Episode #118

Looking for a Keto-Friendly Sugar Substitute That Actually Tastes Like Sugar

EP118: Looking for a Keto-Friendly Sugar Substitute That Actually Tastes Like Sugar?

Monk Fruit may be the alternative sweetener you have been searching for.

Finding keto-friendly products that taste good is not always easy but Brent Hauver of Lakanto says look no further. Lakanto produces a zero glycemic, keto-friendly, plant-based sweetener from the Monk Fruit that really tastes like sugar. Their line of products includes traditional favorites such as pancakes, maple-flavored syrup and chocolate bars. During this episode, you will learn what makes the product taste exactly like sugar, how the company was created and where you can get the product.

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Key Takeaways:

  • [04:31] After his body broke down, Brent decided to create a plant-based nutrition company.
  • [17:44] The history of Monk Fruit and how the Lakanto company began.
  • [23:34] Erythritol was added to make the sweetener taste exactly like sugar.
  • [25:43] Products currently available from Lakanto include chocolate bars and pancakes.
  • [39:34] Lakanto Monk Fruit sweetener is available in limited international countries.


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Posted by Drew Manning

December 29, 2017 in Podcasts

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