The Fit2Fat2Fit Experience Episode 170 with Drew Canole


What’s up everyone? Drew Manning here from Fit2Fat2Fit. You are listening to the Fit2Fat2Fit Experience Podcast. Thank you so much for tuning in today. Hopefully you are having a fabulous day. Things are definitely good here on my end. I really appreciate you guys tuning into the Podcast. Every single week I try to put out the best content available with a lot of value. I hope you get something out of each episode. You know for me, I definitely do. *laughing* It’s helped me grow in so many ways. I can’t believe I’ve had this Podcast for almost 3 years now, which is crazy. It’s been quite a ride and it’s been fun. I’ve met so many amazing people. Today’s guest is another amazing person. I’ve had him on in the past. His name is Drew Canole. He is the founder and owner of Organifi Green Juice, which is a super popular supplement company that has blown up recently over the past few years. In this episode we talk about his new book called, ‘You Be You.’ The cool think I like about Drew is, yes he’s a business guy, but at the same time, he understands mental, emotional and spiritual transformation on a whole other level. More so than any other person I’ve met, I think. He definitely embodies what it takes to be a self aware person and raising your level of consciousness. He invests in his employees. The whole culture over there at Organifi is remarkable. He has built a phenomenal business. He talks about how to stay grounded. In his book, ‘You Be You’, he talks about all types of different tips and hacks for people, especially on the mental and emotional side. So on today’s Podcast we kind of get into the three pillars of the book. For him it’s about detoxing your life, not just from a physical perspective, but emotionally as well and crushing your limitations. We have a lot of self limiting beliefs and sometimes we think, ‘Oh, I’m only supposed to be this. I can’t be above that because I don’t believe it’s possible.’ Or you just don’t feel like you deserve it. Also owning your awesome and finding your true path in life and finding out who you really are. This interview with Drew is remarkable. Obviously he has a cool name! *laughing* We get along really well. He delivers a lot of value in this episode. The link to his book, ‘You Be You’ will be available in the show notes as well. So stick around to the end.

Drew: Drew Canole, welcome to the Fit2Fat2Fit Experience Podcast. Actually I should say, welcome back to the Podcast. How are you?

Drew C.: I know. Yeah, you want to start with that? You want to do welcome back or do you just want to roll right now?

Drew: Yeah, let’s just roll with it if that’s cool with you? *laughing*

Drew C.: I love it! *laughing*

Drew: How’s life, man? How’s life been treating you since …. I think it’s been a couple of years since I had you on.

Drew C.: It has been a couple of years. Yeah, life it great man. I love being on your Podcast because occasionally I will get people coming up to me at Whole Foods or even in the gym and they are like, “Hey, you were on Drew Manning’s Podcast! We love Drew Manning!’

Drew: *laughing*

Drew C.: You know, I’ve met you a few times outside of just the Podcast. Anybody who is listening to this, you are totally the real deal when it comes to health, when it comes to fitness and mindset. You demonstrate it in your life. Obviously the results are proven with what you have created. I just want to let your audience know if they haven’t met you in person, it’s such a gift to be here with you at this time.

Drew: Thank you. I really appreciate that, Drew. That’s awesome. It’s not just because my name is Drew, right? *laughing*

Drew C.: Well, that is 90% of it! *laughing*

Drew: Exactly! *laughing* Let’s just kind of start. For those who maybe don’t know you or your story, tell us a little bit about your background, who you are and how you got to be where you are at today.

Drew C.: Yeah, of course. So 7 1/2 years ago, I was 40 pounds overweight. I was out of shape, a little lethargic every single day and I really didn’t have a lot of purpose in my life at the time. I was running a credit and debt settlement company, but I wasn’t really enrolled in that as my living for the rest of my life. I had always been into health, but I wasn’t the image of it. I wasn’t the image of health at all, even though I liked smoothies and juicing and stuff. I was never really inspired to take that on at that point. Until one day one of my mentors told me, Frank, he said, ‘Hey, if you do one thing for the rest of your life, make sure you are helping other people.’ I really took it to heart. I had heard that before. You know you can help a million people and become a millionaire, like all those quotes from Jim Rohn and those other personal development guys back in the day. But I really didn’t take it to heart until Frank told me that. Then I am like, you know what, the environment I am in isn’t really conducive to living my fullest potential. I was living in Tampa Florida and I was around people that were drinking every weekend. So, I needed to change my environment. What is the best way to do that? Well, I don’t know anybody in San Diego, so I am going to pack my car up and move to San Diego.

