Episode 140 – Bobby Edward


What’s up everyone, it’s Drew Manning here from Fit2Fat2Fit. Thank you so much for tuning in for the Fit2Fat2Fit Experience Podcast. Today’s episode, 140, we talk about all things poop. *laughing*. Yep, you heard me right, we are talking about poop and how you can poop more efficiently. I have Bobby from Squatty Potty here. I think most of you have heard, or at least seen, the commercials for Squatty Potty. Especially the unicorn pooping rainbow ice cream, which went viral. They have been on Shark Tank, as well. Bobby Edwards is the founder of it and we get into the story of how he created Squatty Potty. How the idea came about with his mom having constipation and how he was able to solve that creating the first ever Squatty Potty. Here we are, I think six or seven years into their business now. It’s exploded like wildfire. You’ve got people like Shaun Stevenson and Howard Stern and celebrities talking about how they love the Squatty Potty. Why? Because it does help you poop better and if any of you have never tried it, I challenge you to try this out. I challenge you to poop in a squatted position instead of a traditional toilet, which is not made for efficient pooping. We are going to talk about all that today, so stay tuned and hopefully you are not eating while you are listening to this. *laughing* Because, we do talk about poop a lot. But it is super important you guys and poop shouldn’t be so weird. We all enjoy having a good poop. It feels good. That’s really important.

Drew: Alright Bobby, welcome to the show. How are you doing today?

Bobby: I am doing great. Hey, Drew.

Drew: Super excited to have you on. I’ve heard a lot of good things about you and your company. I know this has been a long time coming, but I appreciate you being patient with me getting you on the Podcast. Super excited to talk about poop. *laughing*

Bobby: Yeah, I am excited to be here too. We have a mission to help people poop better and change the way America poops and this is part of that mission. So, thanks for having me on.

Drew: Yeah, no. It’s my pleasure, man. People are probably like, ‘What? What is this?’ So, you guys are in for a treat. Yes, we are talking about poop, but it will help you be a better person, I promise. Ok, let’s start from the beginning, Bobby. Tell us a little bit about you, personally, yourself. Your journey from going from where you grew up and how you grew up, to your passions, to what led you down the path to where you are today with Squatty Potty.

Bobby: Sure. For those of you who don’t know who I am, I am actually the creator and the founder of Squatty Potty. Me and my mom created a poop stool about nine years ago, to help her with her problem with chronic constipation. I was fiddling with the concept of posture to eliminate ….  you know, I’ve been perching on my toilet for a few years. I let her know …. she was sharing with me about her constipation and she said, ‘I’m constipated.’ And I said, ‘Mom, you need to squat.’ She said, ‘I can’t squat.’ So, we created a stool to help her do that. That’s just kind of a brief introduction to Squatty Potty. But about me, obviously I am pretty close to my family. I am fifth of seven. I grew up Mormon in Utah. My family has always been entrepreneurial. My dad had never really punched a time clock. He always had different businesses here and there, so it was kind of feast or famine growing up. *laughing*

Drew: *laughing*

Bobby: Mostly famine, but there were a few businesses that hit, which were kind of fun. I grew up in Southern Utah. I still actually live here, but I did move away for a few years. I did move to Salt Lake City and then I moved to Los Angeles for 9 nine years. I started working at Fox Television. I found out I had a unique talent of writing copy, which was kind of funny. They put me in the marketing department and I wrote copy for TV Guide and prints. Then they moved me to online and when they split the department between print and online marketing, I went into the online marketing department. I learned all about online marketing and creating online websites and producing content and all that fun stuff. That’s kind of where I got my marketing bug. After about 9 years at Fox, I moved back home with my brother to start a business. We grew that business and then I sold that part of my business to him to start Squatty Potty with my mom. Like I said, we are a pretty close family. I love living in Southern Utah. I am so glad I get to have a business here and I can maintain my business here, because I like the laid back and outdoor lifestyle Southern Utah provides. About six years ago, we started Squatty Potty. Like I said, it was a solution to my mom’s problem. It helped her poop better. After she had been using the stool we created for a few years, she got an idea she wanted to share it. She wanted to help people poop better. She said, ‘Bobby, you know that stool we made? We called it the S**t Shelf, at the time before it was called Squatty Potty. ‘I need some more of those made for my friends. I am going to give those away for Christmas gifts.’ I thought she was pretty crazy. We made a dozen of them or so and she gave them away. Then from that initial gift, people started requesting more. It really helped them go better and be a happier person, because they were able to go more complete. My Aunt Connie had hemorrhoids and she’s like, ‘Oh, this has really eased my problem and I am able to go without straining so much and that really helps my problem.’ I started hearing these things and did some research and realized there are people out here looking for a solution and talking about this concept, but there is nothing for them to buy to help them with that. So, we created that.

