The Fit2Fat2Fit Experience Episode 169 with Gerry Powell


Hey everyone, it’s Drew Manning here and you are listening to the Fit2Fat2Fit Experience Podcast. Thank you so much for tuning in today. Today’s episode is with the founder of Rythmia. Now the past few weeks you have heard me talk about Rythmia. You have heard me talk about my experience down there. This is the last of four episodes. This is number four with Gerard Powell. He is the founder of Rythmia. This episode was definitely by far one of the most interesting ones I have ever done. Gerard has the most interesting personality of anyone I’ve ever met. A super smart dude, super sharp, but just …. oh, man, he is so authentic. We get into his story of him growing up. I’m just going to read a little blurb about him. Just a little first paragraph of introducing who he is so you understand his story, because it is not what you think. You would think someone who would create Rythmia was someone that is some kind of hippie and is all spiritual. Gerard is the total opposite of that, where he doesn’t come from that world. But he has recently come into it through a miracle of his own. So basically a little bit about his past. Gerard Powell, at 41 years old, had just sold his latest company for 94 million dollars. He had six houses, two airplanes, 27 cars. That’s 27 cars! A boat and everything else a human could possibly imagine and yet he couldn’t figure out why he was so unhappy. He could manifest anything and yet every new thing that he manifested ultimately made him feel worse about himself. He was addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex and anything else imaginable to mask his pain. He admits he was a miserable human being, a horrible father and an even worse husband. He had all this success from an outside perspective, but yet on the inside he was miserable. He would buy fancy cars or buy all these toys or sleep with all these women looking for something to heal him, but it wasn’t until he had a plant medicine experience, which he will talk about and that was with something called Iboga, that totally changed his life. This totally helped him reconnect with his soul and who he really was. He went back during this experience and had a really powerful and profound experience that he will talk about. He’s very open about how this changed his life and his trajectory of where he was going and him letting go of all this stuff. And how this medicine has helped him transform into creating a place called Rythmia, where now he helps other people come have these miracles. Gerard Powell is an amazing guy. I think you guys will really enjoy his personality. I try to get him to not cuss as much, but you know …. him growing up in Pennsylvania and the world he grew up in, it’s hard for him to get rid of. So, if there are a few f-bombs and cuss words, hopefully you can forgive us. He’s a really, really good person. I think you will really enjoy this interview with Gerard Powell.

Drew: Alright, Gerard, Gerry, what can I call you?

Gerry: Gerry.

Drew: Gerry. Welcome to the Fit2Fat2Fit Experience Podcast.

Gerry: Thank you.

Drew: Thank you for coming on.

Gerry: Thank you for having me.

Drew: So, we are here in Costa Rica at this place called Rythmia that you created and we are going to get to that in a little bit. I want to introduce you to my audience a little bit. Tell us a little bit about your story. I have heard it and it’s amazing, but if you could sum it up for the audience so they know a little bit about your background.

Gerry: Sure.

Drew: Tell us where it all started.

Gerry. Ok. I was born in Scranton Pennsylvania. I was raised in a fairly violent, average household. I had a real rough time as a kid. I got kicked out of a bunch of schools and wound up in jail. In my 20’s I started a business. I got reasonably successful in my 20’s and 30’s. I took a company public. In my 40’s, I sold a company, but my life was a wreck. I turned into a complete assh**e and a really, really bad person. I was addicted to cocaine, demerol, alcohol, sex. But more than any of that was my sadness. I was a deeply sad guy. I tried to commit suicide a couple of times. The last time I tried, I had about 7 million bucks in cash equivalent and I was miserable. I was a terrible father and a terrible husband and a terrible guy.

Drew: Wow. One of my favorite quotes is from Tony Robbins and he says, ‘Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.’ You see that. It sounds like from the outside perspective the world would have said, ‘Oh Gerry, he’s a successful guy. He runs business’s and has all this money.’ But the fulfillment part? Was there anything during those years that, you know, whether it’s kids or your wife, was there anything that was fulfilling to you at any point in time? I mean fulfilling is kind of …. you know what I am saying?

Gerry: Yeah. Momentarily there were things that were fulfilling.