Drew: Wow.

Drew C.: I pulled away from all my friends. A lot of friends I had to move away from because of the toxic relationships, like we all have these toxic relationships floating around us. People want to live complacent lives and they kind of suck you into complacency. Complacency is like a padded cell, it’s really comfortable, but it isn’t going to allow you to grow into who you truly are. So, that was me. I moved all the way to San Diego and I bought one of those HD flip cameras and I just started shooting YouTube videos online and talking about health and fitness. I documented my transformation, which took about 90 days to lose 40 pounds. I got into the best shape of my life. I went from over 20% body fat down to sub 7%. I just was teaching my community about it. We have grown now from 0 to about 6 1/2 million followers on all of our different platforms. I have the power of green juice and mother nature and the power of mindset and spiritual health to thank for all that stuff.

Drew: Yeah. You know what I love about that is you didn’t have to become this health expert to create a channel and start spreading your message, you were doing it as you were transforming yourself. Which I think a lot of people wait and think well who am I to create a YouTube channel and start teaching people about health when I’m not there. I need to be this first. I need to get this certification. I need to have this much education before you can influence people and help people out. I love how you kind of rolled the dice and showed people as you are transforming yourself, what you were doing and how you were doing it. You probably knew at that point you wanted to help other people. You wanted to change other people’s lives and why not start with you first, right?

Drew C.: Yeah, I mean everywhere you look there are doctors overweight and out of shape. They are giving you advice about how to live your best life, right? There are also health coaches that are over shaped and not demonstrating. So for me, anything in life …. if you are going to teach somebody, you have to demonstrate it first. I think there are a million online life coaches that are teaching how to be abundant, but they are all broke. They are all living paycheck to paycheck, yet they are still somehow and some way crediting themselves as being a life coach or being a marketing person. I am going to help you with your marketing and I am going to teach you how to market. I am going to charge you thousands of dollars, but when it comes down to it, I’ve never really grown a business. *laughing* It just doesn’t add up.

Drew: *laughing* Yeah. Obviously you created this massive brand with Organifi, changing people’s lives through powerful superfoods that are in Organifi. For those that don’t know what Organifi is just briefly tell us what Organifi is and how you guys built that.

Drew C.: Yes, so Organifi, one thing that we took from Fitlife.TV is the culture and the community of being …. and one of the things I say is we are in this together. When we look out into the world, there are a lot of people who aren’t as privileged as we are out here in Southern California, or even where you live. People that have access to organic sustainable farming vegetables that are in juice form that you can mix up easily convenient. So you aren’t spending hours in the kitchen everyday. Organifi, really it’s birthday is coming around. It’s four years old. We launched our first product, green juice, into the market place four years ago. It has turmeric, lemon, chlorella, spirulina and mint and wheatgrass, all these wonderful superfoods that are amazing for you. We put the clinical dose of these different extracts in to really make the biggest difference in the biological body that you and I have, as far as our mind and as far as weight loss and stuff. We launched Organifi and now it’s global. We have sold out dozens of times. We’ve grown, Organifi has grown so much. We shipped out about a million bottles last year. Most of it last year was green juice, but now we have red and we have gold and we have protein and probiotics and turmeric. All of these things are from the best farms on the planet. One of the biggest things that separate us from the other superfoods that are out there is actually the taste. They taste absolutely incredible.

Drew: I think that’s the hard part with any kind of super food is making it taste good so that your average person that has grown up on mostly processed food is like, ‘Yeah, I want to eat healthy, but it just doesn’t taste good.’ So making a drink or supplement that is good for you but also taste good I think is really hard to do. You guys have nailed that. I love the red and the gold. I heard you guys came out with a pumpkin spice gold, but it seems like it is always sold out. *laughing*