Drew: That’s awesome. I want to backup a little bit. You mentioned before that you kind of knew about the squatting position being beneficial for pooping. Where did you first learn that and how did you design the first prototype for the Squatty Potty?


Bobby: I lived in Southern California and there are lots of alternative health freaks down there, right? *laughing* It’s kind of impossible to not get involved, at least a little bit. I had a friend who was a squatter and he shared it with me one morning. I actually thought it was hilarious. I was like, are you kidding me? This is something we are doing wrong? He was like, ‘Yeah, you should be squatting to poop.’ He went into the anatomy and then I went up and tried it and was like, ‘Damn, that really works!’ I didn’t do it all the time consistently. But I did it when I had issues or when I had problems or when I realized I wanted to get complete elimination. I would perch up on my toilet and go. *laughing*

Drew: Back in those days, there was no other product that was marketed out there to match or like a Squatty Potty, right?

Bobby: There wasn’t. There was a product created in the 70’s by a chiropractor that was similar to a Squatty Potty, that we discovered. But you couldn’t buy this anywhere. It was only available on ebay as a kind of a relic. We weren’t the first, but we were the first to kind of get the message across. I could see there were people talking about it and that made me really interested in it.

Drew: So, let’s kind of talk about the history of this and the science behind why pooping in a squatting position is superior over when we invented the toilet and what happened there.

Bobby: For centuries our ancestors squatted to poop, that’s the way it was. Until the modern toilet, that’s how people went. Really, most of the world population still squats to poop. In most countries and cultures, that’s the norm. Population wise, over half the world squats daily to eliminate. We are actually in the minority as sitters. We think it’s so civilized and squatting is barbaric, that we’re the ones doing it right, but actually we are doing it wrong. It was at the time when we invented the toilet that we veered from that posture. That’s a natural posture. You look at kids or little toddlers, they instinctively squat when they are in their diaper. They go behind their couch and squat and poop. You can see it in their face, right? *laughing* And most of the world still does. If you travel to Asia, or even the Middle East and Africa, all those cultures squat to poop. That’s instinctually and naturally the way to go. In our discovery, when we were doing our research on the Squatty Potty, I’m neighbors with a Gastroenterologist and I took this over to him. I showed him the diagram of the anal rectal angle, the area that’s kinked in the back at the end of the rectum, that is there for a reason. It’s there to maintain continence and to hold your waste. He goes, ‘Yeah, that’s true. This is the way the body is built.’ I said, ‘You know this muscle, the puborectalis muscle, does it relax when we squat?’ We looked up some studies and he showed me several studies that proved it does relax. It does allow for more complete and more effortless elimination when we squat. We went with it. We thought, there is some evidence that suggests that squatting is better. It’s not just internet quackery. Let’s make …. it was actually my mother who was the driving force. She was such an evangelist on the concept. It changed her life. She’s like, ‘You know, Bobby, I just feel like, I am embarrassed by this but I just really …. I can’t go without this. When I don’t have it, I suffer. I am sure there are other people out there. I can’t be the only one. Let’s make this a thing and let’s help people poop better.’

Drew: Yeah. So, how did you design the first one? How did you come up with the prototype for the first one?