Drew: *laughing*

Gerry: Yeah, but I don’t want to talk about those here! *laughing* But I would say there were some business things, and of course having children, that were for the moment good but led to the ultimate failure, to fail someone who is depending on you.

Drew: Yeah. Let’s talk about that story and it really hit me because I am a dad. When your son walked in on you injecting demerol, that was a pivotal moment for you. Can you talk about that?

Gerry: That was the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning. I don’t know which. But yeah, my wife and I had been married for 17 years and we had been together for 10 years. So we had been together for 27 years. She had just left me and my kids came to pick up some of their stuff after school. At the time I was injecting demerol. I was doing about 5 sticks a day of demerol. Sometimes you would fall asleep half pumped with the syringe in and I did. Then they walked in and I could see my son saw it, at least I thought he saw it. Once I saw the look in his eyes of …. a cross between confusion and disgust. I would say just you know, something is wrong. Then I said I can do it to me, but I can’t do it to these kids. I made a decision that day to change from that, but I had no idea how the f**k to do it. I just knew it wasn’t working, you know?

Drew: I think a lot of people can relate to those moments in life where they hit rock bottom. They know they need to make a change and they are like, ‘I am going to do anything it takes to make a change.’ But they don’t know where to go and it is short lived. They are like, ‘Boom, I am going to go to rehab. It will change me and boom, I will be fixed tomorrow.’ So, what were the steps you took after that?

Gerry: I went to rehab. That started a five year ordeal of daily therapy, but it didn’t seem to work. Strangely enough the guy that led me through that is my partner in this business now, but I thought he was there to fix me. I later found out that his primary goal from the time that he met me was just to keep me alive.

Drew: Really? Wow.

Gerry: Yeah, because I was such a wreck, you know? So, he did that. I couldn’t put it together. The words made sense, but something was wrong with me. I had that constant feeling that I was different. Something was wrong. There was something that happened that I don’t know. Just this strange feeling of being so different that when I would walk into a room of other people that I would have to pretend that I am like them to get through however long I had to put up with being there.

Drew: Wow. Wow, that’s crazy. I think a lot of people listening have been in that situation where they feel like they know they need to make a change and they are listening to someone help them, like the words make sense. ‘Alright, just do this and I will be fixed.’ But just to apply it, I think that’s what people struggle with. They hear like Tony Robbins or they read a book or something and they are like, ‘Ok, that sounds true to me, but I don’t know how to apply that in the actual real world.’

Gerry: Uh, hu. Can I tell you this?

Drew: Yes.

Gerry: The 2% of people that can, I mean if you listen to them, their talking is programmatic. Just like, ‘This is the thing. I have this and I am diseased for life but I am working on it …. I’m having a good time, I think.’ It’s because until the root of the root, which everybody thinks is a particular thing, which it isn’t. It’s something else. Until that is mended, there is no fixing anything. You can stave it off. It’s like when someone is a pedophile that likes children, that is an unnatural thing. Trying to not like children is not the way to get to the root of that. It’s the same thing with alcohol. Alcoholism is not a natural state. Babies don’t come out saying I want vodka. That’s not how sh*t works, right? So these states of unhappiness are there for a reason, because it’s part of this breach and growth to get back to that and to mend that. What ends up happening, and I am going to tell you this is the fun part of it, I can’t stop myself from doing anything. I’ve learned this. I can’t. If there is pumpkin pie and that shit is calling me, I’m going. I can maybe slow it down for 15 minutes and do this, but I am going there.

Drew: *laughing*

Gerry: So, the only hope that I had was to change what my soul wanted. That’s the only hope actually, or long term hope that anybody has.

Drew: Let’s talk about you said getting to the root of the root. So go back to your story, how did you get to the root of the root after going through all of this?

Gerry: I got suicidal again after doing all this therapy and doing all these things. Honestly isn’t therapy for five years every single day of my life, isn’t it an unreal thing? You spoke to the guy who was my therapist, so you know this is legit, because it seems so hard to believe. But it got to the point where I was going to kill myself again. I said to him, ‘I spent $700,000. I spent all of this money on trying to get better and it wasn’t at all better.’ I just stopped doing demerol, so the women, the cocaine, the alcohol and the violence and the whole thing that goes with it. But one thing lead to another and I went to go do this African root called Iboga.

