Epsiode 146 – William Shewfelt


What’s up everyone, it is me, Drew Manning, your host of the Fit2Fat2Fit Experience Podcast. Thank you for tuning in today. I appreciate you guys coming back each and every week. I try and do my best on these Podcast episodes to give you great content, great value. To help you along your journey of embracing a new lifestyle change. Whether you are doing Keto, whether you are doing just a healthy lifestyle and you want to learn some new things about health and fitness. But also, about the application for certain things for your healthy lifestyle on the mental, emotional, spiritual side as well. I talk about those things as well. I am a big proponent of that. It’s not just about being skinny. It’s not just about having a six pack and that’s what this Podcast brings to the table, to the fitness industry. Because in my opinion, the fitness industry is way to focused on the physical. I think a lot of people miss the mark and don’t realize how much of it is mental and emotional. Today’s Podcast is with William Shewfelt. If you do not know who William Shewfelt is, you definitely need to go follow him on Instagram and on YouTube as well. He is an actor, a Keto fitness model and a YouTuber. He is currently the star of the TV show “Power Rangers: Ninja Steel” on Nickelodeon. If any of you are big Power Rangers fans, like I was back in the day. *laughing* He is the red Power Ranger on this TV show on Nickelodeon. He just attended the 2018 Kids Choice Awards, where he was nominated for favorite TV actor. He actually has been a long time fan of my Podcasts and my Fit2Fat2Fit transformation. It’s interesting because he is a young guy, early 20’s and we dive into his story as an actor, an athlete and most importantly, how he turned from a four year vegan into a Keto advocate. It’s a really interesting story. This guy, even though he is young, he knows his stuff, very educated. He is very entertaining, especially on his YouTube channel, you have got to go check out his YouTube videos. He definitely has his head on straight and I think you guys will really, really love his story. It’s not very often …. I think this is the youngest guest I have had on the Podcast, to be honest with you. But like I said, he definitely knows his stuff. He’s got a very interesting story. I think he is like 23 or 24, going on 44 as far as his knowledge goes. He definitely doesn’t look that way. Good looking dude, very in shape, but also very educated. I think you will like his story. So, stick around for that.

Drew: Will, welcome to the show, man! How are you doing?

Will: I’m doing great. It’s really good to talk to you. I’ve been following your content for quite awhile. I think everybody knows about the Fit2Fat2Fit journey that you went through. So, it’s a pleasure man.

Drew: Yeah, I was actually curious to know how you found out about Fit2Fat2Fit or when you first heard about it?

Will: It was just around the time it was going viral. I’m pretty sure I saw it on Facebook. This is way back before I got into any sort of Ketogenic diets or really any sort of dieting at all, but I saw it online. It was just the coolest thing because everybody knew about this trainer that suddenly became fat and then went back to being lean again. *laughing* It was really cool to see that. In some ways, I know that there were a lot of sort of mental and psychological barriers that you encountered as you were getting back to that lean stage, but it did verify what I always kind of thought in my mind, that there is a way, you know? It’s possible. It’s possible for people to get back into that lean shape. So, I thought that was really cool.

Drew: That’s a cool perspective, man. I appreciate that. Thank you so much. Let’s talk about …. I think you are the youngest person I’ve had on my Podcast. *laghing*

Will: Oh wow! *laughing*

Drew: This is awesome, man! I love it. I like to be diverse and get people from all different backgrounds. Tell us about your journey into acting and what …. now your 22, right? You are 22?

Will: I’m 22, turning 23 on the 19th of this month.

Drew: Ok, so you are almost 23, man. You are getting old! *laughing*

Will: I am getting on a bit! *laughing*

Drew: Tell us about the path that led you down to where you are today.

Will: I actually went to college for economics. So, I was an economics major at UC San Diego. I got really into it. I was president of our economics society. Every summer I was interning at some new Fortune 100 company and I thought that’s what my path in life was. I was completely certain. But luckily, I did enough internships in different areas to where I started to realize that there was not fulfillment for me in those areas. And that a lot of the values and parts of my mission that aligned with my values, I could accomplish that through acting. Things happen and over time, when I was in my third year of college, I decided to make a radical change. It’s not something I recommend anybody to do, but it was something that I felt pretty convicted in my soul about, to make that departure and to completely go for acting. From that point forward, I set a goal for myself, within one year I wanted to star on a TV show. I sort of saw myself getting into sort of a younger genre, because I knew that at the time I could pass for it. Now that it’s two years later, I doubt that I can pass for it. *laughing*

Drew: *laughing*

Will: But yeah, so that was my goal. Within a year, I wanted to book a TV show. I know that it was completely unrealistic, many would say. I had no prior acting experience. I didn’t have any connections. I didn’t know what I was doing. *laughing* No acting lessons. One year of very focused work and it was pretty non-stop for a whole year. By the end of that year, that junior year finished up and I found out I had gotten the role of the Red Power Ranger. My life has changed quite a bit since then.

