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When the year comes to a close you can’t help but reflect upon what you've learned from that year (good or bad). For me, it’s also a time to set goals for what I hope to accomplish the next year. This year has been a whirlwind! I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to help others become healthier, and that has been my goal and focus for 2012.

It hasn’t been easy though. I’ve learned new, often hard lessons and with the tens of thousands of emails I’ve gotten this year I have decided I needed to address something before 2013 starts. I know many of my posts are light and humorous but this is a bit more direct and serious. Do me favor- read this blog in its entirety and if this applies to you please keep an open mind.

No two people are the same. All of you have your own unique stories and struggles but I’ve found similarities in the emails I get. The majority of people aren’t where they’d like to be. Not just physically, but more importantly your health and energy levels aren’t where you want them to be. Many say it’s affecting your job, your kids, your relationships and your self-esteem. Along with these problems and struggles come fears and excuses. I’ve heard many such as “not knowing where to start”, “the journey to becoming healthier is hard”, or you “can’t find the motivation”. Some of you have mentioned previous failed attempts (or what you consider failed) as you only lost about “1 pound a week after all that hard work”.

If this is you please do me a favor: DO SOMETHING! Because this fear and doubt is holding you back from doing anything. Safer to do nothing then something and it not work right?! WRONG! Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

Motivation is different for everyone. I can’t give a definitive answer for what will work for you, but I can tell you that doing NOTHING will NOT work! So join a competition like the one we’re starting in January to jump-start your change for the better. Or sign up for a 5k. Get your family, friends, or co-workers to make some healthier changes with you (so you have a support system). Just do SOMETHING, and do it the best you can! So you didn’t lose any weight for two weeks? Yes, that’s discouraging but on the inside you are healing your organs, adding years to your life, boosting your energy.. and over time you’ll see and FEEL the results. I promise you this! If you lost just “one pound” a week (on average) by 2014 you’ll be 52 pounds lighter and by improving your nutrition you’ll be a whole lot healthier.

You deserve this! You CAN do this! You NEED to do this! If you haven’t already started your healthier lifestyle, NOW is the time. Stop emailing me your fears and start following my program or ANY quality program for that matter and then email me along the way if/when you hit bumps instead of only telling me why you can’t change. Yes, you may stumble, and yes it will be hard… but remember: Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will! So do something. Commit to a healthier you in 2013. New year…new you!

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