Drew C.: Yeah the pumpkin spice is just a seasonal thing. We only ordered a few thousand units of it and it sold out pretty quickly. I’ve got some at the house and I will send you some. You are going to love it, man. Pumpkin spice is great. We’ve got Pure coming out this week, which Pure is a gut, brain, health type of technology actually. It’s pretty unique in that it actually has superfoods and different adaptogens that not only impact your gut, your second brain, but at the same time working with different neurochemicals to support them in your main brain. What it does is it creates a focus. It creates BDNF, which is brain, drive nootropic factor. It’s absolutely incredible. For the longest time, scientists believed that we couldn’t produce more brain cells. What we are finding is that there is certain adaptogenic compounds that can actually increase the amount of BDNF that you make or for the aging brain. So you don’t have to lose some of those skills that we have as children and teens and young adults into our senior years. We can actually age gracefully and actually become more intelligent and pick up and learn more languages and different things that you and I want to do as we grow older.

Drew: Wow. I will have to be on the lookout for that because I did not know that was coming out.

Drew C.: Yeah, I will send you some.

Drew: Sweet. Sweet. I appreciate that. Thanks Drew. We will put a link to all of this in the show notes for those that are interested in Organifi. They can definitely check it out. Obviously I do want to let people know you have also written a new book, which is what I want to talk to you about today. Let’s talk about where this idea for this book, ‘You Be You’ all started from. Tell us about the backstory.

Drew C.: Yeah. So you really …. I’m probably going to relate to most people listening to this right now. So, if you are driving really pay attention to this. Put down your cell phone and just listen. Unless you are listening on your cell phone. I want you to really feel what I am saying here. ‘You Be You’ actually started when I was born. I was born into a family that was really abusive, probably like a lot of people listening to this. I was tortured by my dad. If I couldn’t tie my shoes fast enough, he would put cigarettes out on my head. He would hold my head underneath the water and then he would raise it out of the waters, a 3 or 4 year old boy. If I cried he would shove my head back under and smack me. I was thrown on sidewalks. I had been cut in the chest. I had like 25 stitches as a young boy on my chest. All these horrific things, the newspaper of the time said it was the most terrible incident they had seen up until that point. I’m not saying this to get empathy at all. Why I am explaining this to you is I’ve used it. I’ve leveraged it. So instead of making excuses about the limitations that were predisposed to me at a young age, I’ve actually benefited from it. I look at it as a great advantage, because now it’s really given me compassion. When I look at other people in the vast majority of the world, we are all torturing ourselves in some way. And most of the times the person you are looking at in the mirror you are torturing is  yourself. So through all the limitations, the limiting beliefs, the things that we take on, one of my biggest limiting beliefs that I took on is I am not good enough to be loved. I was a young boy, 3, 4, 5 years old. I was proven by my parents that I wasn’t good enough to be loved. So what did I do? I created this neurofeedback loop that projected out of my mind into the reality and I created opportunities and situations that proved that I wasn’t good enough to be loved. That I needed to …. and one of the other things was that I needed to win people’s approval by being a ‘yes man’. So I would say yes, yes, yes to absolutely everything to get in return their approval. Finding out that actually, I am the biggest taker when I do that. So, if you are a ‘yes man’ or a ‘yes woman’ you are actually taking because you want something in return. To be totally in a giving state, you can’t expect anything in return. All of these lessons that I learned from my childhood, many of them happened in relationships because that was the point. I had many relationships in the past when I would self sabotage. I would do things to disrupt, especially when I was in perfect harmony, right? The relationship is going great and I would look for things to throw a wrench in. I think a lot of entrepreneurs do that as well. When the numbers are looking great, when things are just kind of running the way they should be, when everything is easy, we look for things to disrupt it. That has to do with the internal subconscious programming of the body. A lot of people think the subconscious is in your mindset, your subconscious is actually in your physical body.

Drew: Yeah.

Drew C.: So when you are relaxing and doing meditation and releasing some of that trauma you have in your body, it’s absolutely crucial. I talked about that a little bit in the book, ‘You Be You’. The book started actually with that and it gave me the premise of being totally authentic and radical in your response to just being the unique you. Not composed of all the thoughts and all the beliefs about who you are from other people, but being the true source of light that ultimately you truly are deep inside. That only you have seen glimpses of probably up until this point, but when you are in that state, everything is in this flow. Kind of like this magical state of being that things just happen out of nowhere and you’re in great synchronicity. That’s how you know you are connected to the universe. In ‘You Be You’, I talk about the big you and the big you is when you are tied in to the universe and you are connected to God. When you are apart of the ‘all’, the ‘allness of it’, it’s when magic happens the most. I’ve seen that like a little golden thread throughout my life, over and over and over and over again. Where I am like, ‘Yup, there we go.’