Drew: So, a couple of things. I think that’s really cool. First of all, the fact that you are so young, but yet so aware that you know what is fulfilling to you at that age. For me, I think a lot of younger kids aren’t aware yet of what brings them fulfillment and don’t have the guts to kind of take that risk. I think a lot of kids are just like, ‘Ok, just do what you are told and follow along with what everyone else is doing and things will work out.’ Versus like, being aware enough to say, ‘No, this isn’t fulfilling. I don’t want to do this.’ I think that scares a lot of young kids. I think that’s really cool. Second thing is, when did you realize you had acting skills? Did you always have acting skills? Were you in Drama growing up or when did you know that’s what brought you fulfillment?

Will: I didn’t know if I had acting skills or not. *laughing*

Drew: *laughing*

Will: To me, funny enough it was irrelevant whether I had acting skills. *laughing* I sort of had the vision of where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do with this. Regardless of whether or not I had that talent or ability, I had to make that way happen for myself, because I just couldn’t see any other future for myself. No, I never took Drama classes. I wasn’t in any plays. I thought I could tell a pretty good fib if I had to. *laughing*

Drew: *laughing*

Will: Maybe that was the only talent? But yeah, there was not background in it. The determining factor with that was it was a passion that was growing inside of me. As a kid, I kind of wanted to do it but I just …. Hollywood is just like this weird outside idea. It’s not like a tangible place where you can go and accomplish these things, so I didn’t know what to do. My family obviously didn’t have the means or the knowledge of helping me get there. This sounds really strange, but I believe in divine providence and things like that and I know you have a strong faith background as well. But, I had a dream one night of myself with a cast of other actors on a Comic Con type panel. It was San Diego Comic Con in the dream. We were talking about a show we had done. I got asked a question by an interviewer of, ‘Are you glad you chose acting as your career?’ And I told him, ‘There were so many different things that I might have done, economics and so on, but thank God I chose acting, because there is nothing I would rather do.’ So, I just found out last week that I am going to San Diego Comic Con in September. So to me, that’s sort of the dream has fulfilled itself. Yeah, that was actually the dream that sort of convinced me to jump ship, because I felt very strongly about it.

Drew: Wow. That’s really cool and a really powerful experience. Thanks for sharing that with everyone. Did you watch Power Rangers growing up? I mean for me, I watched them growing up, the original back in the day. *laughing* Did you grow up at all watching that or did you not know what the Power Rangers were when you first got into it?

Will: I grew up aware of it. I can’t say it was my show.

Drew: It was before your time probably. *chuckles*

Will: Yeah, it was a good bit before my time. I mean, this is our 25th anniversary being on the air. Yeah, it’s been around since 1993. Yeah, I was definitely aware of it. I think it was a pop culture phenomenon in the 90’s, trailing into the early 2000’s. My thing when I was a kid was wrestling. *laughing* That’s completely where my focus was, WWE, Stone Cold, the Rock, that  type of stuff. I wasn’t always watching Power Rangers as a kid, but I knew about it.

Drew: Cool, man. Let’s talk a little bit about your nutritional journey too, because this kind of ties into it, I think. How long were you vegan for and what made you decide to be a vegan? And then talk about that transition out of that life.

