EP003: Heidi Powell – A Down to Earth Super-friend You Want As Your Trainer

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Finding beauty in the strength of self not the size of self

You may know her as the meaner of the two trainers on Extreme Weight Loss but as Heidi sees it she is being a true friend to her trainee’s. She uses her own past of binging and purging to help people address the emotional aspect of a bad body image. She wants to be the person she wishes had when she went through dark times. Heidi knows that leading by example is the best way to help her children stay healthy in body and mind and just like the rest of us works hard to create the proper balance of work and family life.

Key Takeaways:

  • [:15] When we travel it’s so convenient to have a Quest protein bar
  • [2:05] Heidi opens up about her eating disorder and teaching her kids healthy eating habits
  • [4:28] It’s hard to find people with good intentions, so when you find them hold on to them
  • [5:40] I was so happy to find like minded people who understand
  • [6:12] Perfectly Imperfect – removing shame and finding a balance with who we are
  • [9:05] Your body type is your body type and it’s beautiful
  • [11:02] Heidi wishes she had someone to talk to during the dark times
  • [13:12] Body image issues as young as age 10, growing up in a fit family
  • [15:52] Never force exercise on a kid, lead by example
  • [17:10] The destructive binging and purging behaviors didn’t cease until I was pregnant
  • [20:26] Placing emphasis on strength and not the number on the scale
  • [22:21] My training changes when preparing for a show
  • [23:02] My husband Chris just listened to me when I talked about my shame
  • [24:53] Drew throws Lynn under the bus
  • [25:37] Heidi throws Chris under the bus, public image wise
  • [29:31] Is Heidi meaner than Chris? Somebody needs to have a firmer hand and be a real friend
  • [32:13] What will happen to Chris & Heidi after the tv show ends
  • [34:10] Balance is a moving target especially family/work balance
  • [37:09] I MAKE time for fitness because I want it in my life
  • [39:45] Do people make themselves a victim
  • [40:44] Tabata 4 minute fitness program
  • [41:34] What inspired the fitness competition and being coached
  • [44:17] No thanks, I don’t want to risk my health with a fit2fat2fit experience
  • [47:10] The Lightning Round


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