When do we start the journey?

Starting November 5th!

Will I be posting the grocery list in advance each week? Will I be posting my meal and workout plans in advance each week?

I will be posting grocery shopping lists each week to show what exactly I’ll be eating. I’ve decided to post in advance my meal plan outlined for the entire week along with the exercises I will be doing so people can be prepared. I think this will be the best way, but I may change things up depending on the feedback I receive from all of you. The grocery list, meals, and workout plans will be located under the tab “Meal Plans & Workout”.

Can you substitute something when there is a food you do not like or an exercise you do not want to do?

Yes! I will be listing my meals for the entire week. This means when you stumble upon one you don’t like you can always substitute a different meal. Additionally, I’ll have added resources on my site where you can find other meal alternatives you may like more to incorporate into your diet. I can’t work around everyone’s tastes, allergies, preferences, etc… so feel free to substitute healthy alternatives that will work best for you. Additionally, my workouts will be tailored to me. If there is something you cannot do make sure not to push yourself and find something better suited for your situation (especially if you have an injury or medical problem. You will want to consult your doctor first).

What about women? Will I post something specifically for women?

My wife and I discussed this at length. We decided we wanted to make this journey as accessible as possible for everyone. Therefore, I will be posting my wife’s meals and her workouts as well which may be better suited for the female followers. Mostly her meals are just smaller portions of the same foods anyway. Also, my wife might be at a higher fitness level than some of you so keep that in mind and make sure as I noted above to consult your doctor before starting any rigorous exercise.

Will there be a way for you to join a support group or community of fellow followers?

Yes! I am very excited to announce that a community forum is in the works. Please realize this is a “work in progress”. It may not be up before we start the journey November 5th and it may be something we change and improve as time goes on. My hopes are to have a forum where all of us can support each other, track our progress, share our success, get tips and motivate one another!

Do you have to purchase supplements?

This has been a heated topic since I put up my supplement tab on my site. Many of you may not have seen the blog post where I review that people do not have to purchase these same supplements or any at all in fact. I listed what I use because people wanted to know. I could take the time to go into why I use these products such and the science behind it, the benefits, the natural ingredients (etc.) but the truth is I’m not a salesman. I have always used supplements and have seen better results from using good products (and so have my clients) which is why I will continue to do so. You can purchase different products (alternatives) or not purchase any. Remember that your diet is the key to becoming fit and no supplement in the world can replace that. Therefore if I use a supplement you don’t have, make sure to substitute a healthy alternative.

What type of exercises will you have to do? How long will the exercise routines be?

For the first month I plan on changing my diet and stressing how important that is as well as only implementing stretching and basic core exercises that month. After that I will implement my exercise routines in phases. I want to show everyone how the foods you eat have a bigger impact than your exercise routine alone. I also don’t want you or I to jump into a rigorous routine and pull a muscle or hurt ourselves. At my PEAK fitness my exercises were 45 minutes- 1 hour.

Do I work out at a gym? In order to follow this journey do you have to purchase a gym membership?

I do workout at a gym. I mentioned in a previous blog post that I work out at the local Anytime Fitness. I’m going to continue working out there on my journey back and most my workouts do utilize fitness equipment that only a gym carries. However, that being said, my wife works out mostly from home. She has a few exercise materials such as: stability ball, free weights, pull up bar, and exercise bands. I will be posting some of her workouts from home as well so feel free if you can’t afford a gym membership to use those workouts.

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