Will: I was vegan for too long. *laughing*

Drew: *laughing*

Will: It was four years. It was a little bit before college and then pretty much throughout my whole college experience. The reason I transitioned into that was, I had severe gut issues and skin issues throughout high school. It affects you so strongly mentally, I am sure that you can identify with this. When your body changes, whether you are obese or it’s skin issues or whatever it happens to be, it strongly affects your mentality and your approach to people and your confidence, things like that. It was a huge limiting factor for me. My intuition was always that nutrition was the culprit. I thought that was probably the lead domino that took care of everything else. At the time I was living with my parents and I couldn’t really afford to tell them, ‘Hey, get this, don’t get that. Get this organic type food.’ So, I waited until I went to college and then I was pretty strict with myself. Now naturally when you think about what is the healthiest diet, vegan, that was the buzzword at the time. So, I gave it a good go and I experimented with a lot of different iterations. I was reading Dr. McDougall and Dr. Michael Greger and The China Study. I was watching Forks over Knives and pretty much all of the mainstream information regarding the diet. I did a raw vegan diet. I was a Fruitavore for awhile. Lot’s of different things and it never agreed with my body. Of course, I think it’s an improvement over the standard American diet. There were radical improvements for me. My skin cleared up. I did have more energy. Lost a bit of weight, whether that was muscle or fat, who knows? *laughing* There were some improvements, but the thing was, there was a constant hunger. There was never good satiety. I mean, it’s just constantly running off that liver glycogen. I was eating very high fiber, which can cause other issues. *laughing*

Drew: *laughing*

Will: I was never quite there, no matter how much I would experiment with it. I never looked the way I wanted to. I never felt the way I wanted to. My energy wasn’t where I wanted it to be. Eventually, I finally quit it, the first season of Power Rangers, I went through that. I was meal prepping my food every day. Because I wasn’t going to hope that catering would maybe make a quinoa mushroom salad. I thought, I have got to take this into my own hands. I would meal prep and finally I was just burnt out with it. I was like, I don’t feel good. This isn’t working for me and that’s when I made the change.

Drew: Gotcha. Did you feel like you were generally fit? Were you still from an outside perspective, ripped or fit at this point?

Will: Yeah. I don’t think I was every really above 10 or 11 percent body fat. But, the crazy thing is, with the vegan thing, I was working so hard to stay there. It was constant different types of intermittent fasting, sprinting, long form cardio and then like shorter stuff, HIIT. I was trying everything to stay lean. Counting my calories, which is …. I hated it. I was pulling out every trick in the book to stay lean. Now, it’s like, I can’t not stay lean with the way of eating that we follow. It’s a huge difference and obviously insulin is a major factor. Micronutrients, the microbiome in the gut, there are so many things that play into it. But really, that ketogenic approach is a game changer, I think.

Drew: Before we get into the transition into Keto and how and why and all of that stuff, were you, in a way, an evangelist for the vegan lifestyle at certain times? Were you kind of preaching to people, this is the way to be, this is what it’s done for me? Were you preachy about it in a way?

Will: I wasn’t judgmental, but I was preachy, yes. *laughing*

Drew: *laughing*

Will: Because when you think you have found the holy grail of health and then you see a lot of people suffering around you, the first thing you want to do is try to help them. I bought the forks over knives book for a friend of mine who had huge health issues. I had a professor in college that was dealing with a lot of issues and I literally gave him my copy of “How Not To Die” book, my highlighted, book marked copy of Dr. Michael Greger’s book. I bought The China Study for a friend. I sat my whole family down and made them watch different documentaries. I would never, ever criticize anyone for what they ate. Because I just think that’s a disgusting thing to do, but I would constantly be trying to provide information and resources to people. So, preachy? Yes, definitely a bit of an evangelist. But I didn’t wag my finger at anybody.

Drew: Interesting. Ok, let’s talk about how you found out about Keto and how it appealed to you in the beginning. What made you pick Keto over versus like a Paleo approach or just a more balanced approach? Why Keto?

Will: There were a couple of different things that factored into me finding Keto. A large part of it had to do with YouTube. Basically, seeing dudes that were ripped and trying to figure out what they were doing that I’m not doing and they don’t seem to be counting calories. That helped me a lot. I mean I was looking at guys like Jason Wittrock, Logan Delgado, Chris Kruger, yourself, a lot of other people in that Ketogenic community. The Ketogains website on Reddit, I was really studying up on that and I went down the rabbit hole. *laughing*

Drew: *laughing*

Will: I love doing that. I was watching every Dr. Berg video and just all the people you can find on YouTube discussing this lifestyle. I started experimenting with different forms of it, there are obviously a lot of different ways to do it. We can talk about the conventional, if it’s cyclical or if it’s just a strict or the therapeutic type of ketosis. I started playing with it and I really liked what I felt. The most important thing for me was the fact that I wasn’t hungry anymore. That’s …. I can’t even tell you how big that was for me. It was just like, that crazy hangry, I don’t know if it’s hypoglycemia or what it is, but just getting rid of that feeling was a Godsend. I could focus on my work. I wasn’t thinking about what do I need to eat. I need a banana, constantly something. That was huge for me.