Bobby: It was literally me and my mom at her dinner table talking about this thing. I said, let’s see what we can do. Because she had been using a stool. But the stool wasn’t right. It wasn’t the right posture and it wasn’t the right width. So, we essentially went to the toilet, my mom sat down and I got some phone books and paint cans and we kind of went through the posture that was right for her and built the stool around that with the horseshoe shape so that it would tuck away. That was kind of to make it so she’s like, ‘I don’t want to have to find a place for my stool. It needs to always be there when I go.’ It literally happened within a few hours of us …. I had taken some design classes. I drew out a stool and had a friend make it with wood. He made it out of pressed plywood and I painted it white and screwed it together and gave it my mom. She was …. like I said, that was her poop stool for a few years. She loved it.

Drew: Gotcha. So, the first one was a wood prototype. You had the design kind of tucked away. You had that idea from the beginning.

Bobby: Yeah.

Drew: How has it evolved over the years? And then, after that question, I kind of want to go back into the whole marketing thing, because that is where your whole background was. How this took off?

Bobby: Yeah, sure. I think the two kind of go together, right? We have that wooden stool and like I said, my mom wanted a dozen of them made for family and friends for Christmas. She gave them away and the feedback was extremely positive. I thought, you know mom, what we should do is we should build a website and see what happens. She was traveling in China that year and she came up with the idea, Squatty Potty, because that’s what the tour guide called the squatting toilets when she was in China. She called and said, ‘My tour guide just said, do you want to use the sitting toilet or do you want to use the squatty potty. I said, squatty potty.’ I’m like, that works. Let me see if that’s available and the URL was available and the trademark was available. I bought the URL and the applied for the trademark and that’s when we were Squatty Potty. *laughing* We built the website at SquattyPotty.com. Fixed those wooden stools, they were wooden and they were expensive. They were hard to make and we had to paint them by hand. Delivered it was about a hundred bucks. The thing was, we were still selling these Squatty Potty’s. Initially what I did was I had about fifty of them made, just to send to influencers. I went online and gathered a list of writers, bloggers, Paleos, Yogi’s. I reached out to anyone in the community that I thought this would resonate with, all that low hanging fruit. I shipped them a Squatty Potty, a big wooden Squatty Potty. I said, ‘This is what it is. This is what it does. This has been the solution to my moms problem and maybe it will help you.’ A couple of weeks later, we got a Vegan blogger who wrote about the Squatty Potty. She had 150,000 followers. She was pretty prominent back in Washington D.C. She talked about Vegan restaurants. She said, ‘I usually talk about what goes into your body and how it should be healthy. But today I am going to talk about something just as important. It’s poop. This is my product that I love and this is why I love it.’ That’s essentially how we got started. Those snowballed into other blog hits. People started reading. I had some Paleo bloggers, some big Paleo’s. Some big alternative health people that wrote about the Squatty Potty. It kind of just took off organically in the influencer community. That first year, we sold almost $600,000 in Squatty Potty’s.

Drew: Awesome.

Bobby: At a hundred bucks a pop. So, we got busy fast. It happened fairly quickly. We were really lucky. I think it was because of that marketing. That big initial push of just taking the leap and sending out fifty Squatty Potty’s at our expense, which was expensive. We actually started this business with only $30,000. We didn’t have money. We bootstrapped the whole thing. That’s kind of how we started. Then we realized after the first year that we really needed to get a cheaper stool. That’s when we started doing the plastic version, which is actually still made in Utah. We make those in the U.S. still.

Drew: Cool. That’s really awesome. That’s so cool to hear, you were selling them out of your garage and hand painted them yourself. *laughing*

Bobby: I know we had three orders a day and I remember kind of penciling out and thinking, if we get up to ten orders a day I could maybe quit my job. Then that revenue will help me …. and if we get to 15 or 20 a day, I could actually make a living. *laughing* Me and my dad would sit around and project how we were going to do this. It went much quicker and faster than we ever thought. As soon as we started manufacturing that plastic stool, I think the next year we did over a million dollars in business online, so it was amazing. It went pretty quickly, it was awesome. The help of influencers and celebrities like you know, Dr. Oz talked about it. Howard Stern, he freaking loved it. He ate it up because that’s right up his alley, right? He loves talking about poop, in a more comical way. He was using Squatty Potty for months and just talking about it and how much he loved it.

