Episode 5- Kevin Curry


Drew: Hello and welcome everybody to the Fit2Fat2Fit Experience Podcast. I’m Drew Manning, your host.

Lynn: And I am your co-host Lynn Manning.

Drew: And today we have an awesome show for you, with Kevin Curry from FitMenCook.com. It’s going  be such a great episode and we will get into the details of what we’re going to talk about. In our episode today with Kevin Curry, we cover a lot of different topics with him. Who he is, for those of you who don’t know who he is. We talk about his fitness routine. We talk about his nutrition routine, as well. We even talk about his experience in Ecuador as a Hip Hop instructor. Which is so funny. You guys are going to love this episode. *laughing*

Lynn: *laughing*

Drew: We get to know him a little bit better and his brand and how his brand can help you out on living this healthy lifestyle.

Lynn: And one of my favorite things that he talked about in this episode, is about making healthy eating affordable. It’s great.

Drew: It’s great. So let’s go hang out with Kevin.

Drew: Alright everybody, welcome to the Fit2Fat2Fit Experience. We are here with the amazing Kevin Curry from FitMenCook.com. For those of you who don’t know who Kevin Curry is, which by the way Kevin, do most people know you as like the Fit Men Cook guy, or do they actually know you are Kevin Curry, like your name.

Kevin: No, they actually call me the Old Fit Cook guy. I’ve been called that Fit Chef Guy. It’s very rarely Kevin. It’s very rarely that. *laughing*

Lynn and Drew: *laughing*

Drew: I know. I totally get that too. They are like, ‘Who is Drew Manning?’ And I’m like, ohhhh. *laughing*

Kevin: *laughing*

Drew: I’m like …. some people say like Fit2Fat. I’m like, there is a 2Fit there at the end that your missed out. Exactly.

Lynn: Yeah, I feel a little sheepish because Drew is like, ‘Don’t forget, we are going to be recording with Kevin’ and I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, Kevin Cook!’ And he’s like, ‘You mean Kevin Curry, from FitMenCook’ and I was like, ‘Yeah.’

Kevin: *laughing*

Drew: Kevin Cook, Fit Men Curry. *laughing* So really quick, for those of you who don’t know who Kevin Curry is, he’s a successful online entrepreneur. A very successful YouTube channel, we can actually call him a YouTube celebrity. Over 175,000 subscribers on YouTube, over 1 million follower on Instagram. An author of a book, “No Cheats Needed” and very successful online entrepreneur, YouTube celebrity. We are so grateful to have him on. Now, Kevin the first question I want to get in to man, because my show the Fit2Fat2Fit Experience is kind of a unique twist on fitness. I want to talk about what I learned from my Fit2Fat2Fit journey, but also how people on that have a similar experience. You have your own Fit2Fat2Fit Experience. Could you tell us about …. I mean, you didn’t gain the weight on purpose, but you were overweight at a point in time. I want to talk about that story of your past and what you learned from it and where you are now.

Kevin: Absolutely. Well first off, thanks so much for just having me. And it’s so funny and really, it’s a great moment for me, because I remember where I was at the time when I was really, really low and overweight. I actually saw you on TV, and they were talking about you. I said, ‘Yeah that guy is ripped, what does he eat?’ And then I read that you were going to get fat and I was like, ‘No!’

Lynn and Drew: *laughing*

Drew: Very funny.

Kevin: It’s cool to kind of have things come full circle and be doing something within this industry and talking to people like you, who I truly admire from the very get go. Thanks so much for having me. So my Fit2Fat, actually it’s Fat2Fit, *laughing*

Drew: Gotcha. *laughing*

Kevin: I just went through these periods of like weight cycling, which I would be like really skinny and then overweight, skinny then overweight and what that would just mean is, I just could not master the whole diet thing. I would hire a personal trainer and they would help me lose weight. Then, I’m from the south man, so I just love food. I love the way food tastes. I love the texture. I love everything about food. So, I would get like a piece of good food and I would just say, ‘Oh my god.’ And all of a sudden, the weight would come right back again. It got to a point where I just got really tired of it and also I had a wake up call. My doctor was saying I had higher blood pressure. Then somebody, this was back in the day before Facebook added all those different controls, but somebody tagged me in this Facebook photo from a wedding. I went online to go look at the photo and I was like, ‘Who is this person tagged in this photo? It can’t be me!’ And it was me! I had to untag myself immediately! But that was a wake up call to say, ‘Hey, you know what, take a critical look at your health.’ I went to a personal trainer and they were going to charge me like a whole lot of money and I said, ‘You know what, if he can figure it out, then maybe so can I.’ So I went to a half priced book store and bought every single book they had there about nutrition and what not. I just began to devour the content. I went into the kitchen with no training at all and just did a little experiment. So, I started up my blog in this way, I got to be honest, it wasn’t necessarily to help everybody else, it was to help me. I had this bright idea that I was going to crash course my diet, right? So I said, ‘Alright, if I post every single meal I’m eating online, then people like Drew out there will see it and they’ll say, hey Kevin, stop eating that and eat more of this.’ The reverse happened, and I had no idea there were so many people out there just like me who were hungry for different and new and fresh ideas. I put all the macros, all the steps up there and people loved the content. I didn’t know that before all that content was dated. I was able to transform my physique and then the blog began to take off. I thought, you know what, this past passion of mine to be healthy and fit has become something much larger.  I really want to continue to show people that you can lose the weight, but it starts in the kitchen, and it’s easy, healthy, practical and it tastes good.

