Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation Story: George’s 1 Year Update

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If you’re skinny then quit reading this and go eat something.  If you’re fat then put that cookie down and pay attention!  As you can see, I’m not skinny and I have not yet seen any washboard abs (in the mirror).  Although I see the washing machine every day because I help out with the laundry.  I even help cook since November of 2011.  You macho types might be thinking – what happened?  I think it’s called a change of lifestyle.  I hear it’s much better than a midlife crisis.  Do you remember those sad old country music songs where the man lost his job, he gained a bunch of weight, his wife left him, he wrecked his truck and the dog ran away?  Well, I quit one of my jobs, LOST a bunch of weight, my wife thinks we’re newly weds again, my truck has pollen all over it and I don’t have a dog…yet.  I might make less money with this change in lifestyle but I am much healthier and happier.
Going to the doctor was one of my least favorite activities.  After fasting all night and no breakfast, I had to give blood in the morning at the lab for my semiannual cholesterol panel.  Then I would try to lose as much weight as possible before I had to go back for my follow-up visit.  Rescheduling the dreaded follow-up became a ritual to buy some time so I could lose a portion of the weight I had gained since my last visit.  As much as I dreaded going to the doctor, the situation only got worse in November of 2011.  I lost ten pounds in the first ten days on Drew’s program and was very excited about my progress.  My doctor was not impressed because I was still heavier than I had weighed on my previous visit.  My blood pressure had been running at or above “high normal” for a while and the Doc said we had watched it long enough.  He put me on blood pressure medicine immediately and told me I had no choice in the matter.  Now I had to come back for a visit in three months instead of six months.  Oh joy!
Have you ever been on a diet?  Have you ever thought or said out loud, “Boy, I’ll be glad when this diet is over!”  That is a significant indicator of absolute FAILURE!  We go on diets, lose weight, quit the diet and go back to our old habits. This vicious cycle can continue for years and even decades but NOT this time.  Something drastically changed with my usual lose and regain cycle of the past twenty years.  I should weigh more than 278 pounds at this point instead of weighing 218.  All the weight I lost since November of 2011 should have been gained back by now plus a few extra pounds.  I lost 50 pounds on the fat2fit program in the first 5 months and 20 more pounds two months after my spotlight on Drew’s fit2fat2fit blog.  Somehow I have managed to keep off 60 pounds of fat for the past year and gained about five pounds of muscle.  Are you wondering what was different this time?  Maybe it was the healthy meal plans and spinach shakes for breakfast.  Eating nutritious leftovers for lunch instead of sandwiches and chips or fast food could have also been a factor.  Maybe it was following Drew’s exercise plan and staying active.  I have to agree with Drew about weight loss and weight maintenance.  It is based on 75% nutrition and 25% exercise because I could always out eat my exercise efforts in the past.
If you’re still reading this and you’re skinny then you should go to and eat some protein for goodness sake.  If you’re fat then I have some good news.  You do NOT need to go on a diet because diets do NOT work!  However, slow consistent changes in everyday habits can equate to a long term healthy lifestyle and a better fitness level.  I am living proof of this concept.  After losing a lot of weight and becoming more medically healthy, my doctor discontinued my blood pressure meds after  I had been taking them for about a nine months.  Now I no longer dread the semiannual visits to the doctor and my cholesterol levels have improved.  As a husband and father, I am now able to set a good example for my family.  My sons see me do large amounts of laundry and help my wife with cooking healthy meals…good way to keep a wife around and avoid the sad country music legacy.  If you would like to prevent a midlife health crisis then try a slow and steady change in lifestyle.
A BIG thank you to Drew for his “crazy” idea and to Lynn for allowing him to do it.  Because it really works.
George T. Whaley

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