Drew: Yeah, I think it makes a big difference if you get big names talking about it. Without them even getting paid to endorse them, if it’s something that they love and it’s like, this thing is awesome and I am going to tell people about it. I think your average consumer can kind of sense that from people they look up to. Like, ‘Oh, they are getting paid to talk about this.’ Or it’s like, ‘Hey they are talking about this because they love it.’ There is no endorsement or anything like that. They are truly a big fan of it. I think that’s smart. I think the Paleo community, it makes perfect sense because like that whole caveman primal mindset. This is the way cavemen pooped, right? *laughing*

Bobby: Right. *laughing*

Drew: So, it makes sense. It really does to be in that squatting position,. But obviously with toilets, the way we grew up and our parents grew up and their parents grew up, it’s changing that. The same thing with like, we won’t go down this route too much, but with toilet paper, like why that’s not the most efficient way of cleaning down there.

Bobby: I have bidets on all of my toilets. And they are not expensive bidets, they are like $29 on Amazon. We have a bidet on Squatty Potty, which is a great bidet. It’s super cheap. They are amazing. After using a bidet and going back to toilet paper, I’m a grumpy person. I am not happy. *laughing*

Drew: *laughing* Exactly. Ok, let’s talk about …. I think you guys are really well known now. I think people know you guys now because of your viral videos. Advertising with the unicorn and the rainbow poop. So, let’s talk about the creation of that, where that idea came from and how that came about.

Bobby: Awesome, I love talking about that. It actually starts with those early on influencers. Because how did we grow the business to where we could create a video like that, and it was a process of going from influencers to major national news. Then we went on Shark Tank, which was awesome. It was an incredible …. all things aside and the deal aside, going on national television and in eight minutes talking about your concept and your problem and your solution was incredible. It really helped us get the money we needed. I had been watching this marketing group. They are called Harmon Brothers and they are out of Provo Utah. They have done quite a few viral videos. I don’t know if anyone can predict if something is going to go viral or not. I think that is impossible. They have had a pretty good track record and they did it with ‘Poo Pourri’, which is a product very similar to ours. It has to do with the bathroom. Problem solutions, something that is new and innovative and I loved it. We had gone to them and I said, ‘How much?’ They said, ‘A minimum of $250,000.’ I’m like, we can’t afford it. There is no way. I said, ‘Mom, as soon as we can afford this, I want to use the Harmon Brothers.’ And they were in agreement. So, it was kind of those early media hits that helped us to be able to afford this unicorn video. And it didn’t start out as a Unicorn video, it started out …. we went to a retreat up in Sundance. We were up there for about 3 or 4 days. It started out with ice cream. The question was, how do we talk about poop without talking about poop, because poop is gross. So, it got kind of, soft serve ice cream is the euphemism we started using. Then it turned to a man serving ice cream at an ice cream truck, then that kind of turned into a unicorn pooping ice cream. Then it was rainbow ice cream and that’s how …. and then with the team, the script just kind of wrote itself from there with that unicorn pooping ice cream. The rest is history with that. The year that came out, that was incredible for our brand. It was just such a well received spot, that it has over 150 million views. It just went crazy and changed everything. It changed everything again.

Drew: Yeah, that’s pretty much half the whole country. One out of every two people has seen that video, which is insane. That’s awesome and I loved hearing about that. Because I love seeing that kind of stuff, those kind of viral videos that make you think of things in a different way. It’s so eye catching to the consumer that they are like, they will buy it just for the marketing. Just for the commercial, you know? I think that’s really powerful and really cool to see that happen to you guys. I kind of want to talk about this from a …. comparing this to …. The Squatty Potty definitely helps you poop, but how much is it that, versus eating healthy foods. Some people that are constipated, does Squatty Potty fix that or is it a combination of those two things?