Drew: *laughing* That’s what I love about you man. And that’s right in line with our philosophy, as well. If you want to see results, it comes mostly from the nutrition. I think you are very similar to a lot of Americans that have the exercise part down, right? We can do P90X, we can go to the gym, do some bench press, do some curls, but the tough part is in the kitchen. Because like you said, a lot of us love food and not only because it taste good, but because of the experience. We eat our emotions. Lynn who is a foodie over here ….

Lynn: I was going to say, I love food. I am with you on that. The thing for me has always been food as well. There is not a ton of people that focus on healthy food that also tastes good. And of course, my motto has always been, ‘it’s not nutritious, if it doesn’t get eaten.’ And I’m not going to eat it just because it’s healthy.

Kevin: *laughing* Right! I am sick of carrot sticks.

Lynn: Every time I am on Instagram though and I’m scrolling through, like I always stop at your food and I drool a little bit on my screen. I just think, I wish this food could come through the screen.

Drew: I wish Kevin you could just be in our kitchen all the time, dude.

Lynn: Move in with us!

Drew: We could push play.

Lynn: Kevin, just move in with us.

Drew: Touche’ man. Hey, so the reason I asked about your Fat2Fit Experience, or whatever you want to call it, is because I feel like people that have been down that road, they’ve been overweight, they’ve struggled, I feel like they have a different perception on people that struggle and people that are overweight. Would you say that having this experience you look on people that are obese differently than say someone who has been in shape their whole life? And if so, how so?

Kevin: Absolutely. You know, one really cool experience I had was I was able to go to this conference and it was a conference just for trainers. They asked me to come and they asked me to present on like Fit Men Cook, but also the reason why I ‘quote unquote’ failed with a trainer. And I listened to their conversations and one of the main things they were talking about was, ‘I always tell my clients, you know, just portion control, to stop eating.’ And I was like, ‘Have you ever been fat before? Have you ever been overweight?’ And they said, ‘No. I played sports and I played this.’ And I said, “Alright, well then just listen to me for a second. You don’t understand the actual addiction of food. There is something psychological there as well.’ I do see it as like the biggest epidemic of our times, so yes, there isn’t much sympathy there. Now, even though there’s actually sympathy ….  just because I made it out so I know it is possible …. there is some responsibility that people actually have to have. But I know it’s possible, but it is not just a cookie cutter response.

Drew: Yeah and I totally agree with that. That’s one of the things I struggled with before I did Fit2Fat2Fit. Why is it so hard to just stop drinking soda? Like it can’t be that hard, just to go do it man! Why is it so hard? Until I went through it and then tried to get off of it and it was absolute hell. One of the hardest things I went through during my Fit2Fat2Fit journey was trying to get off the Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Mountain Dew. I finally realized, this is so much more of an emotional connection than I ever imagined. I feel like it gave me a whole new understanding, a better perspective. People that have been overweight understand that side of it, the psychological side of it. Where someone who has been in shape their whole life, not saying they can’t understand, but I am saying a lot of people struggle with the understanding. When someone who is overweight is trying to lose weight and they feel like their trainer doesn’t understand, I feel like it’s hard for them to trust them, relate to them and have that motivation to continue on their journey.

Kevin: Right. Because they feel deflated by that because it’s almost like your minimizing it. Because they don’t understand. Excellent point.

Drew: One of the philosophies or quotes I love is, which has helped me as a trainer is, ‘Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.’ You know? So, you could have all the knowledge in the world as a trainer of knowing the science behind helping people lose weight, but if the person doesn’t feel like you care about them, then it doesn’t matter how much you know. That’s one of the philosophies I try to get across to other trainers. Not saying that they had to do a Fit2Fat2Fit Experience, but if they can live by that, letting the person know that you actually care about them, that will help you become more relatable.\

Kevin: Absolutely.

Drew: But anyways, yeah.

Kevin: Yeah, that’s a great point.

Drew: Yeah, thanks man for sharing your story about that. I thought this was interesting because you having been overweight and now your fit. Your motivation at one point in time, if I remember correctly reading about your story, your whole goal was to get a six pack and be in …. what’s the term? Fitness model shape for a photoshoot, you know? But then after you got fit, that’s not your goal nowadays. How has that changed over the years, your perception of ‘quote unquote’ being fit?

Kevin: You know, your spot on with that. Sometimes I just scroll back through my photos and my old blog on tumbler, just to kind of read the stuff. I remember when I read one of my earlier post and I had to go back and change it, because it really bothered me! And it was my profile for google, plus it was also for tumbler and it was about Fit Men Cook, building the physique of your dreams and what not. And it bothered me that I wrote that so long ago, but that’s the way that I felt, because I think that when people think about being fit, they look at it in terms of what’s presented to them. At the time for me, it was people like you. I was like, ‘Yeah, I wanna look just like Drew. I’m gonna eat what he eats and that’s all I’m gonna eat. Yeah!’ *laughing*

Lynn and Drew: *laughing*

Kevin: And so absolutely. I went on so many of these bodybuilding diets, you know, which are not bad. I was able to lose the weight and get cut up and shredded up and what not for the industry. And then it dawned on me one time, and I made a post about this. I said, ‘You know, I’m sitting here not really enjoying this food that I should really want to eat, because there is so much more food out there. And I am preparing for this photoshoot that’s never even gonna come. I’m not even in a bodybuilding competition!’ *laughing*

Lynn and Drew: *laughing*

Drew: Yeah. *laughing*

Kevin: *laughing* I had to look at what was the real motivation before, behind what got me to be fit, right? And that was my doctors note and also I wanted to feel better about myself. So, I don’t have to look like a cover model for those two things to happen.