Drew: Ok. How long did you do it for your first time around? Like how long did you go into it strict? Did you do it for 60 days, 90 days or have you been strict with it since you switched over?

Will: It was pretty much all out ever since I decided to do it. That would have been in about January of 2017. I never got off of it. Obviously I would experiment with, let me do a cheat day here and things like that. But there was never like, I think I’m off the ketogenic diet. I was sold. I was sold. It was a big game changer for me. I’ve been probably in strict ketosis for as long as about 2 months. But every now and then, it will be a cheat day or I will start to have some fruits or I will just incorporate usually healthier forms of carbohydrates. But I don’t beat myself up, not anymore! *laughing*

Drew: *laughing* Yeah. I think some people can almost …. you know, some of the veganism can have a dogmatic approach to, ok this is my religion and this is a sin if you eat carbohydrates. It becomes almost someones renewed religion. Did you kind of sense that as you got into it? Looking at carbs as bad or evil? Or have you always had a balanced approach to keto?

Will: Yeah, I would say I have sort of a balanced approach to it. I was never chasing ketones. I was never concerned too much about what the ketone strip would tell me or a glucometer. Ultimately I knew if I was restricting carbs and then I was using as my primary food sources, whole foods, properly raised animals, organic vegetables, just good whole foods and good sources of fat, then I thought I was ok. I never cared that much about what my ketones were or anything like that. I didn’t get too obsessed with that stuff. I know there are people that will chug MCT and take exogenous ketones and do everything to try to chase this magical number, which perhaps there are benefits for that if you need that therapeutic ketosis and if you are trying to treat epilepsy or one of those diseases. I think for the general person that is trying to get lean and feel good, I don’t know if that is the most important reading. There are many different biomarkers of health and I think that is just one of them that has to be factored into a more holistic approach.

Drew: Yeah, I was just talking to someone else about the different approaches to Keto. I think the problem is that people want a one size fits all approach for everybody, it doesn’t exist and it doesn’t work. People do keto for different reasons. I know of people personally that suffer from epilepsy and they have to be 100% strict keto and they do take exogenous ketones so that they don’t have to suffer seizures. If they have one cheat meal, they have had seizures before. There are people that have a lot more lean muscle mass, like you and I, that are trying to be fit. Then there are people that are more sedentary, they are not trying to get ripped or shredded, they are just trying to become healthy. I think the problem with the chasing the ketones thing is just education. Of people understanding that higher ketones don’t equal more fat burning, right?

Will: Exactly.

Drew: I think that’s the problem is just a lack of knowledge. I think sometimes with Keto it can be intimidating with ‘Ok, how do I this?’ From going to eating the standard American diet to eating Keto all of a sudden, it’s going to take a big shift for people to make that leap in the beginning. We’ve got to keep it simple for them, but at the same time, the problem I see is people not knowing what to do. It sounds like with you, you did your research first, right?

Will: Yeah, absolutely. I couldn’t jump into anything that requires willpower without doing research. If I don’t know where I am headed then I’m ‘game over’.

Drew: How did your body handle meat when you first started incorporating meat back into it after veganism for so long?

Will: That was an interesting thing. I was in New Zealand at that time, which is where we shoot. I didn’t go into it like dipping my toes into the water at all. It was legit four years without ever consuming meat and rarely ever consuming dairy. Then literally one day after making this decision, I had two steaks and then two chicken skewers, so I must have slammed maybe 200 grams of protein in that meal. Honestly, I felt fine. I was kind of anticipating maybe there was some microbiome changes. I’m so used to dealing with a lot of high fiber, how is it going to react to this? I felt great. I really didn’t feel any different. There was no food coma. There was nothing strange. I woke up the next morning and felt good. That was sort of another straw in the hat of this is the right direction for me.

Drew: Was there any backlash with your followers or fans that saw you make that switch?

Will: I didn’t promote veganism heavily on my social media, so luckily I wasn’t known as ‘The Vegan Power Ranger’, thank God. *laughing*

Drew: *laughing* Yeah!

Will: What a selling point that would be! The Vegan Red Ranger! Luckily there wasn’t too much backlash on that. Mostly there were questions raised by family and friends, because my family knew how strict I was about it and my dad knew about my rabbit like eating habits. Everybody would send me the Vegan Memes they would see on Facebook, so there was a lot of that going on. But at the end of the day, who cares? I didn’t really worry about it.

