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Written by my wife, Lynn Manning:

Many of you know me or have gotten to know me through the site, blog posts I’ve written, interviews, and/or my chapter in our book. I am NOT a health-nut like my husband, but I AM passionate about women’s (and children’s) health and fitness. It’s because of this passion that I became certified recently as a Women’s Fitness Specialist. My hope is to help the women in my life, and possibly thousands online that are following this website.

As a wife and busy mother of two it’s been a journey “fitting in time” for health and fitness into my life. I've learned some tips and tools along the way that I think could benefit ALL women. In today’s society it has been shown that we have a negative stigma towards those that are overweight. This stigma is actually worse towards women (though I'm sure this fact doesn't surprise most women out there it's something I hate!). Additionally, women tend to struggle with weight more then men. We are statistically more obese then men, and we lose weight slower.

During this period of time when the Jaynes are going “dark” I thought why not share some of the knowledge I’ve learned?! I also have recently started training my sister, Kristin, who is over 100 lbs. overweight and has type 2 diabetes. I wanted to share some of her progress and tips she can give for those that can closely relate with her (mother of 3 children, in her mid-thirties and works full time).

Posting all of this will be time-consuming but worth it if all of you are interested in this type of women and mother-specific fitness information. I will also post some tips regarding nutrition and fitness for our children.

So the reason for my post is to see if there are women out there interested in this. If you would like me to create a page on the site specifically dedicated towards you (fellow women and mothers) then let me know by commenting, liking, or sharing this post. If I see the demand I’ll commit to creating a page on this site dedicated to women asap!


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