Hope Remains!

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Meet Carree.

Carree thought that it was in her genes to be overweight for life…and yet….after joining one of my keto challenges, she has lost 3 full dress sizes and well over 40 lbs!


I don’t think so!

She has come so far in her weight loss journey that even the person that used to bully her because of her weight, is now asking her for advice. Talk about COMEBACK!

This is her story (can you relate?) in her own words…

Hello Drew!
I thought it fitting to forward my original 60-day transformation story as I share where I am at currently. I can’t believe it’s been almost 9 months since the start of your first keto challenge. It truly has been a process that takes determination and grit but worth EVERY moment!
Here is that original story…This journey started long before I became an adult.

As a young girl, I was told I got the genetics of my mothers family, most of which were overweight, some by a little and some by a lot. I remember receiving a book called Slimming Down and Growing Up to help me as I “fought” the battle of the bulge from that young age. While I’m quite confident the information was shared with the deepest concern and greatest love, I held from those moments a hopelessness that I would ever be anything but the cute, “chubby girl”. All through grade school and high school I thought of myself in that light especially when the high school bully would call out “Suey” loud enough for the whole school to hear. It all equaled a lack of confidence in all God had created me to be. Looking back at pictures I can see that I was a healthy weight and size despite my chubby cheeks.After high school, I went to beauty school and learned how to make myself feel more “beautiful” but deep down inside I still saw myself as that chubby girl that was not ever going to be desirable. As I entered my 20’s I decided to eat whatever tasted amazing because I was never going to be able to successfully battle the beast of the family genes. This, of course, led to a gradual gain year after year. In my mid 20’s I met and married my husband who assured me I was beautiful but I could never fully bring myself to a place that I believed him. The habits of eating quick, easy and unhealthy continued. Sure I tried to eat more salads from time to time but I never gave up my fast food and nightly ice cream treat.

When our 2 children came along, so did, even more, body changes and bad habits. Pregnancy was a huge challenge for me and morning sickness created many bad habits with carbs. As did cravings which I allowed myself freely. I could no longer fit on the roller coasters and rides at the carnival. I most definitely never wanted to wear a bathing suit. I developed sleep apnea and struggled with just getting through a day of feeling completely exhausted. By the time my 2nd son was 2 years old, I found myself at almost 300lbs. I was mortified and even more hopeless than ever. So I began to study. Food. Vitamins. Herbs. Whatever information I could soak in during nap time. Every doctor I saw offered nothing helpful and I even had a couple of them all but call me a liar when I told them I had learned about and had been eating a healthy organic diet. Why wasn’t it working?!

I had given up and in an effort to shower me with his commitment and love, my husband had my wedding ring sized up so I could finally wear it again. Both a beautiful and heartbreaking moment. I had lost what I thought was the genetic battle.

I continued to look into & try different diets. All the latest fads short of a prescription for a “magic” pill. I even went as far as trying a very strict elimination diet thinking I must be allergic to something that was causing the weight to stay put. While it did work to lose weight, I didn’t realize it was working because I had to cut out all the carbs I had been eating. When I added back all the foods one at a time…back came some of the weight.

In 2015 I came across a new bit of info from a lady who writes ketogenic cookbooks and mentioned exogenous ketones. I was intrigued. I began to follow her and study more and decided I would dabble in this high fat/low carb world. It helped my aggravated stomach issues and at other times created some. It was obvious I hadn’t quite got it figured out… but I kept watching and reading. The more I posted on Facebook about keto, the more the suggestions came across my feed, one of those being Fit2Fat2Fit. I’m so thankful it did because I decided it was time to get serious about this.

I was 2 years into a long recovery, that is still not over, from a car accident that left me unable to workout. Add to that an Ehlers-Danlos diagnosis with dislocating joints and chronic pain. I knew I couldn’t sit in my recliner and continue to pick up speed rolling downhill into more weight gain. I had the tools, inspiration, and support from both my husband and a group of strangers that inspire greatly! Over the last 8 weeks, I have not only discovered the ability to overcome the genetic makeup handed down to me but I am now inspiring my family! I have aunts, uncles, sisters, cousins, and friends all asking questions. Even that high school bully who originally started out as a friend and is now a friend once more is asking me questions!

With all that is in me, I can’t thank you enough for investing your time, knowledge and inspiration. I have loved Quest bars and look forward to one day trying Quest Keto cinnamon rolls! I also have yet to purchase your book Drew, but it is on my Amazon wishlist for that special day when the budget allows. This journey does not end today. It has sparked HOPE! I can now see a change that will not only affect me but my husband, kids, family, and friends.

There is something amazing about this incredibly painful journey. I am ready to inspire others to greatness. To share love and kindness to the hopeless. To cry with them through the struggle and help them fight for a better day. To see people around me step into success when nobody else believes it’s possible.

Today, as I near age 40, I’m “just saying” I am another 17 lbs lighter, I am beautiful, I have purpose. Keto rocks AND I am winning at life!

…fast forward to today. Sept 3, 2017

I have continued my journey that started so long ago. I have by no means been perfect but I give it every bit of effort and ability I have, to be all in, heart & soul. I have allowed myself very small moments of wiggle room without guilt knowing that every situation is not ideal and that this is a lifetime journey. I have continued to drink KetoOS every day and continued to see success month after month. In the last 9 months, I have only tried a workout 1 time that left me in agony and reminded myself just how important it is to run my own race. The only person I need to be better than is the me I was yesterday.

At the end of the 60-day challenge, I had about 10 friends & family members asking me how to go keto and I spent hours and hours all day every day answering questions and sharing links, lists and recipes. I finally decided it was time to put them all in a FB group and make it easier on myself. It didn’t take long until that group of 10 turned in to 50… and then 70… and then over 100! I felt very unqualified but wouldn’t you know it, people started seeing success! I was over the moon excited to see my sister, friends, and people I’ve never met sharing the inches lost and the bursting energy and happiness! We continue on knowing that life is meant to be shared and health is meant to be within reach for all who want it.

I have currently lost 3 full dress sizes and well over 40 lbs. I don’t know the exact number because I have vowed not to step on the scale for 60 days as a part of your current challenge. Honestly, I am perfectly okay with that because I have met my goal of losing 40 lbs by the time I turn 40 on Sept 15th. I lost a total of 6 1/2 inches in August and continue to see my clothes get loose. I have found a pace that keeps me seeing a steady path to the best me I can be.  Instead of living life in my recliner, day and night, I rarely sit in it! I am back to sleeping in my own bed and sleeping better than ever! My Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome is still a stinker but during the day when I can keep my flare ups down I am taking on small amounts of chores around the house, doing grocery shopping, helping with meals, attending & volunteering at church and taking walks with my husband and kids! I’ve been able to go kayaking with my family and clothes shopping with my sister! The little steps have meant all the world to me as I had thought my days of usefulness were completely gone. Now I think there is so much more greatness to come!

My husband looks at me so adoringly when he sees the smile that covers my face and he holds me like we just got married yesterday and not 16 years ago(well…almost). We are so grateful that what the pain and misery stole for many years has been returned to us with a new excitement for life! That smile from deep within that spills over will the greatest of hope for others to know better days is far greater than any prize. Isn’t that what everyone wants? To know that hope remains and that someone loves them enough to stand by their side until they find it.

Thank you for being that inspiration!

God is using you in greater ways than you’ll ever know!


Have your own successs story? I would love to hear from you and share your triumphs with the world! Email your story to: [email protected] 

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