Drew: Gotcha. How has your approach to Keto changed over since the beginning, since you started to where you are now? Has it evolved or changed or your perception of what works best for you?

Will: Absolutely it has. I’ve basically started to move more towards …. I guess I’m not as concerned anymore about gluconeogenesis. Originally I was trying to maintain a strictly ketotic state, constantly metabolizing fat, no creation of new glucose in the body. I didn’t want to get involved with that. But now I am actually starting to moderate back down my fat levels to where I am not adding fat so much, but I am consuming whole food sources of fat, such as eggs, maybe fattier cuts of beef. Whereas in the past, I would chop off some kerrygold and slather it on top. I’m not really adding fat to my coffee anymore. So, it’s basically moderating my intake of fat and I’ve increased my caloric intake or gram intake of protein. My carbs are still basically next to nothing. Maybe 10 grams of carbs a day, not even net carbs, I mean whole carbs, like a few vegetables. That’s still really low. I basically found that adjusting those two macronutrients, where maybe both of them are about at a 150 grams a day for protein and fat, that’s actually helped me lean out a bit. I am still doing fasting workouts in the morning. I’m still probably depleting glycogen and operating in mostly a fat burning state. Then going into my main meals a day. That’s the main thing, whereas in the past it was macadamia nuts galore, fat bombs, the more fat I could put in my coffee the better. I would notice that I would hover maybe around …. if I had to guess, like eyeball it, maybe around 12 or 13% body fat. I just couldn’t break into that ripped lean, lean state. I found with changing those around, more protein, a little bit less fat …. well crazy enough, I’m not sure what I am now. But I actually have it over here …. this InBody test done, they said I was 3.8% body fat. Whether or not that’s true, I don’t know. That’s not a Dexa, it’s not a Bod Pod. I would guess just from looking at it now that I am more like 5-6%. So, it’s definitely made a difference for me.

Drew: Wow. Any changes in satiety for you, with the higher protein?

Will: I am very satiated with higher protein. It’s a lot more protein than I used to eat though. When I was going very strict keto, I would sometimes be at like 70 grams of protein a day, 70-80 grams of protein a day. I would try to hit 100, but I wouldn’t always get there. So, now being able to eat another 70 grams on top of that, it’s a lot of protein and especially since it’s coming with those whole food fats, I’m very satiated and I’m not dealing with any sort of hunger. And eggs are extremely satiating as well. My diet is mostly beef and eggs right now.

Drew: So, let’s talk about this, because I think this is becoming a popular, sexy term, kind of like veganism was back for you, the carnivore diet, the carnivore approach that people kind of freak out about. They are like, ‘Wait, you only eat meat?’ Which it sounds like pretty much you are, meat and eggs. People have questions about it and concerns, because they think, oh that can’t be healthy. Man was meant to be an omnivore, not a carnivore. How has that worked out for you so far with your experiment? Obviously you have leaned out, has there been any changes in blood work, mental clarity? Satiety sounds like it’s about the same, but any other changes you have noticed?

Will: I would preface it by saying I agree with people, that we are meant to be omnivores. I would say I am maybe one of the less dogmatic carnivores. Just because I have done the whole vegan thing and I’ve done the carnivore thing now and I’m not so sure about any of these things anymore, you know? Like you can’t fully pledge your allegiance to any one of these. This just works really well for me right now. But what I have noticed is, I think one question that gets brought up a lot is in terms of fiber and regularity. It’s not an issue for me. I’ve gone a long time without vegetables when I have been experimenting with this, it just doesn’t seem to be an issue for me at all.

Drew: Interesting.

Will: I know that there have been …. I think it’s a book, ‘The Fiber Menace”. There are a lot of different opinions about this, whether fiber really is beneficial. I know that it feeds, you know, good gut bacteria, and it helps in terms of being a prebiotic. But it doesn’t seem to have been an issue for me so far. Athleticism, that’s been a huge one. I’ve definitely gotten a lot leaner and lighter, which has helped a lot with my athletic performance. The crazy thing is, I’ve gotten stronger, but I’m not lifting heavy anymore. I was training powerlifting, but recently I do very lightweight and I am doing a lot of cardio now. But my actual powerlifting, like one rep maxes have gone up. My theory is it may have to do with the increased protein leading to increased insulin spikes and there is better muscle protein synthesis under those conditions. Definitely better athleticism. Mental clarity …. mental clarity has been about how it usually is since I got on the Ketogenic diet. So, I haven’t noticed any differences. It seems like carbs ruin my mental clarity. Protein and fat seem to be good for me.