Drew: In Costa Rica?

Gerry: Yes, in Costa Rica with a wonderful guy, a crazy, crazy, wonderful guy. I got out of my body. I went to the moon and the moon was typing answers to questions and telling me I had to build up my soul before it could answer my big question of why am I such an assh**e. I had to go get my soul and I convinced my soul to come with me. Then my soul took me back in real time, in real life, to an event that happened when I was about 3 1/2 years old. I was sexually molested and I didn’t know it. I watched the whole thing. In that moment it explained everything. My soul would not help me unless I acknowledged the truth of me. So my soul first told me what I was, which you would bleep the whole thing out of what it said to me. *laughing*

Drew: *laughing*

Gerry: Basically a not good guy. A liar, a cheat, a this, a that, a this and a that. When I agreed that I was that, then my soul merged back with me. Then it showed me what happened to me. Once I saw what happened to me, I didn’t believe it. I called my father in, he had been dead for six years. And just clear as we are sitting here, he said, “I see you.’ He explained, this is it. This is what happened and so on. Then I forgave my grandfather who I loved more than anything. My molester was a wonderful, wonderful guy. A really good man, he just got caught in that thing. I forgave him and then I was given a new heart. A brand new heart. That next day, my life was different in a really weird way. I have lived about 40 something years without feeling anything, so all of a sudden I had all these feelings and it was crazy. I didn’t want to drink. The thing was this, I could go out and try to drink. I could get one in me, one wine. I would be working on the second one and it just wouldn’t get in there. I think, ‘What the heck is wrong with me?’ Now that can’t get in me. I used to smoke two packs of cigarettes a day, a cigarette tasted terrible. So, I can’t smoke. I can’t drink. I don’t want to do cocaine. I don’t want to do this or that. All of this stuff was just on me. For the first two weeks, I was terrible depressed, but I was fixed. I thought, ‘This sucks. This is terrible.’ *chuckles*

Drew: *laughing*

Gerry: I was shooting at the wrong target, you know?’

Drew: Yeah. So your soul kind of took over afterwards?

Gerry: Took over, yeah.

Drew: Obviously you are giving the shortened condensed version. In your book, “Sh*t The Moon Said” …. please read that! Everybody listening, please read that to get a full detailed description of what Gerry is talking about in his story of what he went through when he went to Costa Rica and took this plant, Iboga and the journey he went on and how detailed it was. That was the most surprising to me was the detail that you saw. Like you said, as I am sitting here in front of you, you saw your father. You saw that moment when you were three years old with your grandpa. Very, very powerful. I think some people may think it’s kind of weird and far fetched or crazy, but it’s real and that’s all that matters. What I want to talk about, because we will get into psychedelics a little bit in a second, but after this, what was different versus therapy? Like going to a rehab and coming out and being like, ‘Ok, am I a new man? Am I changed?’ Because I think that is what happens, people go to these seminars or something and they are pumped up and they are motivated. But then most people go back into their old ways. So talk about that.

Gerry: Absolutely. I really believe this, because the moon explained this to me. That when you split from yourself, and everybody has a life event that makes them split from themselves. It’s part of a way to expand your consciousness that you have to forget in order to remember. Crazy stuff, yeah? What was the question again?

Drew: After this happened, what was different?

Gerry: When that happened then the reemerging occurs. So from the point of being merged is when you split on your subconscious, you get something that’s written that says I am not enough. Until you are reemerged, no matter what you do, you are going to run in to it. So, you can win the lottery and get in a car accident in the same day. You can’t get all the plates spinning, because consciously …. so you can go to a thousand seminars and the first time you go to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and stop thinking about what’s on the seminar, it gets reset back to, ‘I’m not enough.’ Then the same explosion occurs. Then it’s get worse because then you start thinking …. ‘Tom didn’t do anything. I went to a thousand seminars and he looks happier than me.’  Then that goes into a whole other drill and a whole other thing.