Drew: Sorry to interrupt Drew.

Drew C.: Go ahead.

Drew: When did you start to become aware of these patterns that started from a very young age? Because obviously growing up as a kid, most people aren’t thinking, ‘Oh, my dad is doing this to me which is going to make me stronger in the end. It’s going to teach me this lesson.’ You look at life happening to you probably up until something happens in your life, whether it’s your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, whoever, depending on the person, where you are like ok. You start to raise your level of awareness of looking back at the past and why am I the way I am. You can start to connect the dots. When did this start happening in your life? What was going on in your life that made you start to want to become aware of these types of things?

Drew C.: I think it’s like any process right? When I started on my health journey, when I started putting better food in my body, I started to feel better. When I started to feel better, this meat sack I call it, then the human body started to feel better, I was like you know what? My thoughts became better. Then I realized, probably in my mid 20’s, maybe my early 20’s, that I am not my thoughts. I can stand portal at the door of my consciousness and I can see what thoughts were going to be beneficial in the moment through intention setting, through creation, reality, distortion field or whatever you want to call it. That I could control my reality with the thoughts and the feeling that I would actually generate from my vagus nerve, which is the oldest nerve we have in these human bodies, these miracles of a machine. By that feeling I could attract in my life what I wanted. It started when I really got serious about putting myself in the most optimal health state. When I started drinking green juice everyday. When I started eating the right foods. When I started working out every single day, no exceptions, no excuses. When I had a morning ritual and I started waking up early. It all started. It’s like, well what’s the next life? Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, if you have food and safety and the very bottom rung, you are in good physical shape. You are not sick. You are not tired. You are not in pain. Then what is the next level? Well really you get to the end and it’s the ascension, it’s the identity. You start questioning your identity. All the beliefs you thought and lived most of your life by. Like most people actually live in the identity that they shaped when they were like 18 and 19 and then by the time they are 60, they are still living in the 19 year old identity. So, I think to be a master, it is to be connected. I’ve worked with many masters on this planet. One of whom I have been working with the past 10 years, who is a total type shaman, talks about Don Juan. He is the only apprentice that Don Juan had, his name is Javier. He is a total angelic light being that is here to help humanity evolve. Essentially working with this guy, it just steam rolls and blows away any belief you could ever have. We are talking about having any beliefs that you are totally attached to and being able to shift. Delphi said to Socrates, you are the smartest man in the land because you said that you knew nothing. That was Socrates, someone who is very advanced. I believe mastery comes when we know nothing.

Drew: Yeah. Keep going.

Drew C.: Super powerful buddy. You and I could talk about this for days.

Drew: Yeah. For sure. We will keep this to just like 30-40 minutes for people listening. I want to take the gems from this. It kind of goes into what we were talking about before we started the Podcast, how physical health is kind of that first hook or that first phase of transformation to get you to wanting to become more aware, right? You start taking care of your physical health, which can lead into mental health and emotional health and then spiritual health. You start to realize this all ties together. This is the problem with people’s perception of health and fitness is they think, ‘Oh, eat less, workout. Look skinny, have a six pack and people will like me. I will like myself more and I will be fulfilled if I look a certain way.’ When in reality that is not the truth. Both you and I probably know people that look like they are in amazing shape and they are still empty inside. It’s not enough. They are not good enough. That’s where the mental, emotional and spiritual has to come into play. I think it’s a great start for people to just start eating vegetables. I’m not saying you have to become some monk and go live in the mountains for centuries and meditate all day long. Let’s just start with the basics, right? Getting in real food and moving your body and focusing on physical health. Then from there we can build those building blocks to ascend, like you are talking about. I love that. Let’s go back to the book a little bit. ‘You Be You’. You talk about detoxing your life, which I am assuming that has to do with this whole physical side. But then also crush your limitations and own your awesome. Let’s talk about those three pillars of the book.

