Episode 154

EverlyWell Empowers Everyone to Take Control of Their Health

EP154: EverlyWell Empowers Everyone to Take Control of Their Health

Home-based medical testing offers valuable results to consumers.

Searching for the root of her unknown ailment Drew’s guest, Julia Cheek was forced into a labyrinth of expensive lab tests, doctors visits and extended periods of waiting for results. Even though she had no health care experience, she knew the cycle could be streamlined, easier, and less expensive so she founded EverlyWell:Home Health Testing. During this episode, she talks about her Shark Tank experience, the myriad of tests Everlywell offers, and how her company provides value to consumers.

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Key Takeaways:

[5:40] What led Julia to found EverlyWell.

[14:19] Julia had no healthcare experience when she founded EverlyWell.

[17:30] Why in-home medical testing?

[20:05] How to get accurate results from a myriad of tests.

[23:12] Shark Tank introduced EverlyWell products to a much bigger audience.

[27:23] How to figure out your baseline and using it for managing your health.

[32:44] The specifics of the food sensitivity test.

[40:03] What Drew loves about EverlyWell.


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July 31, 2018 in Podcasts

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