Bobby: It’s definitely a tool to help them go better. It’s not the fix all. We can talk about diet and nutrition and that stuff is really important, in connection to that, is posture. That’s important. We know that there is a natural posture to assume when eliminating and squatting is that posture. So, it’s not a cure all, right? It’s like just another tool to help people live and go better and be healthier. I think more and more you will hear about the importance of gut health and how important that is to your overall health.  Squatty Potty is part of that conversation. It’s awesome how comfortable people are with talking about this now than they used to be even five years ago when we started. You hear more and more about the mind gut connection and elimination and how diet and complete elimination is super important to a healthy gut. The Squatty Potty is part of that. It’s not a cure all, it’s not going to cure your colon cancer. It’s just going to help you poop better. That’s ubiquitous, everyone knows the feeling of a good poop. It feels really good. I can go there! *laughing*

Drew: *laughing*

Bobby: It’s true, it’s ubiquitous. Everyone gets it. The Squatty Potty supports that, it helps you go better. It’s not going to cure everything, it’s just going to help you.

Drew: Ok, so this is really funny, Bobby. And I have to tell the story, because it literally just happened. My notes are on my phone, like questions and things I want to ask you. Sometimes I follow the format, sometimes I don’t. But anyways, I was opening up my notes on my phone and before we jumped on here, I posted on Instagram that I was going to be talking about poop today with the owner and founder of Squatty Potty. I literally had a friend just text me saying, I just ordered their portable one on Amazon. He is traveling to Costa Rica and he is like, ‘Man, I hate traveling because I can’t poop as efficient.’ He literally just screenshotted it on his Instagram that he purchased the portable one, because he is going down to Costa Rica in a few weeks. *laughing*

Bobby: I have a portable one. It’s permanently in my suitcase, so I don’t leave without it. When you travel, it does …. again, your out of your routine. You’re not eating, you are probably not drinking and you are probably not moving as much as you usually would, because your sitting on a plane for hours at a time. Like I said, it’s not a cure all, it’s just one of the keys that you can use. A tool in your tool belt to help you go better.

Drew: Yeah, it’s funny because I am a big fan of Squatty Potty and I’ve definitely used it for awhile now. But in the past, before the portable one, I would improvise. I would bring in my suitcase and like put my feet up on it, or find something to be in a squatting position. *laughing*

Bobby: Squat on the toilet and kind of use the tub sometime. I’ve used a garbage can.

Drew: Exactly, it’s funny because once you realized the importance of squatting to poop, you always want to be in that position. Creative ways. I like that you guys have solved that problem with the portable one, which is really cool. Just to describe it, since it’s a Podcast, but you fold it so it lays flat in your suitcase and it’s designed to take with you when you travel, right?

Bobby: Yes. It’s essentially a pop up stool that helps you. It’s got a little curve to it to go around the toilet and it helps you poop better on the go.

Drew: On the go, that’s so funny. I remember seeing Shaun Stevenson, he is the host of The Model Health Show Podcast, which is always the top one or three on ITunes for Health and Fitness. He’s always talking about his Squatty Potty and his portable one and he’s showing people how to use it. So, it’s super popular. Let’s get into talking about the other products you have. You have the Squatty Potty, but you have mentioned a couple of others. What other products does Squatty Potty offer?

