4 Healthy Travel Tips – #ketotravel

  In recent years, I have done a fair amount of business traveling for speaking engagements and fitness conferences. It’s fun and easy to fly around these days, but there is one challenge: How do you maintain discipline with food and fitness when you’re away from home? On my last trip, which was to Florida, I was at the airport early for my 10am flight. Got through security just fine, then over to Starbucks in the terminal for some cold brew coffee….

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This weekend, many will celebrate Cinco de Mayo and pretty soon you’ll be invited to those outdoor spring BBQs. Who doesn’t love that? Just like any season, there are food temptations to throw you off course, but I know you’re strong and can achieve your goals AND have fun at the same time! Tips to consider: Eat beforehand to avoid temptation Bring dishes you know you can enjoy Share your health goals with your friends and family For Cinco de Mayo, skip…

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Guilt, shame, and our relationship with food

In my recent Facebook Live session, I pondered this question with my audience – “How do we survive the reality that life is tough?” Everyone is human – we have weaknesses, we make mistakes, there are victories and defeats. Sometimes defeat is a mindset that stays with us for a while. It can be related to work life, personal life, and especially our relationship with food and fitness. Maybe a mindset has slowed your desire to make changes with your body and…


Why Dr. Oz said No to Keto

The last time I was on the Dr. Oz Show, you met Kendy who was thinking about going on the Ketogenic diet. Like many of you out there, she wanted to lose 30 pounds and her approach to diet and exercise wasn’t working. Dr. Oz introduced us and together we began a walk through a day of Keto meals. High fat, moderate protein, low carbs, – all designed to taste great and make one feel satiated as part of getting the body…

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Why you SHOULD eat a Cadbury Cream Egg

“It’s important we remember the true meaning of Easter“, says the Archbishop of Cadbury. I’m back again this year with my justification for eating a large Cadbury Cream Egg this Easter Sunday. This post is really to show you how we are often mislead on what is “healthy”. What are you (most likely) eating or drinking that is worse than this delicious Cadburg Cream Egg? Let’s examine and see if you’re in for a surprise. Oatmeal, juice, protein bars, smoothies and yogurt…

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EP003: Heidi Powell – A Down to Earth Super-friend You Want As Your Trainer

Finding beauty in the strength of self not the size of self You may know her as the meaner of the two trainers on Extreme Weight Loss but as Heidi sees it she is being a true friend to her trainee’s. She uses her own past of binging and purging to help people address the emotional aspect of a bad body image. She wants to be the person she wishes had when she went through dark times. Heidi knows that leading by…

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