Drew vs. Starbucks

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Coffee!!! ☕️

Many of us love it and depend on it to get our engines going to start the long day ahead of us. I’m just as guilty as you are! I know tons of people who hit the Starbucks drive thru to fuel their caffeine addiction before hitting the office. I know I do when I’m traveling. According to a study in 2016 the average person spends $3 a day on coffee, that’s $1,100 a year!

Sure, this daily coffee habit can do some damage to your wallet, but more importantly, think about the damage it could be doing to your health. Many of the latte’s on Starbucks menu have upwards of 62 grams of sugar in a 16 ounce cup! To put this into perspective, if you were to go to Starbucks 5 days a week and ordered a grande Peppermint Mocha, that is 16,120 grams of sugar a year OR 35 ½ POUNDS! Excess sugar in the diet can lead to weight gain, diabetes, inflammation, amongst many other potential health issues.


What if I told you that you could have your coffee and health to? I’ve put together my top 5 low carb, keto friendly Starbucks makeover drinks! Move over Starbucks, Drew’s here to knock you out!


Check out my keto friendly coffee recipes here!

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