Bobby: We have a toilet spray that is similar to Poo Pourri, but it actually works much better. There has been some independent studies on it. One was just realized by the morning show, which talked about which of these toilet sprays works better. Just using the sniffer test, ours came out in front. Ours has different technology, not only do we use essential oils, but we actually have nanoparticles of real gold. It’s like colloidal silver, but with gold. Those gold molecules actually attract sulfur and kill them, so it mitigates the scent that way. Instead of just masking it, it actually kills the sulfur, which is what makes your poop stink. It’s a really good product. That technology is actually available in other products, but we are the first to put it in the toilet. It’s available in medical uses and other products. We tried it and did some testing with it, so we came out with that. Unicorn Gold, and that’s doing really well. We have a Poo Plunger, it’s kind of another thing. A lot of people buy the Squatty Potty as a novelty gift, right? White elephant or something because it’s funny, but the best thing about it is that it is actually a gift people will use. So, we’ve got this Poo Plunger that is super cute and works great. People love the poop emoji and its right in the bathroom. We are selling that. We have all different types of Squatty Potty’s. We don’t just have the white one. We have a wooden one that’s really nice, a teak one that’s really gorgeous. It’s very slim and sleek and modern. Our mission is to really …. we’ve got other products in the pipeline to help people in the bathroom that are innovative and fun. Both novelty and real. We are just trying to keep our space in the bathroom and make the bathroom experience better.

Drew: I love all your products. I literally just ran out of the gold stuff, I can’t remember what it’s called. It’s like the green bottle. That stuff lasts forever. I literally just ran out of it today. I’m a big fan.

Bobby: I will send you some more!

Drew: Awesome! That would be great. The bidet, you have a bidet as well?

Bobby: Oh yes, the bidet. The bidet is super easy to use. It installs on almost any toilet. It just takes a screwdriver and a wrench. It uses the clean water from your wall, not the dirty water, of course. After putting these bidets in, I can’t believe how barbaric people are just using toilet paper.

Drew: Would you guys ever get in to designing your own toilets?

Bobby: We are. We have a hybrid squat set toilet in the pipeline that we are still developing and working on. I’d like to install these toilets in my house, so I can just squat and keep that posture available to me throughout my life. It’s super important to stay fit. So many people lose their ability to squat because they are not actively doing it daily. I think anything that we can use to help our posture and help us move, we know how important movement is. A daily squat, whether its to eliminate or to sit there and hang, is a super important to maintaining your overall flexibility and movement.

Drew: Yeah.

Bobby: And squat toilets are great for that, so I would like to have a porcelain Squatty Potty toilet. *laughing*

Drew: *laughing* I know, I mean it makes sense to have an all in one. Like buy the toilet with all the stuff built in, you know what I am saying?

Bobby: Right. Elimination Station.

Drew: Exactly. I love that, there you go. You already have the name, the URL for it? *laughing* I love that. Ok, let’s get into some tough questions. What if someone comes to you and is like, ‘What’s the point of this? I can just put my feet up on the trash can. I can hold my feet up.’ What do you say to that?

Bobby: Well, it’s like cutting steak with a butter knife, it will work, but not as good, right? You need the right tool for the job. The Squatty Potty is perfectly designed to make that happen. A stool is great, but it’s not as good as a Squatty Potty. My mom was using a stool, but she said it wasn’t quite right. My feet are in front of me, they need to be to the side. I want to be tucked in more. I want to be in a more natural squat. Because of the shape of the Squatty Potty, the way it hooks the toilet, you can achieve that better. I think it’s great that people are using stools. We are changing the way people poop, and that’s great. Whether they use a stool or paint cans or whatever. But the Squatty Potty is just designed specifically for the task and it makes it all that much better. If you go on Amazon, you will see all these people who have converted to Squatty Potty’s from stools and they say it makes a difference. Like I said, my mom’s mission was really to help people poop better, so we are happy we are changing the way people poop, but it is better with a Squatty Potty.

Drew: Yeah, I agree with that 100%. Besides a Squatty Potty, are there any other tips you can give us on ways they can better their bathroom experience, other than Squatty Potty?

Bobby: Yeah, diet is important. Hydration and water, but I think the most important thing is movement. Stimulating the body, because when you are sedentary, your digestive system is as well. When you’re active, it stimulates movement within the body. Runners, or anyone who is active, will tell you that’s when you need to go poop. You’re out on a run and oh my gosh, I’ve got to go poop. *laughing* It’s just movement. I think movement is super important, as well as diet. I think fiber is a myth. I think fiber is important, but there is such a thing as having too much fiber. I think you want to be careful. Everyone is different, and everyone knows what works for them. But just start moving and listening to your body and feeling what the difference is when you squat to go, as opposed to when you sit. You can feel it, it’s palpable, right? You can feel the difference inside and you can feel that when you are not eating right or moving or living right. It’s all tied together.