Drew: So basically you are talking about conscious versus subconscious mind. The conscious mind is learning all these new things, it’s motivated, it’s excited. ‘Ok, we are going to do this and do this.’ But the subconscious mind hasn’t changed and that was the difference for you. Having this plant medicine helped change you at the subconscious level so that when you did go back to reality, you were different and your heart was different. You didn’t want the same things.

Gerry: And that’s the key. So, that’s the things I see here all the time, where they just don’t want the same thing. Because of that, the two weeks after leaving here are kind of weird. Because it’s like you left and you were living in 117`Smith Street and you go home and you are in 119 Smith Street. You’re like, ‘I’m on the same street but I am in a different house and I don’t know who this lady is here. She wants me to have sex with her! Then these kids, I don’t even know who these kids are? Oh, they are my kids?!’ It’s crazy because you feel like you have been transported into a different life. I talk to people all the time and I look at their bar. Now in AA they say to get rid of your bar. That’s the thing, ‘Get rid of that bar because the bar is the devil.’ People look at that bar and go, ‘Why would  I ever want one of those.’

Drew: Gotcha. This is a question for me, from a business perspective. Obviously it’s not like you give away all your money and you lived off the land. But how do you go back into the real world? You still have to pay the bills. You still have to take care of the kids. How do you integrate what you learned back into the real world, so that you are a new you from a business perspective?

Gerry: What is interesting with that one is that there is a simplicity that actually assists your business process. That so much of what you are doing in business, you will notice is egocentric and so much of it is productivity centric, alright? So what tends to happen, because time has a unique value after this. Prior to this, time value wasn’t too much, ego value …. ‘it’s me’ had much more value than time. But all of a sudden it gets reshuffled. When time has the value, then all of the fluff gets taken out of your business life and you are just really pragmatic. This is where I am going and this is going to help. It’s not for money. Because what happens is, a lot of people use helping others as a gateway to fame or fortune.

Drew: Interesting. Yeah.

Gerry: A lot of people do, so many people. When you remove that aspect of it and you just want to help. You want to help efficiently. You want to be great at it, because when you are in the medicine, the medicine will tell you who you are. It’s always more than you believed you were, because we are god and there is no way around it. You are an emanation of god. This is it. There is no step up from here! This is it!

Drew: *laughing* Yeah. Ok.

Gerry: So you say ok, well then I want to let other people know that. I want to do it in an efficient and an effective way. You will be considered weird. There is no way around this. You will be considered weird because you will have a peace but a drive at the same time. A different kind of drive. People get like, ‘What is this going on right here?’

Drew: *laughing* Yeah.

Gerry: But you will get that and it’s pretty easy to get used to that part. I think from a financial standpoint it can actually help you. Although I went through a thing where I sold 30-something cars and a bunch of houses. I live in a hotel room. People will look at this and go, ‘This guy is nuts!’ What’s crazy is there was …. what’s that called? A million dollar listing, I was on the TV show called Million Dollar Listing selling my house and they are like, ‘Well, what are you buying?’ I said, ‘Well, it’s about 20 feet wide. It’s about 20 x 18 1/2. It’s a one bedroom, one bath. Same room kind of thing.’ *laughing*

Drew: Studio in Costa Rica. That’s awesome! Before we get into Rythmia, I want to talk about that. Where are you at with your kids after this experience? Did it change you as a father? What is your relationship with your kids like these days?

Gerry: This was my goal. I just wanted to be super close with them from the beginning and I didn’t know it. The people that know me and my sons will tell you that we are closer than any father or sons. They do medicine. They die to come down here. I speak to them almost every day. One is 27 and one is 24. They are my closest …. of the closest friends I have in the world, they are my closest friends. It’s a crazy thing. They would not talk to me 10 years ago.

Drew: That’s what I was going to ask. Wow.

Gerry: They wouldn’t speak to me. They hated me. They hated me.

Drew: Does your …. this might be personal, but does your ex-wife believe you have changed?

