Episode 162

How Gut Microbiome Testing Can Cure Chronic Illness

EP162: How Gut Microbiome Testing Can Cure Chronic Illness

Learn how to create an individualized diet plan based on the organisms in your digestive system.

Chronic diseases start in the gut. So, why do we turn to pharmaceuticals to suppress symptoms instead of treating the real cause of our illness? Entrepreneur, Naveen Jain plans to turn the pharmaceutical industry upside down with gut microbiome test kits people can take at home. His company, Viome provides a complete inventory of the bio-individual flora and fauna in a person’s gut and offer suggestions on what foods may be causing inflammation and other disease-causing conditions.

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Key Takeaways:

[5:32] Naveen describes his early life and how it shaped him into the successful entrepreneur he is today.

[10:35] Viome was created to provide meaningful feedback to clients, based on testing their gut microbiome.

[24:54] Naveen debunks common myths about a supposedly healthy diet and lifestyle.

[38:50] Unpacking the functional microbiome test and utilizing the results.

[46:26] Pharmaceutical companies want to keep you sick.


Mentioned in This Episode:

What We Learned

  • Narveen grew up in India. At times he didn’t have food to eat. He and his family didn’t really have a place to call home. They moved from village to village. From this experience, he became very comfortable with change.
  • Narveen states the fact that they were poor growing up was because his dad decided he wanted to be an honest man and keep the values that mattered. That meant going through tough times, but yet never sacrificing who you are as a person. He states that became key to who he is today.
  • When Narveen became involved in the business of health care, he began to read several books and hundreds of research articles about chronic diseases. It became clear to him that every single chronic disease is really a group of symptoms and they all have the same root cause. Chronic diseases are caused by chronic inflammation, which is caused by imbalance in your gut.
  • Narveen believes there is no such thing as universal healthy food. Food that is good for one person may not be good for another. In fact, the food that is good for you today, may not be good for you four months from now because your body is constantly changing and adapting.
  • Narveen states fasting isn’t for everyone. Some people can be harmed by it. Their microbiome will begin to eat the lining of their stomach.
  • Narveen states they have discovered that our microbiome produce testosterone and estrogen, so changing your diet can actually help balance your hormones as well.
  • Consider biome testing every few months if you have chronic health issues. Once you are getting your gut bacteria more in balance, you can then move to twice a year and then eventually to once a year.

How To Take Action

  • Focus on good gut bacteria. Consider getting your biome tested with a Viome test from Narveen’s website. If you have chronic disease, you should get tested every few months until your gut bacteria improves, then you can move to once a year.
  • Even if foods are labeled as ‘good for you’, remember they might not be healthy for your gut due to inflammatory issues. Spinach is actually high in the inflammatory process. You should consider limiting it in your diet if you have chronic issues.
  • Fasting isn’t beneficial for everyone. Know how long you can safely fast before you start. Testing is a great way to pin that time period down.
  • Consider nutritional changes to help with not only inflammation issues, autoimmune disorders, thyroid issues but also even hormonal imbalances.


Posted by Drew Manning

September 25, 2018 in Podcasts

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