Drew C.: Detox your life. It’s more about detoxing your thinking. Giving you rules and access and facilitating different exercises in the book too that actually walk you through how to detoxify your thoughts. A lot of the thoughts we have are toxic. And helping you in that padded cell of complacency. That’s the first part. You do get into the physical side of it as well. What I did in the very beginning, as far as different things that you can create as well. I know you talk a lot about intermittent fasting and such. It’s super important to actually have that. Then it’s the limitations, so really figuring out what limitations and getting reflective and retrospective of what limitations are holding me back. Which ones have I been playing on autopilot with my subconscious for my whole entire life? How do I break free from those limitations that are self imposed and become your biggest fans? The hero of your own journey. It’s basically the hero journey, but step by step facilitating different exercises and things that you can do to become the hero or the heroine. That’s what crushing the limitations is about. Then it’s really owning that magic that’s inside every single one of us. That owning your awesome. Every single human being, we have a 1 in a 5 million chance of turning into an egg and a sperm and getting together and coming out into this human form that you call your 3D body. In science there are so many more bodies that we have. There is the energetic body. There is the orc body. There is the light body. There is your star body. There are so many different bodies outside of this 3D suit that we put so much time and attention into. Don Juan has often said in the past in his books that the 3D body is a black hole. Until we realize we are feeding this black hole and it’s a never ending story of I need this, I’ve got to have this. I have got to have this. We can never advance as the collective, because it’s all ‘me’ centered. But when you realize your light body is far more impressive than the 3D body could ever even exist …. there are things we have access to as humans that are super potent and powerful, but it really takes great levels of awareness and understanding and really owning your light. Owning your awesome is about getting to that place where your life becomes so synchronistic that everything you have ever wanted just unfolds naturally because of your ways of being versus the human doing that we do so often.

Drew: I love that. That’s really powerful stuff. This is definitely something that I am kind of coming into and realizing for myself of overcoming those self limiting beliefs that we have believed to be true, because we have told ourselves that story over and over and over again throughout the years of our existence. It’s really hard to break free from that. What can people do that are listening right now that are just starting from ground zero? Step one, ok I know I need to change my life. I’m listening to what you are saying. It sounds great. What are the steps I take from your experience, from your book, to really kind of start making those changes and moving forward?

Drew C.: I think the biggest thing to all of this is …. and this goes back to like in the thought movement. Ralph Waldo Emerson, we had Goddard, some of the greatest doctors of all time, like the Game of Life and How to Win. These are really, really old books that will teach you one thing that I can teach you today in a nutshell. It’s really to enter the room of wishful thinking daily. It’s silencing all the noise. There is a lot of us that have these trash cans in our minds of …. we don’t hear ourselves because there is so much noise upstairs happening. Noise looks like being scattered and being on apps like Instagram and Facebook all day. Not getting present to you. What it looks like getting rid of it, is really stopping and looking around you and breathing. Looking at the trees and rocks and all of your ancestors. The plant kingdom and animal kingdom, all the different kingdoms that exist on this planet and having much appreciation and gratitude. And doing this throughout the day. You can do it for one minute. You can do it for five minutes. Just stopping often and when you do this, really put yourself in the place of wishful thinking afterwards. What that looks like is a series of questions that I have outlined in the book. It’s called the ‘why-dentity’. It’s merging your identity with your why. What is your goal and why do you want it? The biggest question …. most people don’t have goals, so they are the ship out in the ocean. They have no idea where they are going to end up. Then putting yourself in that place. What do you want to hear from your friends or that person that you love when you hit your goal 90 days from now? Getting specific with it like we learn in smart goals. What do you want to hear? Then actually hear them say it to you. Write it down and read it. What do you want to feel in your body when you hit this goal? This is going to come up close to the end of the quarter, right? It will be published? What do you want to create before the new year? What is the goal? Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, go through all of the buckets. What do you want to see when you look in the mirror? Maybe it’s a physical transformation you are working on. Or we will go to the other end, maybe it’s a financial demonstration that you want to see by the end of the year. So writing out that check. Feeling it in your body. Hearing it from the people that you love and admire the most. You go to this room of wishful thinking five minutes a day. You are in this room and you can see different trophies. The trophy effect is another thing that you can do that I talk about in the book. Anytime you are feeling anxiety, anytime you are feeling uneasy about anything, you just mentally go into the trophy room. You look at all the aspects of your life that you actually did something absolutely incredible. It can be big. It can be small. Maybe you just did a bodybuilding competition. Maybe you wrote a book yourself. Maybe you adopted a child. It can range anywhere and anything. Maybe you opened the door for an elderly person this morning. Whatever it is, you go to the trophy room and you see this playing out visually on every single one of these trophies. As you see this, you realize that you are really tapped in. You are here for a greater reason than you could ever even imagine. You focus on the good versus the past and the bad. I think just by focusing on the good …. like Le Saux said, ‘If you want to get rid of dirt on the bottom of water, you don’t try to shake the dirt out, you actually just add clean water.’ The clean water is clean thoughts. It’s a new perspective. It’s a new way to look at it. So the identity process and the trophy room will help you with that.