Lynn: Absolutely. I think a lot of people, initially of course, when they decide to change their lifestyle, initially they usually grasp for some time of goal that is physical. You know, the women think the same thing. Like, ‘Oh, I want to be a size 4.’ And they guys are like, ‘I want six pack abs.’ The thing is those goals never push you long term. I always try to work with clients to explain to them, its ok that you want that. I think I usually say, ‘Let’s peel back the onion, like the layer behind that is you want to feel better about you. It’s not that you want to be a size 4. If you were a size 12 and you felt amazing about yourself, you wouldn’t care.’ But a lot of times, we just need to redirect that focus. I’m glad that you point that out to your followers and you focus more on just healthy eating and enjoying that experience. Putting nutritious things into your body, because that’s something that can sustain long term.

Kevin: That’s long term happiness right there. You’re spot on.

Drew: Exactly. I think what’s really interesting about your brand, man, is that you speak Spanish, which is so unique in the industry. Here you are, you live in Texas, right?

Kevin: Yeah.

Drew: Yeah, so there are a lot of people who speak Spanish? What’s your connection to the Hispanic community? You don’t look Hispanic, bro! I’m just saying ….. *laughing*

Kevin: *laughing* I could get Dominican like all the time. No, when I was in college, I had this idea that I just wanted to delay the real world. So, I turned down the offer to Corporate America and I went abroad to live in Ecuador and I loved it. I did so many things when I was over there. I went and I worked inside a restaurant, I taught Hip Hop dance classes and it was the coolest thing.

Lynn and Drew: *laughing* Wow!

Drew: I didn’t know that! That is awesome man!

Lynn: No way!

Kevin: *laughing* I was the biggest scam artist ever! I couldn’t dance at all but because I was black and from America, they believed the things I came up with. *laughing*

Lynn and Drew: *laughing loudly*

Kevin: So, they are there in Ecuador, walking around probably doing these crazy Hip Hop dances, because I told them that! *laughing*

Lynn: *laughing* So you’re teaching them the Macarena and your like, ‘This is a very intense dance.’

Kevin: Absolutely.

Drew: That is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard, man! *laughing*

Lynn: I freaking love it!

Kevin: But that’s where I actually learned Spanish. I studied it in college and also high school, but when I went abroad to live and do some work, it just kind of came together. When I came back, my perspective had totally changed. I went to go work in Mexico. I worked for the House of Representatives for a little while and then I had to go back to the ‘quote unquote’ real world. I went back to Corporate America and did some products abroad, in like consulting. It was just something that was always, you know really like, something I felt connected to. And I hadn’t spoken Spanish in like forever. So one day a few years ago, and this is when no one was actually doing Spanish and also English, I made this comment and I said, ‘Hey, you know what? I wish someone was here to enjoy this meal with me.’ But I said it in Spanish. And I had a flood of people who spoke Spanish just coming and saying, ‘Oh my god, do your speak Spanish.’ And so I just tried it out, and started to do everything in Spanish and also English and it’s just been great. I also like it as well, because the prevalence in diabetes and heart disease, we have much higher rates in the black and brown community. It’s really important to me that the content that I am sharing now is actually reaching those ethnic communities who are really like in need. The Spanish speaking community is one as well. I’ve gotten so many emails and comments saying, ‘Hey you know what, thanks so much for your videos, because now I can show this to my mom and my mom actually makes your recipes because she doesn’t speak any English.’ So, it’s like, here in Texas, just making up a quick chili, somebody in Mexico is making it as well. It’s pretty awesome.

Lynn: I love that because didn’t they say, didn’t Mexico pass us as far as being most obese.

Drew: Yeah, I think Mexico is now the number one obese nation in the world, surpassed the USA. So now we are in second place.

Kevin: Alright, we are in second place. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but …. *laughing*

Lynn and Drew: *laughing*

Lynn: No, I just I love, like you said, that your reaching out to those that need it most.

Drew: Yeah, I think that’s so cool man. Obviously, you probably look back on your days in Ecuador and Mexico and you have no regrets going to a third world country and just kind of, you know, even those you were teaching Hip Hop classes …. *laughing* ….you know, not even being a real instructor, you probably have no regrets. I can relate to that because I went to Brazil back in 2000 and 2002 and had an amazing experience in a third world country. I wish every young American could go to a third world country to see what life is like outside of the United States. We live in this bubble and we take so many things for granted and you appreciate so much more of what you have once your out of that environment. I wish every high school kid, that’s spoiled in this country, could go serve like a mission of some type in a third world country to kind of experience life and what it’s like. I think that’s so cool and so unique, something that you bring to the table. You speak Spanish and you can reach those communities and teach them about health and fitness. I think that’s really powerful man, I have a lot of respect for you.

Kevin: I thank you. The coolest thing was when I first started doing it, there weren’t like any accounts out there doing it at the time. I got like a lot of, surprising a lot of flack from some people saying that I was doing too much. And it’s funny now, fast forward …..

Lynn: *chuckles* Stop helping so many people! This is ridiculous!

Drew: Yeah, you are doing too much. *laughing*

Kevin: And those same people are now doing the same thing. It’s great too, because when someone comes like, ‘Work with me.’ The first thing that we say to them is like, ‘Alright, the content has to be bilingual though.’ And they are like, ‘Uhhhhh …. ok, we’ll deal.’ So, It’s great to see the landscape changing and people embracing that.

