Personal Training and Skype Fitness Coaching

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Through the past year one of the most common questions I've received is, "So how has this made you a better trainer?" As many of you know from following my entire journey one of the main reasons I decided to do this was to better relate to my clients. To see if I was wrong and if my clients were right. To determine if there was a better way to get healthy and exercise that would work for the "Average Joe".

Unfortunately, with how busy I was maintaining the site and promoting my book I haven't been able to continue training my past clients or take on new ones (aside from the amazing Jaynes Family).

I'm happy to say with things finally more calm I have resumed training and am taking on 2-3 new clients. I've finished the gym in my walkout basement in order to have a private area with access to all the equipment I need. For those that live near the Eagle Mountain, Utah area and would like to become a client or find out more information please email my wife or I: [email protected] and/or [email protected]

Additionally, I have a couple of clients that I have been working with via Skype (video) training. This helps clients needing extra guidance and accountability each week to check in and work with me. This also helps to customize my program to the individual. I have 2 more openings for Skype training/coaching which is a good alternative no matter where you are located.

Hoping all of you #TeamDrew members are finding success with your fitness goals. I've received thousands of emails showing your progress not only physically, but more importantly medically, and I am in awe of your inspiring stories and determination. Keep up the good work and remember- It's a LIFESTYLE….NOT a diet!

For more information you can email me or contact Kerry: [email protected]


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