Drew: *laughing* Gotcha. Yeah, I’ve talked to some other people who have done some experiments with the carnivore approach. One of them had awesome results, like felt awesome, felt amazing, no issues with digestion, to be honest with you, with the lack of fiber. One of them felt like he was hypoglycemic, like the high protein for whatever reason …. he is a little bit different, where he is more insulin resistant, not as active. Doesn’t have as much lean muscle mass, isn’t like lifting heavy or anything like that. This is where the bio-individuality comes into these approaches. I think it’s important for everyone listening to realize that Keto is very bioindividual, like find what works best for you. That’s what is so cool about becoming your own self experimentation, like you have done, Will, is being able to find what is optimal for you. But it’s evolving, it’s changing. Maybe in six months or a year from now, what worked yesterday for you, might not work today. So, it’s about being open to that change. But it sounds like you are thriving really well off the carnivore approach, right?

Will: It’s doing very well for me. But I totally agree with you in terms of bio-individuality. The philosophy of follow the guru, like the guru has achieved what he has based on his or her goals, you know? Their following their own approach, what is working for their own body. If that doesn’t necessarily align with …. they don’t have the same body as you do, they don’t have the same goals as you. So, you really do have to find what works for you and then start to determine what you need to do based off of that. I completely agree with you on that.

Drew: So, let me ask you this, because you said you were first inspired by it by YouTube and the education that you received there, I understand you have your own YouTube channel. Is that a big part of your brand is to pay it forward by kind of educating people who used to be where you were?

Will: Yes, that is part of what I want to do. My YouTube channel is currently focused a lot on fitness. It’s becoming more focused on nutrition and then there is a lot of lifestyle stuff that has to do with my acting career and traveling, things like that. So, actually yeah, I just recorded and I am going to be editing later today, a blog about what factors do I think led to this supposed 3.8% body fat reading. Then just best practices that I could recommend to people. I am definitely trying to put that information out there, because it’s …. there is an abundance of information, but whenever somebody achieves something, I think they should kind of reach back and lend a hand to the other people that are trying to do that. I’m putting out more information on that and I’ve also released a program that kind of has everything I’ve learned about diet and nutrition throughout my journey and what’s worked for me. That is the selling point of it, like this is the way I look, this is who I am, this is what’s worked for me. Try it at your own peril. That’s my carnivore shredding program that’s on my website. WilliamShewfelt.com.

Drew: Yeah, ok. We will make sure and have all of that in the show notes, so that everybody listening can go check that out. I think it’s really cool that you are paying it forward by kind of having your own channel and educating your followers and educating the masses as well. Really quick question about the way you eat now, do you just eat when you are hungry or do you stick to maybe an intermittent fasting schedule? Or do you eat three meals a day? What’s your eating schedule look like now, being more of a carnivore approach?

Will: Generally, it’s two meals a day, occasionally one meal a day. It’s rarely ever three meals a day. Pretty much the only rule I stick to is, in the morning I make sure that I train fasted, that’s the most important thing. I will just have a cup of coffee, well who am I kidding? Like two or three cups of coffee. *laughing*

Drew: *laughing*

Will: I will do that. Occasionally some green tea, just to mix it up. Then I will go do my workout completely fasted, so that’s usually like 15-25 minutes of cardio, whether it’s HIIT or just a fast run, something like that. Then I will jump into some bodybuilder hypertrophy type higher rep volume type work, working on the bro muscles through aesthetics. *laughing*

Drew: *laughing*

Will: So, I will do some of that and that’s usually my workout. Then after that, I will just start working on what I’ve got to do for the day, until I feel like legitimately hungry. I literally wait until I have to eat. I try not to eat if I just feel peckish or anything like that. I don’t snack at all. A lot of the tim, I will end up eating at 12, 1 or 2:00, sometimes if I am real busy, I will end up just having dinner. It’s just like 5 or 6:00 and I will just eat dinner. That’s usually what my eating schedule looks like and it’s mainly, I’ll try to focus on a good serving of some sort of animal protein. So usually some beef or eggs or turkey or chicken. I do try to do fish and salmon and sardines for the Omega 3’s. Occasionally organ meats for the micronutrients benefits from those. Bone broth, things like that. I don’t think vegetables are bad. I guess that is where I differ from a lot of other carnivores. They are definitely not the enemy, like kale and broccoli are not the enemy. Whether or not they are entirely necessary, I don’t know yet. I’ve heard a lot of different things on both sides, but I definitely don’t think they are bad. Occasionally, I will do those as well.