Gerry: No. *chuckles*

Drew: *laughing*

Gerry: No. So here is the thing, I will call her the first lucky woman for this. She had a really hard time. I was super, super, super rough and rotten. A really bad guy. I caused her a lot of family problems, a lot of self worth issues. I was just a terrible guy. She has built …. that’s the only relationship in my life, and this includes partners and everything, that is the only relationship in my life that isn’t mended. That’s my one and it is my goal to mend that one as well. Every other relationship I have is awesome, all people, even competitors and people from businesses. I’m good with everybody.

Drew: Was that part of your work? Your medicine work? Mending back with your soul to mend those old relationships?

Gerry: You know what is so crazy is that when I did that merger, people came to me. There is a vibration thing. People don’t dislike you, they just don’t want you to do the same thing to them. That’s the thing. When there is a vibrational change, where they are safe, they know it. They don’t know how they know it, they can be a thousand miles away and they come and they rekindle.

Drew: Wow. That is beautiful.

Gerry: Yeah, it’s crazy stuff.

Drew: So where did the idea for Rythmia come into play? At what point in time did you decide, ‘I want to open up a facility like this’?

Gerry: The honest to God’s truth to this one is that on my trip to Costa Rica, when I was on the Iboga on the second journey, I was about to open a string of strip clubs called ‘The Cockpit’. It was a chain of strip clubs that was in general aviation terminals at airports. I just figured out this thing that they were certain distances from schools and churches. It was this perfect idea and then the moon just said you can’t. I was down the road. We had leases in hand. I was down the road. She said that I had to do this. She said we are going to build a place for workers and like warriors and they would come here and see who they can become. Merge back with their soul and heal their heart. Crazy enough within two months, I had bought this place.

Drew: Really?! *laughing*

Gerry: Because I never listened to my gut. I always listened to my head. I certainly never listened to any supernatural thing, because nothing ever spoke to me. But because of that and because I was rigid in the earth thing, that when that spoke to me, I listened to it. Most people don’t. They go, ‘Well, maybe that was just some psychedelic. Maybe I made it up in my mind and I’m going to still be an investment banker and keep forging on here.’ Some people don’t listen, but I did to a ‘T’, I listened.

Drew: Yeah, especially like already in the plans for this other business that you have things already in the works. That would be so hard to be like ….

Gerry: Yeah. To back out and to tell all those people. It was rough.

Drew: Well, sorry to all those airport travelers, but there are no strip clubs in the airport for you! *chuckles*

Gerry: *laughing*

Drew: So, one question I have, talking about plant medicine, you guys serve Ayahuasca here. Why not Iboga since you had such a powerful experience with that.

Gerry: So, this is what happened there. The first thing is we have a medical license for plant medicine that we got after I bought this place. But before we opened, I had an experience with a friend of mine. I did another journey after that and the Iboga told us to use Ayahuasca, which is crazy. A lot of people say those plants are in conflict, they don’t know what they are talking about because the plants love each other. Those plants love each other. She told us to use Ayahuasca because it is more gentle. There are people who have certain physical ailments on Iboga that it can be a primal stand and that’s really not what we are shooting for.

Drew: So tell us a little bit about what you had to go through to get Rythmia up and running and then a medically licensed facility in Costa Rica.

Gerry: It was terrible. We had to first buy the center. Then there are all kinds of code to get the medical license. So we had to do a huge renovation. It was a big project to start with. It’s a 120 bed facility. It’s a big project. I had to build clinics and change the whole space because it was flex space for a Marriot when I got it. We had to invest all kinds of money and change it around. It took me a year to get licensed, a full year. We have on just any given day, there are three doctors, five nurses and an EOT. That’s just on the medical side. I have 120 employees. It’s a real thing. You really have to create a safe environment to let these people flourish in their experience. Because if they are afraid at all, if they are afraid …. then this is the other thing with going to the Amazon. I am all for going to the Amazon and doing medicine in the jungle. I am all for it. The thing is if you are a blue collar guy from Ohio who speaks just English and is Catholic or Christian by way of background, you are going to get the pants scared out of you. Because the people are speaking a different language. They are chanting and you think it might be demonic. It’s going to run you through all of your beliefs. Even converted Catholics and Christians and people who in their mind have a broader view of religion than they did when they were in it. The claws that were put in at 3, 4, 5 and 6 years old, are really hard to get out. So, when the chips are down, you end up going to is this sacrilegious? Am I going to hell for this? Is this my ticket down there?