Drew: That’s super powerful stuff. I love that. I think what happens when you ask yourself these questions or start to visualize, you start to rewire your pathways in your brain of how you think and how you solve these problems. A lot of people are like I want these things, but how do I do them. They focus so much on the how and they don’t really know how, so they are like I don’t know how, so I might as well give up. But if you start with your why, like you talked about, your ‘why-dentity’ and you know your true intention of why you want these things and it’s inline with who you truly are as a person, then the how starts to figure itself out. Because you are starting to ask yourself these different questions. You are challenging your brain to think differently to figure out a way to make these things happen. I love what you are saying. This is really valuable for people listening. I hope people listening are taking notes and realizing that this is something that everyone needs to do if you really want to make a change in your life because old thought patterns aren’t going to get you to the new  you. This is a great way to change that. I really appreciate you talking about this. I am assuming this is something that you have done yourself, right Drew? That has impacted your life is so many ways.

Drew C.: Oh gosh, every week I am doing at least …. in the beginning I would do it everyday. Every week I am setting down and I am going over the why process. Why do I want it? What do I want to hear? What do I want to see? What do I want to feel? Why? Feeling it in my body is the big thing. It’s not the law of attraction or the law of wishful thinking, that’s not what it is. It’s the law of healing. If you can change the feeling, your subconscious in your body will start to shift. You will start to come into alignment with things that you can never even imagine. One of my mentors at one time said, you can have a coffee at Starbucks and it costs you $5 or you can go to the Ritz Carlton and have a $5 coffee. The experience is completely different, different when it comes to abundance. The thought level, the frequency level of people in Ritz are going to be a little bit different than most of the Starbucks. However I have been to some pretty incredible Starbucks too. But 9 times out of 10, it’s putting yourself in the right places and around the right people. But at first it takes that right feeling in your body to actually get to that.

Drew: I love that. Let me ask you something. When you first started with this, did you find yourself …. your negative self kind of talk coming out saying, ‘This isn’t going to work. This isn’t going to happen.’ Did you have those kind of negative thoughts pop up when you first started out with this process? Because obviously I think for people like you and me, we’ve been doing it for awhile, where we know it works. We believe it works because we have seen it in our lives, but when you first started, did that happen to you? Where you thought it wasn’t going to work, I might as well give up. And if so, how did you overcome those?

Drew C.: Yeah. It did, a lot in the very beginning. This happened at a younger age for me. Which I am sure we have some younger listeners here as well. When I was really young, I used to have all these toxic thoughts that were there. ‘There is no way this is going to happen. It’s just not possible.’ One of my goals that I had, I was in Tampa. I wanted to make $70,000 in a month. I wanted 70 grand and I wanted to do it. I didn’t even know how I was going to get it done. But I knew I had to have 70 grand to move out to California and work for 6 months doing whatever I could do to figure out what my life purpose and passion was. So I was by the water in Tampa Bay, sitting right on the bay. I had all these thoughts. Like, ‘This is ridiculous. There is no way you are going to be able to do this. You can’t manifest this. You are crazy.’ As I sat there, I got really calm. I visualized the waves, the thoughts actually coming in and bringing the money in. I was just like, ‘I can silence the thinking.’ The thinking is like water. It’s like waves hitting you. Every single thought that you have is just like a little wave. Sometimes it’s calm. Sometimes it’s a storm and sometimes it’s like lightning flying around you. Some of the wicked thoughts we have as humans. So if we can calm ourselves down and we can separate ourselves and just witness the water. We can witness the pond. We can start to observe. If you are observing, you are no longer the actor in the drama. So pulling yourself outside of it. That little thing I did, I know it sounds ridiculous in the beginning, is I would just look at my finger as if it was a different personality. I’m like, ‘I don’t have time for you right now. I don’t need to hear your negative thinking so please just silence yourself.’ I put that thought outside of my body. I put it in my finger. That actually worked pretty well.