Drew: Gotcha. How does this fit into Hollywood, with what you do and your acting? If you are traveling a lot and you are working long days, does this lifestyle fit in with what you have to do for your job?

Will: Yeah. If you think about it, it is so much easier. I just have to find two protein heavy meals a day and I’m good. *laughing*

Drew: *laughing*

Will: It’s very easy in terms of talking to catering. Just ‘Hey, if you guys have any beef, any steaks, anything like that, that’s all I need. Let me get those.’ It’s very simple. I don’t need to request anything special at the craft table. I don’t need any kale chips like I used to. I don’t have to do any of that, so it’s very simple. The best thing …. I know that you follow intermittent fasting as well, or at least when I read your …. ok, so you still do?

Drew: Yeah, yes.

Will: In terms of productivity, it’s fantastic. Really you get to zone in and experience, especially if you are caffeinated, so you are experiencing all the mental benefits of ketosis and also caffeine and you’re just totally getting your work done and you only have to eat when you want to, you know? So, you are not constantly experiencing that two hour up and down with your blood sugar. I find it to be tremendously helpful for me. I don’t know how the Rock does it. I don’t know how he is doing his seven meals a day and he’s as busy as he is! And all the bodybuilders that do that sort of thing, respect to them. The people doing My Fitness Pal and stuff like that and meticulously calorie counting, I don’t know how they do it. That’s a full time job to me, so hat’s off to them.

Drew: Well, when you meet the Rock, you will have to convince him to switch over to Keto. At some point, be like, ‘Hey man, this would be so much more optimal for you. You don’t have to eat as much and you can maintain your muscle mass.’

Will: Yeah, I will see what he says! *laughing*

Drew: Yeah! *laughing* Yeah, exactly, see what he says! See if you can convince him, Will!

Will: I might get the people’s elbow! *laughing*

Drew: *laughing* Are any of the other Power Rangers on Keto?

Will: So, one of the other Power Rangers has experimented with it and he’s more open to it. But generally they follow …. well for one, they are extremely athletic and they are young people, so they can damn near eat anything and they are ok. *laughing* The thing that I have seen in terms of them, when they want to get real lean and cut, they will do portion control, they will up cardio. They will do more clean eating, like the brown rice and quinoa and salads and stuff like that. But, nobody really follows a strict, strict diet, they are all kind of flexible with that. I was the only one who would be bringing my garbanzo beans and black beans to set. It was ridiculous! And then of course eventually that changed and suddenly you couldn’t find any vegetables on my plate at all and I was over there having steaks. I was the only one that really followed a strict diet about those things.

Drew: What’s the most commonly asked question you get from people in the industry, when they have no idea what Keto is and you try to tell them? What is the most commonly asked question you get when you try to tell people about the type of diet you are eating?

Will: Oh, it’s usually something about …. well it’s one of two things, it’s usually, ‘Isn’t that much fat bad for you?’ So, naturally they are waiting for you to drop dead from a heart attack. You have to explain to them that it’s not going to happen. *laughing* The second thing is, ‘Don’t you need carbs for energy?’ I’m sure you have heard those a million times.

Drew: Yeah.

Will: So, yeah, I honestly I get tired of explaining like when you switch over your body goes through the keto adaptation. People just really couldn’t care less, they are just trying to pick at you. So, usually I will be like, ‘This is what I have done and this is what I have experienced from it. So you should check it out, it’s the Ketogenic diet. Google it, it’s really cool.’ I just keep it simple.

Drew: Ok, just making sure you go through the same thing I go through. *laughing* Which, it sounds like you do! *laughing*

Will: *laughing* Yeah, you have my sympathies!

Drew: It’s interesting, because we have been brought up with this state of mind of these things are bad for us. So many people, that was just common knowledge, like everybody was like, ‘Oh yeah, fat? That will kill you.’ And now it’s like, ‘Oh, wait a second. Your trying to tell me it’s not?’ It’s just slow to make those changes and to convince people. Two questions, one, have you gotten blood work done recently to see how this has changed your lipids? And then two …. or not just lipids but just general overall health. And then two, do you ever experiment with extended fasting?

