Episode #116

What Makes a Successful Personal Trainer

EP116: What Makes a Successful Personal Trainer?

There is more to helping others make a lifestyle change than knowing how to do a squat properly.

The fitness industry has had, for the most part, a military-type, physically-based, just-follow-the-instructions kind of mentality but as my guest, Nick Olsen points out clients must also have their emotional and mental needs addressed before they can make a permanent change. Nick is a personal trainer and a certified life and business coach. He attributes his success to being able to help people at an emotional level and his business savvy.

In his new book and e-course, The Road to Success as a Personal Trainer, Nick helps personal trainers create a successful business through a client-focused business model.

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Key Takeaways:

  • [06:19] Nick came from an unhealthy family environment.
  • [10:50] Helping facilitate change in people’s lives is what Nick is passionate about.
  • [14:56] Many Personal Trainers are set up to fail because they focus solely on the physical.
  • [19:23] Nick’s e-course includes the mental and emotional side of fitness and goal setting.
  • [30:30] What makes a successful personal trainer?
  • [38:08] Don’t compromise what is important to you for money. #successredefined


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December 29, 2017 in Podcasts

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