Holiday Blues and Pounds

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It’s that time of year again. Christmas is over. Many of us have gone to countless holiday parties and consumed far too many holiday treats and candy- possibly a bit too much eggnog?

Many of my followers and clients will start talking about how uncomfortable they now feel and how they have “fallen off the wagon”. I have given some good tips on how to combat the winter weight, but I know competing with the holiday goodies is near impossible!

Good news- it’s January 1st! I’ve always had mixed emotions about New Year’s Day to be honest. On one hand, the number of people interested in improving their health always increases. A vast number of individuals decide (year after year) that January 1 will be the kickoff to better fitness. On the other hand, the days, weeks, and months after the New Year make exercising at the gym nearly overwhelming-almost all equipment is in use!

However, with our competition to becoming fit (or for some of you-more fit) starting in less then a week I must admit my adrenaline is pumping and I feel like it’s Christmas all over again! For those that didn’t read my previous post, #TEAMDREW is teaming up with to become healthier and hopefully lose those extra holiday 5…errrr… 10 lbs! is going to contribute $1 per participant to help fight against childhood obesity (Alliance for a healthier Generation). This, along with their impressive stats (over 90% of participants on lose 5.4 lbs. in 4 weeks) makes this an amazing opportunity for all of those that have been waiting to finally take the plunge. So for those that haven’t joined the competition, get started HERE. I’ll be helping all of you with tips and tools to lose the weight and doing free giveaways for all participants (first drawing for a free autographed book happens today so get signed up asap). It may be only a four week challenge, but my focus will be on helping you create healthier habits that will last a lifetime. He’s to a healthier (and more fit) you in 2013! Cheers!

P.S. Many people I know let the fear of failure stop them for setting new goals or trying new things. To those I say: IF YOU'VE NEVER FAILED, YOU"VE NEVER TRIED ANYTHING NEW!

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