Episode #117

Dr. Steven & Janet Lewis

EP117: Using Affordable Lab Work to Eliminate Toxins and Increase Nutrient Density

Your body is a complex machine that should be fed and cared for properly.

Even if you are eating ‘healthy’ foods you may not be giving your body sufficient nutrients to achieve optimal health. Dr. Steven Lewis and his wife, Janet Lewis describe how our polluted world and mass agricultural practices have depleted the nutrients out of foods. They also describe how they are able to offer extensive, but affordable lab tests to provide an individualized, alternative, and functional nutritional supplement schedule to their patients.

Janet is a certified National Health Consultant and Steven is a Chiropractor. Both have studied Eastern preventative medicinal techniques in China. Their plans work by eliminating the toxins we ingest through everyday foods and products and by allowing the body’s natural repair mechanisms to function properly.

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Key Takeaways:

  • [04:39] The Lewis’s use lab work to find the correct natural compounds to regain their health.
  • [07:00] It’s hard to avoid all the common products mimic estrogen in the human body.
  • [16:42] The Chinese practice preventative, alternative and natural medicine.
  • [23:42] Organic doesn’t necessarily mean nutrient dense.
  • [27:34] The importance of pooping; Nutrition begins in the gut.
  • [34:23] Why the lab work you are currently getting could be useless in improving your health.
  • [44:26] Balancing your hormones.


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Posted by Drew Manning

December 29, 2017 in Podcasts

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