Fit2Fat2Fit: The Unexpected Lessons from Gaining and Losing 75 lbs on Purpose


Drawing from the lessons and insights of his breakout website,, personal trainer Drew Manning delivers the story of his quest to go from fit to fat to fit again in one year in order to better understand the weight-loss struggles of his clients and the online community. Drew embarked on this journey to prove to clients, website followers, and people across the country that it is possible to get back into shape—and his bottomless desire to kindle a new hope for his readers comes through on every page of Fit2Fat2Fit. . With before and after (and after...) photos to that tell their own striking story, and intimate reflections from Drew’s wife Lynn, Fit2Fat2Fit is more than a spectacle or a gimmick; it’s an inspiring story, and sound proof that anyone can reach the level of fitness they desire to make themselves happy.

I've lost 126lbs and needed motivation to stick with it Drew provided it!! Too many diets use already fit people that normal people that are heavy think that's impossible. Drew even though was/is fit went to the dark side and fought back showing me I can get fit,have abs, and be healthy


One of the best "diet" books our there. The recipes that are included are amazing. By following this simple plan I lost over 40 lbs.


What person gains 75 lbs on purpose?! One who wants to know more about overweight people (since he had never been out of shape--fat---before). And what an amazing journey! Shows the struggles of what he faced coming back from the weight gain, being addicted to food and what eating unhealthy does to not only the body, but the mind. Drew Manning is an inspiration to all. An amazing journey! Recommend.


A health book with heart - I loved this read AND learned a lot.