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Keynote Speaking | Q&A

Known for his Fit2Fat2Fit journey, Drew Manning purposely gained 70 lbs to experience what his everyday clients experience. During his journey he quickly realized that the emotional effects that people go through significantly out way the physical during their weight loss journey. Since his Fit2Fat2Fit experience, Drew has made appearances on multiple television programs, became a New York Times best seller, hosted the Lifetime show “Fit to Fat to Fit”, and has 7 life changing programs that have positively affected many people across the world. If you are looking for a passionate, personal, and entertaining person to speak at your next event Drew Manning is the perfect person to keep your audience wanting more.

Custom Fit2Fat2Fit Podcast Experience

Each week Drew goes into all of the things we need to create complete wellness inside all of us.. things like natural health, fitness, nutrition, biohacking, entertainment, and even entrepreneurship. These things are what makes us healthy mentally, physically and spiritually.
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