exogenous ketones as the fourth macronutrient. He believe that in the future there will be specific ketones for specific protocols.
  • Dom believes exogenous ketones can be used more effectively to enhance exercise performance, but unlike glucose and sugar, ketones have other unique properties beyond their capacity as exercise fuel.
  • Exogenous ketones dramatically lower blood glucose levels. If you were to take ketones and glucose together, the rise in blood glucose would be less than if you took the glucose alone.
  • Dom believes the carnivore diet can be beneficial for some people, but more importantly he believes you should find the diet that works best for you based on your own individual needs. Adjust your diet to meet your needs.
  • Keto for women can be different based on a woman’s physiology. It can cause hormonal changes initially. You have to be sure as a woman that you are consuming enough calories and fat so it doesn’t affect your thyroid or hormone levels.

How To Take Action

  • Consider using exogenous ketones for exercise performance. They are very energy dense and can help increase your energy by 50%. They also work better and have more unique properties than just exercise fuel.
  • Ideally everyone should do blood work at least one to two times per year. Dr. Dom suggests optimally he likes to see people do blood work every four times a year, especially if they are following a type of diet lifestyle such as keto.
  • If you are a woman doing keto, be sure you are consuming enough calories and fat so your thyroid and hormone levels will not be affected.
  • If you are looking for a diet to help you lose weight or for better health, for whatever reason, be sure you find a diet that will meet your own individual needs and then adjust to fit you and your lifestyle personally.


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October 02, 2018 in Podcasts

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