Dear Drew: Your Tough Questions Answered

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  1. Do you need to have a gym membership in order to participate in your Fat2Fit 6-month Program? ?
    • No you don’t.  The workouts are designed to be done either at the gym or at home with minimal equipment.
  1. Would you be willing to work with someone who is on a whole foods/raw foods diet ?
    • Yes, I accommodate almost all nutritional preferences. We currently have vegetarians and keto-nians in our group. 
  1. I am vegetarian. Would your program work for someone like me? ?
    • See above.
  1. How did the experience of gaining those 75 pounds affect you emotionally?
    • It was an eye opener for me for how much of transformation is mental and emotional. It was so humbling and was way more emotional than I ever bargained for.  I used to focus so much on the physical aspect of weight loss before (meal plans, macros, calories, exercises, etc.).  Now my main focus is helping people overcome their mental and emotional challenges, which is how you make it a lifestyle change instead of just another diet. 
  1. When you went from fit to fat, and then back to fit, did you notice any excess skin afterward due to the weight gain/loss? If so, how did you rectify it?
    • Luckily, I didn’t have any stretched out skin.  That is mostly genetic, but also depends on how overweight someone is and how long they’ve had that weight on.  I wish there was a magic pill you could take, but my opinion is to embrace and be proud of who you are no matter what you look like.  Yes, there’s surgery and I’m not opposed to that, but it’s expensive and risky.  So find ways to love yourself first. 
  1. I think it’s great that you did something like this to relate to your clients! Is this an experience that you would put yourself through again? ?
    • Probably not.  I learned everything I think I could learn from this experience and it was way harder than I thought it would be.  That’s why I’m glad I now have a TV show on A&E, called Fit To Fat To Fit, where other trainers are doing this now instead of me. 
  1. I’m looking to hopefully gain a little muscle while losing the weight. How would you go about doing this successfully, losing the pounds without losing any existing muscle mass while doing so? ?
    • This is very hard to do, but still possible.  My Fit2MASS program is a good place to start doing this.  It’s a 12-week program that focuses on gaining lean mass while keeping fat mass down. 
  1. What if you are someone with preexisting health issues or physical disabilities which may result in some movement restrictions? What could you do if you are unable to fully work out 
    • There’s almost always something you can do no matter what your restrictions are.  A couple suggestions would be to work with an experienced coach that can help tailor a program to you and help you out one on one.  You could also join a crossfit box or other group fitness class where you’ll get some one on one attention to help you modify the workouts. 
  1. When is the next season of your show coming out?
    • It should be coming out the spring of 2017….so stay tuned.
  1. This may be a delicate question, but as you were going back to being fit from fat, did you have any surgery to help the process along?
    • No surgery for me. 
  1. Do you prefer Keto/OS or Kegenix? ?
    • Both these products are great and I’ve tested them both personally and they both work.  I prefer Keto/OS because of the taste and it’s a bit easier on the stomach for most people. 
  1. During your fit to fat to fit experience, how did it affect your daughters? – ?
    • My oldest was only 2 so she doesn’t remember.  When they look at pictures of me back then they say “fat daddy” and “skinny daddy”, which is cute, but honestly they don’t really remember.  Haha.
  1. Did your marriage suffer at all from you gaining 75 pounds on purpose? – ?
    1. Yes, it did.  Read chapter 4 of my NY Times Best Selling Book, Fit2Fat2Fit, and you’ll see how it affected my marriage.  Luckily it was only for 6 months.  I just didn’t have the energy to help out around the house as much or with the kids and so I was always complaining and laying down.  My ex had to pick up the slack and would remind me that, “this was my idea” to do this experiment. 
  2. What first fueled your passion for fitness? ?
    •  I think seeing my older brothers play football and wrestling, which got me into those sports and I wanted to be good at those, so I developed a love for fitness at a young age, but that has slowly shifted over to more of a focus on self-love and health first and then aesthetics second. 

Have any other questions for me? I’d love hear them! Now is your chance to ask me ANYTHING! 


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