Drew: Exactly man. So, I’ve kind of a unique question for you Kevin. I know you did a video on this, where you kind of took people through a day in the life of what you go through. If you could kind of, kind of summarize that for us and maybe see how it’s changed since you’ve made that video? What a typical day looks like for you, maybe as far as food goes? And maybe like your current goals? Any kind of routines, if you do meditation, if you wake up at a certain time and if you have a production schedule? I know this is a lot, kind of a complex question. But I want people to be able to get to know you and see exactly what you go through on a day to day basis. They see your videos but it would be cool to kind of see what goes on behind the scenes as far as you the real person, Kevin Curry. What he goes through on a typical day.

Kevin: The first thing that you should know, is that I make all my videos. And that’s something that I am really trying to transition very, very, very soon. I love the creative process, but it just takes up a lot of time. When it comes time between like I can’t experiment as much in the kitchen because of the video editing process, then I know it’s now time for a change. So, I’m looking to transition that role. I get up every morning about 6 or 6:30. I go and walk the dog and get ready for the day. I’m usually just checking email and clear out the inbox. Then I have breakfast, I go to the gym with my workout partner. That’s my only kind of like me time of the day. *chuckles*  When I get back from the gym, it’s usually, I’ve got to hop on some conference calls if I have them, which I generally do. Then I will set like my schedule maybe from like 2:00 – 6:00 pm for filming. The thing about my videos too is that I’m not a photographer. I don’t have any background on like video editing and lighting, so I can only shoot during the daylight. So, I have a very small window. Summers are great because it extends my actual work period. Winters are super bad because I literally only have about 3 hours to actually film. And one recipe video, even though it is, let’s say for like a 20 minute meal, it could take maybe 2 hours just to film.

Lynn: Oh man.

Drew: Man, that’s tough.

Kevin: Just because of the set up and you’ve got to place things. It has to look appetizing and so you’ve got to do like beauty shots and what not. And 2 hours is actually pretty generous. It usually takes about 3 or 4 hours. From then I’ve got to do my voice over and voice over takes 30 minutes or so and then my intros. My intros are actually pretty short and sweet now, so I can get those done within about 30 minutes. Then the video editing process is what takes up the majority of my time. So one 15 second video, that probably equates to, in terms of video editing, equates to about 3 hours worth of work. A one minute video equates to about 5 hours worth of work, because you also have to put in the subtitles and the captions and things like that, plus the transition and then edit it so the colors are actually ok and not muted. Then I’ve got to set up the blog post, because it’s got to be in English. So, I’ve been able now to get someone onto my team that actually helps out with translation, so I will send those to her so I can just kind of streamline that process and shave off at least 2 hours of my time. And then get the blog post ready and then put everything together and then blast it out into social media. One recipe video is generally at least about 12 hours worth of work. At least.

Lynn: Oh my gosh! People better appreciate these videos.

Drew: If your listening, you better appreciate. Seriously man, that’s so much work. People don’t see that, you know. People don’t see what goes on behind the scenes and how much work you put into this. I actually had no idea you were your own team. I thought you had a full crew of people doing editing, doing the lighting and doing the voiceovers and helping you with all of that. I had no idea it was just you, even more respect to you, man. Because I understand a little bit of how hard that is and how time consuming that is, so I can only imagine. One other quick question and then I know Lynn has some questions. She’s looking at me like, ‘Is it my turn?’ *laughing

Lynn: I am. Geez.

Drew: So, I’m just going to ask a specific question about your day. Can you give people what a typical pre-workout meal looks like and a post-workout meal looks like for you, on a typical day. Just to give my followers like, ok this is what Kevin Curry eats pre-workout and post-workout.

Kevin: Sure, I will give you two. In my early days, one of my favorite ones was a Radicchio Tortilla Wrap with some nut butter, cottage cheese and some berries. And then I would have like a little protein shake and the protein shake was always an isolate whey protein with 0 grams carbs, 0 grams sugar, 0 grams fat. It was very lean and I could digest it pretty quickly before the work out. But the complex carbs inside the tortilla and then the fat would actually give me lasting energy to really go pretty long in the work out. Today it’s kind of transitioned, just because I do like a lot more meal prep stuff. My typical pre-workout meal, actually in the morning time, but I will give you one just in case your not doing …. in case I didn’t do that it would be like a chicken breast with some quinoa or some brown rice and of course you need to doctor up the quinoa and brown rice y’all. Please don’t go out there and eat this plain brown rice and just think that’s ok, no. Put some veggies in there, put some bell peppers in there, doctor it up for yourself. And then an avocado. I would do something like that.

Drew: Ok. And that’s your pre-workout.

Kevin: Yeah, that would be a meal, you know that I would eat about an hour out. So, both are fine. I feel like some guys can eat like 30 minutes and then go work out. I actually kind of like ….

Drew: I can’t.

Kevin: Me either, man. It’s just like too much. I like to have almost like a really flat feeling stomach, but not too far out. So maybe like at least an hour out, I’ll go to the gym, so that by the time I hit the gym it’s about an hour and a half and I can go at it pretty hard. For post-workout, my all time favorite one would be a sweet potato with some very lean chili. I like bison, bison is actually pretty lean if you can get it. And then, a nice salad. That is my all time favorite one. It’s an easy one that you can make. And it’s a big sweet potato. And if you can’t find that or you want to do something else, you can try plantains. Plantain is also a really good one to add that good muscle weight on you.

Drew: Do you add a protein shake to that as well for your post-workout?

Kevin: Ok, so immediately after working out, I will have an isolate whey protein shake with 0 grams carbs, sugar and fat. And then about 30-45 minutes later, that’s when I have my meal.

Drew: Ok, gotcha. That sounds good, man.

Lynn: That sounds tasty. Oh, is it my turn now?

Drew: Yeah, I will let Lynn talk now.

