Lose Weight & Win Prizes: Set up a private 30-day Challenge for your Friends, Co-Workers and/or Family Members!

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Whether your goal is to become healthier, lose weight, tone up, get ready for swimsuit season or train for a race we all need the same thing….motivation and accountability (along with the tools on how to reach your goals)! 

Lynn (my wife) and I have decided to host a 30-day challenge for the first 10 teams that want to join by May 1st. Win prizes and stay motivated while working towards your goals. 


-Only 10 tens will be accepted to participate

-Each team needs to be 10 participants or more 

-International players/teams welcome! 

-Every team member must join our virtual training platform (Pro membership-$14.99 for the month before your discount code for your group) which will supply you the meal plans and workouts (see more under details). Link to membership sign-up: http://www.2fitathome.com/signup


-Membership includes detailed meal plans with grocery lists and special dietary plans are available, including gluten-free, dairy-free, and/or diabetic friendly plans.

-All groups will receive a daily email with fitness tips, mini challenges and motivation for the 30 days (starting May 1st). *This is in addition to the meal plans and workouts you get on the site. 

-Workout plans that can be done at the gym or at home (specifically designed to be done at home to save money on a gym membership). It requires a couple of pieces of inexpensive equipment: stability ball, fitness band and set of weights. See blog post for more details. Click HERE

-Each group's winner will receive an autographed copy of my NY Time's Best-Selling Book: Fit2Fat2Fit. Winner's (rules) will be determined with the team captain and agreed upon by members before we start. Examples could be: person who loses the most body weight percentage, a point system for people who follow the mini challenges the best, over-all voted most improved, etc.

Weekly drawings (all members doing the challenge are in these drawings by simply participating)- each week a winner at random will be chosen for a pack of our favorite fitness items (supplements, protien bars, fitness apparrel, etc.). 

-Team Leader (person who sets up the team) that has the most players (out of the ten groups) participating will receive a free personal fitness consulting session via Skype with me (Drew) (over $150 value). 

-In addition, we ask that all participants that are willing to send in a before and after photo along with a testimonial of their experience. The top MALE and top FEMALE story/transformation that is chosen by Drew and I will also receive a free personal fitness consulting session via Skype with me (Drew) (over $150 value). 

If you have further questions or would like to participate simply email us and we can set your team up along with supplying you a 10% off discount code for you and all your team members.  [email protected] or [email protected] 

Challenges will start May 1st and we'll accept participants in your group from NOW up until May 3rd. 

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