Episode 150

Herbal Medicines are Nutritional Powerhouses

EP150: Herbal Medicines are Nutritional Powerhouses

Healthy living the way nature intended.

From a young age Drew’s guest, Jane Barlow was studying and consuming natural plants and herbal remedies. Her father was a Botanist who shared his passion for plants with all of his 14 children. Sixteen years ago Jane and her family once again took up the family business, Barlow Herbal and re-introduced her father’s potent remedies with the world. During today’s conversation, Jane shares herbs that can prevent viruses and bacteria, the resources that changed her nutritional habits, and how she makes the most of herbal supplements.

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Key Takeaways:

[6:10] Jane inherited her love of herbal medicines from her father.

[13:29] The books that turned Jane’s approach to fitness around.

[19:39] Bringing Barlow Herbal back to life.

[24:31] Desert Parsley or Lomatium is a strong antimicrobial.

[33:04] Herbs that have beneficial properties.

[46:13] Learn more through Barlow Herbal’s online herbal course.

[47:44] Why Jane does what she does.


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July 05, 2018 in Podcasts

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