Lynn: Do I get to talk to Kevin now? Oh my gosh! *laughing*

Kevin: What is going on, man? *laughing*

Lynn: This is amazing! *laughing* Actually, you just going through how long it takes you for videos, made me feel a little bit bad for you. But it actually made me feel a little bit good, because honestly I scroll through, I watch your videos or look at your food and then I look at my food. And then I look at your food, and then I look at my food, and I always just think, why doesn’t my food look good like his food looks?

Drew: *laughing*

Kevin: *laughing*

Lynn: So, makes me feel a little bit better. I didn’t realize how much work went into that. Ok, so my biggest question for you …. the reason why I love your page, well for many reasons, but the reason why I love your recipes and everything is because I am a foodie. But I am obviously in the fitness industry and I feel like sometimes those things clash. And a lot of what I see is just this boring chicken and broccoli, which I can not choke down, like I just can’t do it. But the biggest complaints that I get from my clients is that eating healthy is just too expensive.

Kevin: Right.

Lynn: And I have my answers to that, but I would love to hear what you tell people when they approach you with that as a barrier to them eating healthier.

Kevin: I always ask them why. *laughing* Or like, how. And usually they are talking about some type of like prepackaged meals or they will talk about like a green juice that cost $9. They will talk about a salad that costs this much and I’m like, ‘Well, that’s because you’re buying it from the store.’ But if you buy like processed stuff from the store, it is going be cheaper because it’s not even real food. You aren’t buying real food so they can’t charge you real food prices. *chuckles*

Lynn: Touche’

Kevin: People talk about expensive, what I have come to learn is that they mean that in time, that it costs them too much time to go ahead and do it. So my main goal is actually showing people how quick, easy and practical it is. It’s not too costly to eat healthy. It is actually cheaper for you. You just have to know how to go ahead and prepare food in better ways, but also simultaneously, so that you can shave off the time in the kitchen.

Lynn: Yeah. I love that. I know for me, and you mentioned briefly about meal prep, I know for me, I can show that when I prep my food in bulk, making larger portions, maybe meat to use throughout the next several days in different things, I actually save money verses especially eating out. Eating out can be really cheap but you can save a lot of money.

Kevin: Yeah, one thing that I don’t talk about is that when I went off to grad school, I lost my job in 2008 so I had to move back home with my parents. It was just one of those really trying times. It was one of the times where I just began to start gaining weight and whatnot. So I was really trying to get my diet together. I literally went up there to get financial assistance, because I could qualify for it and got my food stamps. So I had my food stamps, because I had zero job, you know. If I could make it work on about 60 bucks a week going up and just kind of being creative and making those choices and going to Costco and Sams Club and Walmart Market, then people can too. I think what the problem is …. you know, there is some truth to that, is that the whole marketing behind healthy eating is about organic and non GMO and yada, yada. When the marketing is behind that, they put a premium price tag on there. So people are like, ‘Kevin, can I still eat healthy if I don’t buy organic?’ Let me tell them, ‘Yes, you can. You don’t have to always buy that type of stuff.’ Then it is much more affordable to them. I will tell you this, I’ve made $60 work over at Whole Foods.

Lynn: Wow!

Drew: Yeah. Wow. *laughing*

Lynn: Really? At Whole Foods? So like you bought two things? *laughing*

Kevin: Yes, yes. I actually have a video about it too, but I never released it, but maybe in the future I will.

Drew: You should.

Lynn: Ok, well since the nickname for Whole Foods as we know is ‘Whole Paycheck’, I’ve go to see that video.

Kevin: *laughing*

Drew: Yeah, you’ve got to send it, you’ve got to send out that video, because I was watching your videos yesterday and I saw the one where you did $75 meal prep for 5 meals for 5 days. $75 bucks, right?

Kevin: Yeah.

Drew: And you have the grocery list, you have all the recipes to make for it and I love that. That is actually one of your most popular videos, right?

Kevin: Yeah, yeah.

Drew: Yeah, people love that. Because that kind of shows them, it doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t have to go to Whole Foods if you don’t want to and buy the organic, non GMO, gluten free, you know all these fancy things.

Kevin: Little kids are eating this food and everything. *laughing*

Lynn: Yeah.

Drew: Yeah, I think that’s great what you do and that’s a great answer, to be honest with you.

Lynn: Yeah I love that you focused on that too because we get that question a lot about non GMO, organic foods and we like to focus on telling our clients you know, do the best you can with what you have.

Kevin: Absolutely.

Lynn: A lot of times if it’s not within your budget to buy organic or non GMO, that’s ok. To tell you the truth, I don’t normally buy that. Normally I look at the dirty dozen and the clean 15, which is just a list of the fruits and vegetables that are the cleanest or the dirtiest as far as pesticides. And if possible, I try to go out and buy organic when it comes to the dirty dozen. But again, it’s doing the best with what you can. And another great tip I want to leave with the listeners on this subject is, I remember, because I am such a foodie that I even used that excuse at one time, you know, eating healthy is just too expensive. And I can’t remember who it was, but a friend looked at me and laughed. And she said, ‘You know what, at least once a week you will go out to eat at a restaurant with you and your spouse and you’ll blow at least $60 on a really good meal’ ….

Kevin: There you go! Yeah.

Lynn: Yeah …. ‘and yet you can’t spend a $100 for a whole week of groceries and skip eating out that one night in order to be healthy.’ And I just like looked at them like, ‘uh …. what do I say to that?’ *laughing*

Drew: *laughing* Oooohhhh ….

Kevin: *laughing* Put a fork in it, she’s done.

Drew: The truth hurts sometimes.

