Episode 148

Nutrient-Dense ‘Genius Foods’ Protect Brain Function

EP148: Nutrient-Dense ‘Genius Foods’ Protect Brain Function

Prevention of mental degradation starts with the food you eat.

Writing a New York Times bestselling book about nutrition wasn’t part of Max Lugavere’s original life plan. But, when his mother started showing signs of early dementia at a young age there was no question of what he needed to do. He took a break from filmmaking to invest his time and journalistic resources into uncovering the link between nutrition and brain health. During his conversation with Drew, Max shares his passion for prevention, the foods he declares genius foods, and his views on the state of medical care today.

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Key Takeaways:

[4:59] What jolted Max from a successful filmmaking career and into the scariest time of his life?

[11:28] After a ‘Diagnose and Adios’ response from doctors, Max relied on his journalism credentials to dig deeper into the cause of his mother’s dementia.

[13:43] The link between brain health and metabolic health.

[16:46] How Max shares his passion for prevention.

[24:10] Genius Foods highlights the foods people should eat more often.

[33:57] Max is a fan of supplements if taken smartly.

[37:01] A Genius Food meal plan.


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June 19, 2018 in Podcasts

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