Drew: Wow.

Drew C.: Sitting by the water in Tampa Bay, I remember it like it was yesterday. I put it away. I felt what it would feel like to get that 70 grand. Then in 2 weeks, one of my buddies, Preston, actually I created this $9.97 digital marketing course back then that was for home modification and stuff. I remember waking up one morning and I had no idea that he was going to run it as a webinar or anything else. I remember my bank account, I had $67,864 dollars. It was 2 weeks after I had done that. Sitting on Tampa Bay, visualizing and feeling it and separating myself from my thoughts. So I know that this stuff works. The faster you separate yourself from your emotions, the negative emotions in particular and the thinking that is destructive and toxic to you, the faster you will have your goals.

Drew: I love that. I love that. I was actually going to ask you if you could think of a story of a transformation that you remember that happened from teaching people these things. But the best transformation is your own transformation. *chuckles* That’s a really cool story. I used to be the same way when I first started. I thought ok, these things sound cool. Meditation, visualization, these kinds of things, but is it really going to work? You kind of go into it with that negative self talk and kind of doubting. I think the more consistent you stay with it, the more likely it’s going to happen eventually, if you stay consistent with it. But if you are constantly self doubting and talking about it’s this person’s fault or that person’s fault and you are looking for people to blame, you live in that victim mentality mindset. Then it’s probably not going to happen, unless you can break free from that. You have to become the observer of your thoughts and realize you are not your thoughts. You are more than your thoughts. You just observe those thoughts and put away the negative self talk whether you are putting it into your finger or just getting it out of you, I think it is really, really important and powerful. I appreciate you talking about that. Before we transition, where can people find ‘You Be You’? Where can people get this? Where should they go?

Drew C.: *laughing* Yes, so if you go to You can go there. I have the book there. You can order it. Also when you order it, we are actually giving away some bonuses too valued at $149 bucks. I created this 4 part video series that actually teaches you a lot about the stuff that we talked about during this and how to achieve transformation of mind and body. Then also a meditation set as well. So three different meditations where I actually walk you through one in the morning and one at night, ways to reprogram your subconscious mind. Also I am having a live event in San Diego, so if you are here and you order 2 books, I think they are like $16 or $17 bucks, not bad. You actually get access to the live event. So you can come here and hang out with a bunch of amazing human beings that are all taking their lives to the next level. You get it at and when you order now you get access to the bonus material valued at $149 bucks.

Drew: Love that. We will put all of that in the show notes and that’s So it’s not like ‘U’ or anything like that. Just wanted to make sure because with abbreviations now and the way we text, you never know how people spell words now. *laughing* Really quick Drew, before we let you go, what are some books and some Podcasts you are listening to right now that are transforming your thoughts and are really helping you improve where you are at? Because a lot of people think Drew Canole, he’s arrived. He’s done all the work. He’s enlightened and he’s financially successful and super fulfilled. But what are some things that you are listening to or reading that are helping you still continue to progress forward?

Drew C.: The big thing about me is I am insanely coachable. Probably much like you. Everything that I listen to, every book that I read, I always get something out of it. I have been reading at least a book a week for the past 7 years. Sometimes I will read a book a day. I will go on these huge stints of reading a book a day. That has been super powerful as well. Yeah, I would say depending on where the person listening to this is, there are a lot of great books out there. For me, it’s about applying it. How can I apply this right away? I would say number one ‘The Four Agreements’, super powerful. ‘The Fifth Agreement’ as well. ‘The Science of Getting Rich.’ If you are working on abundant stuff, it’s going to teach you to think differently. It’s a book written in the early 1900’s by Wallace Wattles. ‘The Power of Intention’ by Wayne Dyer. I would say ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle is super powerful for the thought stuff that we have been through. There are so many gems out there. Depending on where you are, all these books can help you as long as you apply it, I think. That is the big thing.