Lynn: I know. And another thing that I think is hard in this industry, going into my next question about food, is I felt like when I first came into this industry I was so confused. There are so many diets that people say, ‘You have to be Vegan, you have to be Paleo, you have to be Atkins.’ And what would you consider, if somebody were to ask, do your recipes fall into a certain type of eating such as Paleo or Vegan or Atkins? What do you think your recipes fall into, do you follow a certain diet regiment?

Kevin: No, no, I don’t. And actually that’s pretty deliberate. I want the people who follow Paleo to make the recipe Paleo. I want the people who are Vegan, to make it Vegan. I want the people who are trying to do like Vegetarian, to do that. So, I just put out generic ideas. That’s the main thing I tell my partners to, when I work with them, is that like, if you walk away from here and just think that I am giving you recipes, then your missing the bigger picture. What I am trying to do with Fit Men Cook, is to give people ideas. Healthy, practical ideas, so that way they can have habits for living. Because a recipe has a shelf life, it will go away. But if I can teach you just a way to kind of put foods together and to pair them, then you can live on for the rest of your life.

Lynn: Yeah.

Kevin: So I actually don’t try to make things like Paleo, Vegan or Atkins. Well, sometimes Vegan just because I have to reach out to that community. Plus, if you are out there and you’re struggling to find healthy recipes one night, I say go get yourself a Vegan cookbook, and here is the reason why. Vegan cooking is some of the most creative cooking on the planet. Because it’s got to be ‘hell-a’ creative to work with it. So if you want to find out how to pair foods together, get a Vegan cookbook and then just slap a chicken breast on top of it.

Lynn and Drew: *laughing*

Drew: That’s actually a very good point, man. That’s so true. We’ve been to some Vegan Restaurants before and these chefs are creating these things you’ve never heard of with these different combinations, because there is no meat to work with, right?

Lynn: But I laugh because, I’m with Kevin on this! Because I remember one time I was like, ‘This is actually pretty good, I just wish I had a steak on it.’ *laughing*

Kevin: *laughing* That’s right!

Lynn: I love that your show more balanced types of foods too, because I know for me for example, I found that cutting out anything specifically …. people are like, ‘You can’t have gluten, or you can’t have meat, or you can’t have carbs or bread.’ But for me, at least, if I cut out a specific food group, I go crazy and I do awful. I like how you show that you don’t necessarily have to cut anything out and you could still create healthy, balanced meals. I really like that about your site. So, Fit Men Cook, so I’m guessing you have a lot of male followers. I only work with women because I am a Women’s Fitness Specialist. How do you try to appeal to women for your brand and your blog? Or do you feel like because it’s recipes, you naturally appeal to women?

Kevin: The latter. I naturally appeal to women. *laughing*

Lynn and Drew: *laughing*

Kevin: The neatest thing about what we learned is that, it’s about 60/40, 60% male, 40% female. Males, by and large, will consume the content, but not engage. Females actually are the number one driver of the Fit Men Cook community, because y’all are tagging people, you are tagging your girlfriends, ‘We’re going to make this for girls night!’ You’re tagging your husbands and your boyfriends, everybody and you are telling people. So women actually help to drive the momentum behind the blog.

Lynn: Women get stuff done.

Kevin: Hey, I appreciate it. Get stuff done. *laughing*

Lynn: I love that. Now, I have just a random question. What do your workouts look like? I mean all you do is post food, but you mentioned that after your eat breakfast and you have your pre-workout or whatever, you have a fitness buddy. What do you do for your workout?

Kevin: It’s much more of a traditional kind of body building like routine. We focus on body parts for every day. We work about 5 times a week, about 4 times a week actually. We’ll focus on a different body part, but I actually have the Tough Mudder coming up and so I am going back to my old days when I got really in shape and I was doing a lot of these HIT routines from like my MMA training days. I think I am going to start going more into that because, I do not want to end up as one of those names on the internet because I slipped in a Tough Mudder slide or something crazy like that. *laughing*

Lynn: *laughing*

Drew: Wait I didn’t know you had a background in MMA.

Kevin: Oh no, no. I don’t. I would like watch the videos and I would also go to the little training gyms and get tips and tricks there. I would never call myself a Mixed Martial Artist because the people I see do it, they would …. yeah …. *laughing*

Lynn: *laughing*

Drew: *laughing* I get it! No, I totally understand. That’s interesting. You’ll have to post some videos and pictures of the Tough Mudder. We’ve done one before and actually enjoyed it. It was actually pretty cool but you do have to implement some …

Lynn: I didn’t really enjoy it. *laughing*

Drew: No, Lynn did the Spartan, you did the Spartan.

Lynn: I probably am on some type of horrible mean and I about died.

Kevin: *laughing* Yeah, I definitely don’t want that to happen.

Drew: Yeah, for that I remember having to implement some running again, just because it’s 12 miles, is that how long Tough Mudder is?

Kevin: Oh god, I hope not.

Drew: Ours was 12 miles.

Lynn: Yeah, ours was 12.

Kevin: Hold on, I’m gonna have to check! *laughing* It’s like about a 5K or so.

Lynn: Surprise! No, nope.

Drew: I think that’s the Warrior Dash, so you might want to look at that. I mean mine was 12 miles.

Kevin: *laughing* Ok, I’m actually worried right now. Thanks a lot.

Drew: That’s funny, dude. Really quick Kevin, we have some quick questions we want to ask you. Which we do to all of our people we have on the show.

Lynn: We basically do a lighting round of many questions, that have no relevance, that we want to know. We give you no time to think about it. You have to answer as quickly as possible and they may be a little bit uncomfortable. Are you ready?