Drew: Yeah, I agree. It’s interesting you talked about the fiber thing, because I recently had a friend do a 30 day experiment with the carnivore diet. Basically, for those of you who don’t know what it is, basically you just eat meat for 30 days. That’s what he did. No vegetables, no fruits, no fiber, nothing, just literally meat every single day. I know it sounds crazy and ridiculous, like ‘Oh my gosh, he is going to die. He’s not going to be able to poop.’ Like, he says he’s pooping just fine on the carnivore diet. He said it took him a couple of days to get adjusted to it, but that your body adjusts.

Bobby: There are actually cultures in Africa that all they eat is meat. They don’t have colon cancers or issues or constipation. *laughing* I mean there are cultures in India that are all vegetarian, so I think the one thing they have in common is they squat to poop and they don’t have the issues we have with our digestive systems in the west. *laughing*

Drew: *laughing* No, I agree with that 100%. I am just curious to know, let’s talk about your nutrition and your fitness protocol. What do you do to stay healthy? What does that look like for you?

Bobby: I pretty much eat anything in moderation. I don’t really have a diet. Sometimes I try diets because I am bored. Me and my husband get bored and we are like, ‘Let’s try something new this month.’ But, also just to see what it feels like because I am curious about new things for my body. I want to see what works best for me and honestly what works best for me, I like a couple of pieces of toast in the morning. That’s about all I eat as far as carbs. But I like to have toast with my eggs and it works for me, so I do it. The Mediterranean Diet is what I would say I am on. It’s the easiest for me to follow. It’s super easy to shop for, it has variety and I don’t have to say no when someone has a piece of cheesecake that I want. *laughing* I think food is so important culturally and to bond and to connect with people. When someone offers you a piece of pie, I think it’s important to be able to take that. You can do that if you are active or eat healthy most of the time. To me that’s important to my happiness as a person, to be able to eat what I want. I don’t eat what I want when I want, otherwise I would be like …. *laughing* It’s more like, I can eat what I want in moderation, it’s all portion control. That’s what works for me.

Drew: What about exercise and fitness? What routine do you follow there?

Bobby: I do have a gym routine like three or four times a week. But mostly, I’m outside. Every morning we go on a walk or a run, pretty much every morning. Then we do a lot of hiking. I’m outdoors a lot, with my dogs and my kids and my husband. We do a lot of outdoor stuff, ski.

Drew: Yeah, well St. George is a perfect place for that. It’s so beautiful out there, except for the hot months of the summer. *laughing

Bobby: You know, you get used to it. I love the heat, I’m a lizard, so it feels good to me.

Drew: No, that’s cool. I’m just curious to know what other people are doing and what works for them. But ultimately, this is what I talk a lot about on my Podcast. Helping people find their healthy balance with what they want. Like, a lot of people think they want to have a six pack and look good. Yeah, if it were easy, everyone would do that. But, it’s not easy, so find what makes you happy. Obviously if you are counting your calories, counting your macros, weighing your food and going to the gym six or seven times a week and if that’s the life you want to live to look a certain way, then by all means, then do it. But if you don’t want to put in all that work, then you have to be ok with looking the way you are. Find that happy balance of what makes you happy, is it relationships and bonding over food and drinks? But not all the time, but finding that balance of what works best for you and realizing that your healthy looks different on your body than someone else’s healthy on their body.

Bobby: I agree. It changes individually as you …. throughout life. *laughing* That’s why I try these things, because I am curious to see how it will feel in me, right? Some of them and I adopt the things I like and not the stuff I don’t. It is important. I think the bonding we do over food and drink is something that brings me a lot of happiness. I eat just to eat. I eat for the experience, because I love food. I love the way it tastes. I like to prepare it. I like to eat it and I love doing it with friends and family, so it’s important to me. That’s what works for me. That’s what brings me happiness. I don’t have a six pack, at all. *laughing*  But I can run a few miles, so that’s good.