Drew: Yeah. I love that. Those are all great books. I haven’t read all of them. I think that’s the other thing is I talk a lot about changing your environment like you did. You just up and moved to San Diego, but also exposing yourself to new ways of thinking through books, audio books, Podcasts to help your brain learn new things. If you are always reading from one news source for example, you are always going to be stuck in the mindset versus seeing what else is out there to help you expand and grow. You have to be open to new things. I think books and audiobooks and Podcasts have never been more accessible ever. If you want to learn something, the information is there at the touch of a button, right? To be open to expose yourself to these new books and soak them in so that your brain starts to think of new ways to figure out the how of how you are going to accomplish your goals. I love that. I love that, Drew.

Drew C.: Thank you.

Drew: So what else is new in your life from a physical fitness perspective? Are you working on anything differently that’s exercise wise, that you’re kind of like, ‘I am a little bit older now. What does my body want to do?’ Or are you still lifting like a bodybuilder still? What do your workouts look like these days?

Drew C.: The big thing for me these days, over the past 90 actually, has been recovery.

Drew: Interesting.

Drew C.: I’ve been doing a lot of recovery stuff. A lot of stretching. A lot of foam rolling. A lot of, what is it, hypervolt guns that you can get from Rogue.

Drew: Yeah. Yep.

Drew C.: Cold plunge and sauna every single day without fail. I’ve actually been jumping in the ocean every day.

Drew: Nice.

Drew C.: Even for like 10-20 minutes. It just grounds you. It’s just such a beautiful practice of really plugging in to mother nature. I’ve still been working out for a couple of hours a day, usually consisting of some HIIT training, high intensity. I’ve been lifting heavy with HIIT training. It’s getting more and more intense. We were doing sled pushes this morning.

Drew: *laughing*

Drew C.: That was nasty! Legitimately pushing myself harder than I ever had and just realizing more and more everyday that the demonstration is in the mind first. Because the body will do whatever the mind tells it. I’ve been doing a lot more hiking. I went on a 4 hour hike this past weekend. It’s just beautiful.

Drew: I love that. When it comes to health and fitness, which a lot of people listening are interested in, we think we punish our bodies, we break out bodies down, but like you said, recovery is probably the most important thing. You see people like LeBron James and Tom Brady’s and these high end athletes that are focusing so much on having their bodies recover. Because they know their bodies can perform, their minds can perform so much more optimally if they are recovered versus ‘I just have to discipline myself and work harder and beat myself up more to get better results.’ But man, look at how long LeBron James is in his career and these athletes that do focus on recovery. So looking into things like cryotherapy, massage, hyperbaric chambers, infrared saunas, red light therapy, these things are becoming more accessible to us, your average person, not to just the high end athletes. I am sure down there in Southern California, you have access to all these types of things and they are becoming more accessible for people. So definitely listen to Drew on that and focus on recovery, no matter what type of lifestyle you are living.

Drew C.: Yes. Absolutely buddy. Recovery is where it’s at because that is going to fuel your workouts and everything else you have in your life.

Drew: Yeah, man. Well Drew, I really, really appreciate you and what you do for so many people. I really appreciate you coming on the Podcast and sharing your wisdom. Super happy for you and your new book, ‘You Be You’. So make sure everyone listening, go check that out at Any last words of wisdom that you want to leave my followers, Drew?

Drew C.: Yeah. One of the biggest lessons that I have learned throughout the last year and writing this book and it’s taken a long time to get the book done, is just to be kind. Be kind to yourself, because if you can have great amounts of compassion for you, then you can have that same level of compassion for everybody else. When we can do that day in and day out, I think it’s going to change the planet. It’s the only thing that ever has.

Drew: Yeah. I love that, man. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about is …. our legacy is more than just what our physical bodies look like. We have so much more to offer this world, this planet than just, ‘Hey I work out and I am in shape.’ Like that’s cool, but there is more to you than just what your physical body looks like. Just realize that.

Drew C.: Yes. 1000% brother.

Drew: I really appreciate you Drew. Thanks for coming on, man. I’m sure we will have you on again in the future. We will talk to you soon.

Drew C.: Likewise my man. Thanks for the time. I appreciate you.

Drew: Thanks man. We will see you.


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