Drew: Yeah. *chuckles*

Gerry: So it’s good to be in a place where people speak English, where the bridge between Jesus and the plant medicine is explained. The bridge between Christianity or God and the plant medicine is explained in English and in a language that you understand and in an environment that is super comfortable. Clean beds, clean bathrooms, that kind of thing. A spa, go get a massage the next day, do the plants. When it can be explained to someone in their native language, it makes such a difference in allowing someone to open up. Because if you come in shut down and are afraid, and especially if you are thinking from a religious standpoint that you are making a mistake, boy it’s hard to get in there, even for the medicine.

Drew: Yeah. No, I can imagine and that’s why what you have done is such an amazing thing. There are so many people from all different backgrounds and countries and ethnicities and religions. I am assuming you have had Christians and Catholics and people from other religions come here to have this experience.

Gerry: Tons.

Drew: I think people are afraid it’s going to take away the beliefs of God and Jesus and the bible, but like what you are saying is it actually enhances those beliefs and gives a different connection.

Gerry: So much more. Christians see Christ, Buddhist see Buddha. Every time you see that …. you see a hard core Catholic take the sacrament and they talk about their talk with Jesus, it’s always the same talk. There is only one Buddha, the same thing. It doesn’t matter the religion. The mother will come to you and explain that. It’s just this connectivity that we are all from one source. We are all from one thing and that it’s a universal principle. It’s just simple. The next day, its like, let me see what they look like! It’s amazing.

Drew: Yeah. Where do you go from here? Where does Rythmia go from here?

Gerry: My whole goal with this was everything else I had ever owned, I had one and the next thing you know, I had a hundred of them. I had a 140 something plastic surgery centers, so I was a guy who would aggregate businesses. I do not want to do that. My whole thing here is to make it the best experience of it’s type in the world and then to just take care of the people who come through one at a time. I believe there is redemption in life, I really do because I have seen it. It’s kind of my own work that this is my work to just be a part of this process. What I mean is I don’t think that I am introval to the process, but to manage that process and not screw it up is what I have been billed with. So to assist in that process by not letting other things in. So my job is to keep me out of it.

Drew: Yeah, rather than be the face of it and say, ‘Look at me. Look at what I did!’

Gerry: Yeah, and to make sure it’s run a particular way and for me to stay out of it and to let the breathwork and the medicine do what they naturally do. This is where I am going to get people more fired up is traditions in the medicine. So if you take a look at Central and South America, there are probably 60 different traditions of how to do the medicine and tribes, even the exact grow of the medicine. There is probably a hundred of those. Everybody swears their way is the right way. All those traditions started by one person. Someone does the medicine, gets it down and then goes and does it. This is no different than any of them, except in this one we are purposely trying to stay out of the way.

Drew: Gotcha. That is beautiful. What do you tell people, because you guys have a 92-93% miracle rate or success rate. What do you tell those people who didn’t have those experiences? For people listening, does everyone have a miracle? Does everyone have an amazing experience? What about people that have negative experiences or no experiences? Talk about that because I think some people will be interested.

Gerry: So there is about 6 ½ % of the people that on their first time here don’t get it. So that’s about 6 out of a 100, right?

Drew: Yeah.

Gerry: A lot of time the commonality …. and I’m not blaming the people, but the commonalities is they knew it already. Usually by the second time, it goes to 96% again. So if you took the 100 that didn’t get it, the next time they go through, 96 of them do.

Drew: Oh, wow.

Gerry: So, it’s the same thing, it’s just that first time the medicine got in them, but they weren’t ready. They come as teachers, not learners. They know it. They are here just for a brush up and so on, as opposed to I am here. I am a child. I am having some trouble and I need some help. If you really talk to people, out of a 100 people on the street, if they were able to show you their hearts and their truth, a 100 out of a 100 would say, ‘I’m here. I’m having a little bit of a struggle and I’m trying to do better.’ And from that point you get it.