Will: So in terms of getting blood work done, I have never had blood work done. So that would be really interesting. I would be really, really interested to see what’s going on in my body. Who knows, that could be an impending …. who knows what might be about to happen? But, based on the way I feel, which is a very subjective measure of health, I feel fantastic. I have a ton of energy. My athletics, everything like that is going well. So, that’s all good. I don’t feel like I have any issues, but I would be very interested to see where I am at with that. I did get on the InBody test, some markers of inflammation that were very low. So apparently I have low inflammation and all of those …. like my visceral fat for example was extremely low. They said it was the lowest they had ever seen. So that’s good. My organs aren’t being crowded out by my visceral fat. So, body composition wise, I am happy. But yes, I do want to get blood work done and see how that is. Extended fasting, I’ve done quite a few 48 hour fasts. I have never done a 72 hour fast. I’ve probably 6 or 7 times, I’ve done a 48 hour fast. It’s a really interesting feeling when you get into that second day and you start to get a …. it’s like euphoria. It’s tough to describe, but it’s definitely different than intermittent fasting, when you get into that deep level of fasting. Every week I am probably doing a 24 hour fast, just a random busy day and then I decide I will just eat dinner. So, I do that quite a bit. But that’s such a benefit. People don’t realize how beneficial that is until you are super busy and you realize, I don’t have to eat until 5 or 6 tonight, this is fantastic.

Drew: Yeah, ok. What’s the one food that in your opinion is worth getting out of ketosis for? Is there one food that is totally worth it? *laughing*

Will: *laughing* There’s plenty.

Drew: Ok, there’s plenty. Let’s go down the list. Name the top three.

Will: Top three, ok. Man, where to start? I was that guy that would tell people, ‘I’m busy, oh I’ve got so much work!’ and I’m sitting down in front of a movie eating junk! Ice cream is way up there. Any combination of fat and sugar and dairy is fantastic. Ice cream, donuts are incredible. Let’s see what else we can come up with? My mom does some pretty fantastic cooking. She is like a Caribbean lady that has like a whole mix of food that she does, I love her cooking. Pretty much if I had to say, I’d just say anything on the standard American diet is worth it! *laughing*

Drew: *laughing*

Will: You ultimately …. this is according to your goals, like we talked about. I will do cheat days occasionally. But, I’m not doing them out of necessity. It’s just every now and then it’s like, ok let’s just take a day and relax with this.

Drew: Yeah, no, that’s cool man. What events …. you said you are going to be at a San Diego Comic Con in September? What other events do you have coming up where people can maybe meet you or see you in person.

Will: Absolutely. I will be at KetoCon in, I believe that is June 15th – 17th?

Drew: Yep, I will be seeing you there, by the way.

Will: Oh yeah!

Drew: I will be speaking there.

Will: Awesome. I will be speaking, not on the main stage, but they are hiding me in some hallway or something like that. I don’t know. *laughing*

Drew: *laughing*

Will: But, yeah I will be talking a little bit about my journey and nutrition, things like that. KetoCon is definitely one of them. But in terms of other public appearances, I don’t have too many lined up. It’s mainly Power Ranger related. Unless your listeners happen to be really into ‘Morphin Time’, I probably will be doing the convention circuit next year. YouTube is fantastic, Instagram, things like that.

Drew: Yeah, tell us where we can find you online and where people can connect with you on Social Media?

Will: On Instagram it’s @WilliamShewfelt and on YouTube it’s YouTube.com/willshewfelt. So, that’s pretty much where I upload most of my content and those are my mainstay online.

Drew: Ok. Well, Will I just want to say thank you for coming on and being an inspiration, man. I think you are a big inspiration for a lot of people, especially the younger generation. A lot of people really don’t care about health and nutrition, because like you said, a lot of them are young and they can get away with eating whatever they want. They look great so they are like, oh I’m fine, I’m good. I’m actually really impressed with all the knowledge that you have on nutrition. I think it’s awesome. I think it’s an inspiration for people your age to kind of take control of their health now, instead of waiting until your 60 and then you have problems. I love it, man. I’m a big fan and I appreciate what you do, Will. I appreciate you coming on and we will be seeing you at KetoCon.

Will: Awesome. Thank you so much, Drew. You’ve been a huge inspiration to me, as well. You have been a guiding force for a lot of people to create lifestyle changes. Thank you so much, it’s been an honor.

Drew: Thanks Will. Have a good one.


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