Episode 132

Can Keto Reduce Seizures in People with Epilepsy?

EP132: Can Keto Reduce Seizures in People with Epilepsy?

Jade Nelson shares how to use a ketogenic diet for more than weight loss.

The keto diet has well-known weight loss and health benefits but did you know it can also benefit those living with debilitating diseases? Jade Nelson joins Drew to share how a ketogenic diet changed her life. By changing her diet and staying in ketosis Jade drastically diminished her epileptic seizures, reduced the side effects of her medications and gave her the energy and stamina to continue in her massage therapy career. Today, Jade shares her knowledge with others and pays it forward in any way she can. Listen to her inspiring story.

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Key Takeaways:

[5:00] Jade has had seizures and been on medication for most of her life.

[13:00] After 28 years of seizures, Jade decided to the keto diet.

[17:47] The keto diet removed the brain fog and side effects of epilepsy medication.

[21:24] Modifying the keto diet for therapeutic reasons vs. weight loss.

[30:52] Hacks for staying on the keto diet when traveling.

[36:59] How Jade shares her keto journey with others.

[39:54] Resources for more about the keto/epilepsy connection.


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February 26, 2018 in Podcasts

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