Episode 130

Fit to Fat to Fit Season 2: Behind the Scenes with Toni Romero

EP130: Fit to Fat to Fit Season 2: Behind the Scenes with Toni Romero

After the show, it’s about finding balance and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Even though the producers of the Fit to Fat to Fit show revealed more of their struggles, sisters Toni and Felicia Romero did have positive moments during their experience. Toni joins Drew to discuss the difficulties of having your family relationship filmed, how Felicia’s difficulty when gaining weight kept her motivated and how she maintains a healthy lifestyle now that the show is over. Felicia and Toni’s episode highlights the importance of accountability when going through a lifestyle transformation.

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Key Takeaways:

[4:10] After college, Toni started eating poorly every single day.

[6:01] Felicia needed to understand what it feels like to be overweight.

[9:36] The show’s producers focused on the fighting but there were positive moments.

[17:44] Toni was on a Paleo diet and did cardio twice a day.

[20:05] Felicia’s body resisted gaining weight and she lost her strength and endurance.

[23:01] Toni was motivated to work out harder because Felicia was going through the same experience.

[27:57] How to stay motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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February 12, 2018 in Podcasts

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