Our New Fit2Mass Journey- Build Lean Muscle, Tone Your Body, and Lose Fat!

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We'll be starting Fit2MASS on April 8, 2013. Get signed up now to get ready for this 12-week, lean mass gaining journey for men and women. Here are a few details about it:

  • It will be twelve weeks long
  • Lynn will be doing it with me to document how to gain some lean muscle for women (and how to tone up and lose fat)
  • Full meal plans (along with a food substitution list), workouts (in written form with corresponding photos for each exercise), and professional workout videos
  • For full access it will be $10 for the complete 12 weeks
  • Free limited access to view our weekly progress along with free tips along the way

We hope you'll join us on this Fit2MASS journey! Click HERE for more info!

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