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Let's be honest. There are HUNDREDS of different gyms out there, all targeted for different people and their personality types. You have places like Curves for the ladies, Powerhouses for those powerlifters, Gold's Gym for the bodybuilder type, and so on and so forth. On top of that, it seems like every month some new hybrid workout comes out. We used to be able to drive past gyms and KNOW what went on in there, but nowadays? Not so much. Nowadays you have people swinging from ropes, flipping tires, paying to bike INDOORS and tons of other craziness.

The bright side of this, is that you NEVER have to do a workout that you don’t like! Seriously! IF you hate your workout right now, then FIND another type! You totally don’t have to settle!

How To Find YOUR Gym

It is a well-known fact that more people join a gym at the start of the year. The whole ‘new year-new me’ craze. They join at the beginning of January, and by February, they be GONE! If you want to make sure that your membership doesn’t go to waste, it important to take the time to try out a few gyms and classes and see which one speaks to your personality BEST!  

For the Introverts

To begin, something as simple as how your everyday life is can be help determine what will work best for you.  Do you like to keep yourself? Is peace and quiet your thang?  Most introverts prefer to work solo, so maybe you’d like to walk around outside on a track, take a meditative-style yoga class, or try some tai-chi. Most gym offers classes now, so make sure to pick one that has the type of classes that soothe your soul. If you check the schedule and all you see is Zumba, Hip-hop and Twerking Classes…maybe…just MAYBE…it’s not the gym for you!

For The Extroverts

Maybe you ARE someone who THRIVES off the energy of a crowd! Maybe being around a bunch of people actually helps you come ALIVE! A gym with a variety of group fitness is just for you! Take a tour, and see what vibe it gives off. Do the members look happy, satisfied and friendly? Are the instructors joyful and talkative? If everyone in there looks like they would give you the stank eye if you so much as whispered to them, find another gym!

If you’re someone with a groovier attitude and looking for an enjoyable time filled with good vibes and positive energy, definitely keep an eye out for the overall atmosphere of the gym. Find a place that is upbeat.  Find a gym that is inspirational and actually makes you really want to go to and do your workout. There is nothing worse than going to a gym and feeling like you’re stuck in one big bummer!

For The Clean-Freaks

We’ve all seen it right? That hot mess that gets off the treadmill and DOESN’T.WIPE.IT.DOWN. Or the ones that manhandle the dumbbells and put them back with their sweat still dripping from it. If cleanliness is your thing, make sure you ask how often the equipment is cleaned. Many gyms just leave it up to the members to clean, and well, that just won’t fly with you! A gym’s bathroom is a good indicator of their overall cleanliness score, so take a peak in there.  Don’t be afraid to visit a few places first and get a feel for how the up-keep of your possible, new gym is.

For The Grunters (you know who you are)

Did you know that some gyms these days don’t allow grunting in the weight room? Others have even removed equipment for being “too intimidating.” If you like to get a little, er…primal during your workouts, going to a “hush-hush gym is clearly not for you. But I bet you would feel right at home at a CrossFit Box!  Many gyms offer trial days and sample classes, take ADVANATAGE of this! Talk to the members, ask them what they love about that place. If you can hear the music playing from the parking lot, chances are, you’ll be able to get as primal as you want!

Other Things To Keep In Mind

I’m super confident that you WILL find a gym that matches your personality. It may take a few trial and errors, a few tours, a few sample classes but when you find it, when you find that place that makes you NOT cringe in despair, it will ALL be worth it!

Now, here are a few standard questions to ask before you sign off on that paper:

  • What are their hours of operation?
  • When are the busiest times of the day?
  • How much does the membership cost?
  • What do you have to do to cancel?
  • Is the staff certified?
  • Is the gym equipped and staff trained for emergencies?
  • How old is the equipment?
  • What equipment gets used the most?
  • Are the class sizes limited?

At the end of it all, finding a good gym that will fit your own unique, AWESOME personality, will motivate you to come back and exercise on a regular basis. It’s worth the effort.  Joining a gym IS a commitment, a commitment that isn’t so easily terminated, so it’s even more important that you research your options thoroughly before signing on that dotted line.

When you’re starting to consider a particular gym, set up a tour first and don’t be afraid to bring a list of questions that you want answered before you commit. Try to set up this tour during the time you usually exercise if you can, to get a better feel for the group of people you will be surrounding yourself with. And no matter what, remember, this is a MEMBERS market. With the gazillion different gyms out there, you don’t have to settle, you CAN find your pearl of a gym!

Thank you so much for reading! Now, in the comments below, tell me what is it about your gym that you love? What was it that inspired you to sign that dotted line? 

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