Drew: It’s amazing to see people’s miracles, like listening to people’s stories here has been, one a miracle for me. Just listening to people’s miracles, I kind of feed off that. Listening to people and what they’ve been through and how this has changed their life, just in what? Three days in, I’ve actually got one more day of medicine tonight. It’s remarkable. So I’m definitely very impressed with that part of it. Tell us a little bit about the breathwork and why you decided to incorporate breathwork as well as plant medicine.

Gerry: All those journeys are recorded, my first 45 Iboga journeys. In the third journey, after it told me to buy the place. This is still in the first week I was here.

Drew: Oh wow.

Gerry: It said to buy the place, the two shortcuts are plant medicine and breathing.

Drew: Breathwork. Yep.

Gerry: It said breathing.

Drew: Oh, breathing.

Gerry: That is just like saying, ‘You get to work using a car and breathing.’ You know? To me I was like, oh I get it. You’ve got to be alive and then you just do the medicine. Then through this thing we wound up with some breathwork people. I did the breathwork and I had an out of body thing. The little boy, my little boy, said, this is it. This is what she was talking about, the moon. So right then we incorporated this in. A lot of people get this merger in the breathwork, not in the medicine, crazy.

Drew: I know people personally who have gotten an experience, or more powerful experience out of the breathworks versus the plant medicine. So I think that is amazing.

Gerry: Absolutely.

Drew: Last question for you. Is this like a one and done thing? People do the medicine and then their life changes or is this something you should continually do? And if so, how often?

Gerry: Sure. Here is what we …. and we collect more data. I have over 17,000 user experiences. Each of them have about 13 data points. There is a ton of data and they are surveyed when they leave, then six months later and 9 months later. We found this stuff out, that about 70% of the people do it once and they are good for it, because the merger happens. They are good forever as long as they are in the practice of something. Whether that’s breathwork in the morning or meditating. The things that seem to work the best are around 10 minute things. They are most easily maintained and done. It just works the best. Some people are called by the plant to become part of it, right? The plant recruits, it actively recruits. So those folks come back and they want to go deeper or they want to get someway involved with the spreading. What I really, really believe …. and I know that every crackpot in the world believes in their own stuff. But I really believe that plant medicine can heal the world. Because I get to live it and see it. I’ve never in my life seen someone do plant medicine and have an experience and the next day get in a fight and start some kind of problem. They are all about being in flow and not competing in what you have. It solves everything. It’s just a great thing.

Drew: Yeah. Yeah. I have definitely seen that as well. Where can people find you? Can people get in contact with you? Are you cool with that? Do you have a social media account or are you on Instagram?

Gerry: Yeah, we are on Facebook and I have an Instagram too. I just don’t know what the name of it is. I am so sorry about that. But, Rythmia has a Facebook page. I have a Facebook page.

Drew: Yeah. Gerard Powell.

Gerry: Gerard Powell. And that book, ‘Sh*t The Moon Said.’ It’s a real good first thing. It gets people interested. The movie ‘The Reality of Truth’ is a great one, with Michelle Rodriguez that helps get a basic understanding. You know it, because when you read that or you watch that movie, if you have this deep desire to do it, that’s your soul telling you that it wants to merge back. You will feel the difference, because looking at a car ad and saying, ‘Oh Porsche made a truck? I’d like one of them.’ That is much different than watching something and having your soul say, ‘ Go do that!’ It’s a whole different thing! *laughing*

Drew: *laughing* Right. Yeah. You have had all kinds of people come through here. Celebrities, actors, businessmen ….

Gerry: Sports people. Sports people love this stuff. Golfers, crazy golfers! *laughing*

Drew: *laughing*

Gerry: I watched it calm a professional golfer down so much. It’s amazing stuff.

Drew: It is. It’s really cool. I just want to say thank you for letting me come down here.

Gerry: No, thank you so much.

Drew: Thank you for coming on the Podcast and doing what you do. God bless you and thank you.

Gerry: Thank you for having me.

Drew: We will be in touch again for sure.

Gerry: Sounds good.

Drew: Thanks Gerry.


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