Kevin: That’s boxers or briefs, stuff like that?

Lynn: *laughing* Exactly. Are you ready?

Kevin: Ok, yes.

Lynn: Ok. Does being such a good cook help you with the ladies?

Kevin: Yes. *laughing*

Lynn: How so?

Kevin: *laughing*

Lynn: Do you do like, ‘Come over to my house and I’ll cook you a nice dinner.’ Is it like a pick up line?

Kevin: No, it’s usually out of state. I wish there were more like in state or here in Dallas. But all of my relationships have actually happened out of state, which I do not like, at all.

Drew: *laughing*

Lynn: Oh dang.

Kevin: So yes, put that out there in Dallas, hit me up. *laughing*

Drew: Ladies, if your listening, Dallas.

Lynn: Ladies. Kevin is good looking and he can cook. Find him on his page. Mention this Podcast. Alright, what’s your most embarrassing moment?

Kevin: *laughing*

Drew: And be honest.

Lynn: And be honest. I don’t want you thinking, which embarrassing moment am I willing to tell. I want you to really answer this.

Kevin: *laughing* Alright, alright. I went to this conference and I got really touched and it was in front of like 500 people. Oh god, I can’t even talk about  it now ….

Lynn and Drew: You have to now! *laughing*

Kevin: Ok, ok. In front of the auditorium they ask me to go up on stage and just say like a few words of what the conference actually meant and I cried in front of …. on the mic, in front of 500 people. Like I just never can live this down and to this day, I’m like I want that moment back. No, but it wasn’t like one of those …. it was like an ugly cry.

Lynn and Drew: *laughing*

Drew: Is that on YouTube like somewhere, like a video record.

Kevin: Someone out there had to have recorded that, please do not post that video.

Lynn: If somebody has recorded that, please send me the link, so that we can put it in the show notes. Thank you.

Kevin: *laughing*

Drew: Everybody is going to be looking for that online now. Hey, everybody ugly cries at some point in time, man. Just not always in front of 500 people.

Kevin: *laughing*

Lynn: Girls like that. That’s not even an embarrassing moment.

Kevin: I didn’t get one date after that.

Lynn: Ok, that’s messed up. That’s messed up. You must have had a lot of snot or something, I don’t know. That’s just abnormal.

Kevin: *laughing*

Lynn: Alright. Next question, favorite cheat meal? Favorite dessert cheat mean?

Kevin: Sure. It would probably be waffles but I’m a huge …. or I used to go to the IHOP a lot on Saturday and get the really big ones with like the cream and the chocolate chips and then put the syrup on top. That’s one of them. The other one would be a really greasy burger with some very, very salty fries.

Drew: Yeah. I actually want to throw in a couple of more questions because this kind of brought up some other questions. Do you feel like there is a lot of pressure for you to eat a certain way out in public?

Kevin: Yes.

Drew: Like your worried, ‘Oh, that’s the Fit Men Cook guy, look what he’s eating. A greasy burger and fries, let me take a picture!’ *chuckles*

Kevin: Yeah, you know. That’s actually happened a few times here in Dallas and I’ve just had to like, whatever. But, now it doesn’t bother me as much, because I am actually happy and people kind of see me out doing my own thing. I am a human being and I do enjoy like my treat meals and I think again, just like my blog, there is a balance in life. I was out at the bar with a buddy of mine, having this fat free natural organic non GMO cocktail, you know. *laughing*

Lynn and Drew: *laughing*

Kevin: Someone said, ‘Hey the Fit Men Cooks is in the house,’ at the bar, to get on Twitter with me. But it was fine. It didn’t really bother me just because again, it’s all about balance. I’m not getting up here and going wasted and you know overdoing it, but I’m going to enjoy my life and I want you to enjoy yours. You can have a healthy balanced lifestyle. Again, remember, I am far removed from the day of becoming a fitness model. That’s not the definition of what being healthy is.

Drew: Gotcha.

Lynn: Well, its good because you’re actually more relatable. Honestly, when I see people like that, because it’s more rare to see someone well known in the fitness industry that does go out for cocktails here and there and is eating waffles with syrup on it. I love it because I’m like, look they can be healthy and in good shape and eat like a normal human being.

Drew: Yeah. Some of my most popular posts are when I post like me eating a cheat meal, like that’s what people love. *laughing*

Kevin: *laughing* Oh yeah, I like those!

Drew: Exactly. Next couple of questions. What’s the biggest complaint or flack you get from your followers, that your followers kind of tell you?

Kevin: About my content?

Drew: Yeah, about your content, about your videos, anything. What’s the biggest complaint, flack or criticism you get?

Kevin: There’s not one single one actually. Right now, it’s actually about my App and it’s from the Android community. We launched the App back in May and it’s doing very well. It did very well. It’s been the number one App in Food and Drink. It is number one in like several countries and number two in the overall App Store, so it’s doing very, very well, but we haven’t been able to take it over to android. I get a nasty email, or comment about every other day now about the darn Android App and when it’s coming out. Another one, people always ask me, what’s in it? Which is a really weird and odd question. Like where’s the recipe? They will look at the photo but they will never read.

Lynn: Ohhhh, I love that comment. When you post a full recipe and people are like, ‘Can you please share the recipe?’ And your like, ‘Please read above.’ *laughing*

Kevin: It’s like, ‘Leave me alone.’ *laughing* You don’t even know how long it took me just to make this darn video. And for you to ask me for the recipe, please don’t! If fact your blocked, your blocked! *laughing*

Lynn and Drew: *laughing*

Lynn: I was going to say like my favorite thing is when I see awesome recipes like yours, and then somebody comments …. and you have like a million followers …. and somebody comments like, ‘My name is Suzie and I am allergic to gluten and dairy and I’m a Vegan and I’m an all naturalist and I only eat organic, can you tell me how to alter this recipe to fit my needs. That would be great.’ *laughing*

Kevin: *laughing*

Drew: *laughing* Ok, last question Kevin and we will let you go.

