Cancer & One Leg Workouts

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I just received this email from a follower, Wyatt Dannel, and couldn't help but blog about his incredible journey of developing cancer and having to lose a leg all the while being young, married with 3 kids, and currently going to USC for Dental School!  Fight On!!!!!  Here's his email and picture:

"So I started to do all you work outs a while back and always found it very challenging to do exercises on one leg. However I did not know how important those one legged exercises would become. After a long story, I found out I had cancer in my left ankle. I had a below the knee amputation this past Tuesday. The doctor says my recovery has been amazing and I'm strong on my one right leg. I give credit to the one leg exercises. So thanks for your help."

You can read Wyatt's complete journey on his blog here:

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