Drew: Yeah, exactly. That is what I am saying. Find what works for you. Find that happy balance. At the end of the day, relationships are probably the most important thing in this world that we have. More so than diet and exercise, more so than having 5% body fat. That’s cool and all. I think there was study done that being obese increases your chance of dying early by 20%. Over consuming alcohol increases that by 30%, but being lonely, increases your chance by 40-50%. More so than diet and exercise. That is way overlooked in a world where we are so connected, we are so alone sometimes. It’s literally killing people, more than obesity is.

Bobby: Yeah, loneliness is the number one factor for early death.

Drew: Yeah, they think it’s all about diet and exercise. That’s a very small piece of the puzzle, to be honest with you. And I am one talking from the fitness industry, where I talk about the importance of it. Anyways, do you have to travel a lot for your job for Squatty Potty or do you stay mostly in Utah?

Bobby: No, I travel a lot. For the first five years, I was gone almost 50% of the time, it seems. It was visiting retailers, doing trade shows, interviews, all that stuff. HSN, we did a lot of television appearances on home shopping. We traveled a lot. I am home a lot more now. I kind of made the decision I wanted to be home more, so I am trying to stay home more. I schedule my time at home now.

Drew: Awesome. Is Squatty Potty international now.

Bobby: We are. Our biggest distributors are actually in the Middle East and Europe, but we are all over the world. Asia, South Africa, Australia, we are selling them all over. The unicorn pooping ice cream is universal. It’s universal. *laughing*

Drew: It is. *laughing*

Bobby: Universally funny, so it’s helped us get some traction all over the world.

Drew: Love it. Love it. Ok, so where can people find their Squatty Potty and where can people connect with you?

Bobby: The best experience is at SquattyPotty.com. When you get there, you get the best price usually and we will send you free stuff. You get a little crown. You get some pens and some fun swag with it. I always let people know the best experience is going to come from SquattyPotty.com. We ship and pack from the US and it gets to you in about 2 or 3 days, so you don’t have to wait too long. It’s not Amazon Prime, but it’s still fast. Of course it is available at Amazon and Bed, Bath and Beyond and Target. We are in a lot of other stores too, but I like to tell people to go to SquattyPotty.com for the best experience.

Drew: Are you guys on social media, Facebook and so on?

Bobby: Yeah, Facebook and Instagram. Our Facebook is very active, Instagram is active. We’ve got some fun content we are always sharing. We just did a new lineup video with a Yogi that is here locally, that’s really nice, on our Facebook page.

Drew: I love it. Movement, diet and Squatty Potty to help you poop better. I love it. *laughing*

Bobby: Like I said, pooping is important. It’s important as what you eat.

Drew: Yeah, and I love that you guys are talking about it and normalizing it, because if you don’t talk about it, it becomes taboo or weird. If you normalize it, it’s not that big of a deal. Our society is so interesting, we are so, primitive isn’t the right word, but we don’t like talking about uncomfortable things, you know? *laughing*

Bobby: I want to make it more comfortable. There still is a line, I don’t want to be gross, but it’s for your health. Its for your own good to monitor and look at your poop. Know what’s right and know what’s wrong. Maybe, if your pooping every five days, something’s not right.

Drew: 100%, like I have a friend that had a good analogy of if there are three trains going in, which is three meals a day, there should be three trains coming out of the tunnel, at some point. But anyways, thank you so much for coming on, Bobby.

Bobby: Yeah, it’s been a lot of fun.

Drew:  Thank you for sharing your message and we will have to have you back on in the future. Stay in touch.

Bobby: Yeah, I will. Maybe when I am in Salt Lake some time, we can meet up for drinks.

Drew: Yeah, that would be fantastic.

Bobby: Thanks Drew.

Drew: Bye.


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