Lynn: Boxers or briefs? I’m just kidding.

Kevin: No, no, no! *laughing*

Drew: *laughing* No, if someone were to pay you, would you ever do a Fit2Fat2Fit journey on purpose, if someone were to pay you? And what would that dollar amount have to be? Just curious. Like to do 75 pounds on purpose.

Kevin: Oh my god. It would have to be pretty high, only because of the place where I am now. It would be hard. My Fit Men Cook Recipe blog, that’s like actually my lifestyle, right? So people are actually getting recipes that I’m eating on a weekly basis. So, to shut it down for that period of time and to do that, it would just be kind of hard to go and do. But gosh, you know what man, I just admire you so much for that.

Drew: *laughing*

Kevin: In fact, I told you when I first met you, I was so angry. I was so angry because you looked great and you look great now of course. But when you said that you were going to do that, I was like, why would he want to go and look like me right now? Like why? And I was so angry, but I was still watching along. But I was a hater from outside. This guy, this guy, this guy, but then when you started losing weight, I would go back and see exactly what you were doing, because there was just so much anxiety there. But even though I know the algorithm for me to actually go and lose weight and to get shredded up, I still have a lot of anxiety in going back to that place.

Drew: Yeah. No, and that’s the thing, I don’t ask people on a serious level. But I think it’s interesting to see if someone …. do you think you could really do it and I’ve asked Chris Powell and Heidi Powell and all of them said no, so your not any different than anyone else. *laughing*

Kevin: *laughing*

Drew: Everyone else is like, ‘Uh, hell no!’ *laughing*

Lynn: I don’t know, if someone gave me like a million dollars, I would do it.

Drew: A million dollars? *laughing* I think that’s doable.

Kevin: *laughing* In a boxer brief with my belly hanging out?

Lynn and Drew: *laughing*

Drew: And you could change your brand to Fat Men Cook. And you share all these cheat meal recipes for 6 months, you’ll get even more followers.

Lynn: You’ll have like 5 million viewers. You’ll be like, ‘I’m making French Toast.’

Drew: Yeah, this is how to gain weight, this is how to gain fat. *laughing* Well cool Kevin. Thank you so much for being on the show. Can you tell everybody where to follow you, the name of the App, the name of your book, everything about you, just point people in the right direction?

Kevin: Sure. My largest platform is going to be Instagram, so they can find me by looking up Fit Men Cook and my recipes on there. On the blog at FitMenCook.com, I got my YouTube channel, Fit Men Cook, twitter and you know what, SnapChat. I really love SnapChat because ….

Drew: Are you on SnapChat? Yeah? Oh, I’ve got to start following you, man.

Kevin: Oh yeah!

Lynn: I just tagged you before we started on my SnapChat. I just did. I just put, ‘I’m about to chat with @FitMenCook, so hopefully that’s your SnapChat handle.

Kevin: Yeah. I love SnapChat, because I am able to actually share stuff that’s just not just food, like my everyday life. And then the App, get the App if you have an IPhone or an IPad or the Apple Watch, you can download it from the Apple Store. And we are actually coming out with a version 2.0 in November that is going to be game changing. Apple is so stoked about the App.

Drew: Really?

Kevin: Oh, they are so excited about it, because the day that it launched, they were like, ‘Who and what in the world is Fit Men Cook? Because it was taking over, literally the entire App store. And it just goes to show that there are so many people out there that are excited about healthy eating. Because it wasn’t just our community, it was like general public. It’s a really good App and I’m really proud of it actually. So go to the Apple Store and download it and version 2.0 coming in November. You will want to get this one before that version comes out. And then my book, my recipe book. Those are some of the most popular recipes that I shared in 2014 and it’s called, “No Cheats Needed” and you can go to Amazon.com to get that.

Drew: That’s awesome. Just really quick, I love your App so much and thank you so much for hooking us up with that. What was funny though, is as we promoted it to our followers …. it’s so convenient. I love …. like one of the best features about it, and I talked about this, was being able to pick a recipe and have it download to your shopping cart. That specific recipe would go to your shopping list, it would show what the shopping list was. I thought that was the coolest feature I’d ever seen. But then my followers were like, ‘Wow, thanks Drew for this. I don’t need you anymore.’ I was tripping, I was like, ‘Come on people, you can still love both of us, you know?!’

Lynn and Kevin: *laughing*

Drew: People loved it so much. I can’t wait for the new version to come out. You said November, right?

Kevin: Yes. Thank you.

Drew: I’m going to start following you on SnapChat too, by the way.

Kevin: Oh yeah, I’m going to follow you as well.

Drew: I just learned it like 2 or 3 weeks ago, I think after moving here to Hawaii. And at first I’m like, I don’t know what I’m doing, but now I actually enjoy it.

Lynn: No one knows what they are doing on SnapChat.

Kevin: Exactly and that’s why it’s so easy to do. You can just post anything and nobody cares.

Drew: There are no filters or editing or anything. It’s great. Well thanks so much Kevin for being a part of the show. We will have to have you back on as well in the near future. Go check out Fit Men Cook everybody and we’ll catch you guys next time. We’ll see you Kevin.

Kevin: Alright, thank you.

Lynn: See you.


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Lynn: Aloha.

Drew: Aloha.