Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation Story

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Everyone meet Chris from New York:

Here is Chris's amazing transformation story: 

Well let's see where do I start? On my birthday December 04, 2011, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes due to obesity. It was my 30th birthday and my stats were as follows: 316lbs – XXXL shirts – 46 inch waist – 22 1/2 inch neck. I was devastated from the news I had just received. I now had to take 4 different types of medications and check my sugar levels with a finger stick 4 times a day. 
Being a nyc police officer with an emergency medical technician background from my previous employer (the Fire Department of New York) I was ashamed of myself. I started to think about my son, who was born just 3 months prior to my diagnosis of diabetes. He is a very special baby to my wife and I. He was born with a form of autism called ACC (Agenesis of the Corpus Collusem). With the obesity and my sons condition on my mind, I knew it was time to stop being selfish and comfortable as an overweight disgusting cop/father. 
My journey kind of begins like most peoples do…Watching Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition with Chris Powell. He is an amazing man and does amazing things for people. So I decided to begin my journey! The first thing I changed was absolutely no soda, actually no drinking anything other than water. Then it was the fast food. Absolutely NO fast food since December 2011. And I started to see a difference in my weight but nothing crazy. I was down to about 290 and then I fell off. My wife and I were now expecting our second child which was a total shocker. So I began to comfort eat again with limits, but i wound up back at around 300 again. My daughter was born in 2012 and after losing a baby girl to a miscarriage years earlier my wife and I knew we had another very special baby in our lives. 
Oct 2012 was the last time I thought I'd eat garbage. I absolutely changed my whole life around. Although I was NOT going to the gym or excersizing, other than walking, I was doing pretty good. I was down to about 265-270 just eating 65% healthy and walking. And then another tragedy occurred. In 2013 My son domenico suffered a serious grand Mal seizure out of nowhere and was hospitalized for over 2 weeks. My wife and I were devastated. I couldn't care about anything else in the world not even myself. And then I remembered watching an episode of Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition a month earlier featuring Drew. And your story smacked me so hard on my face it was like a miracle! I woke up. I said, if this man can intentionally damage himself to kind of prove a point then what the heck am I doing sitting here shortening my children's and wife's time with me.  Me being a cop shortens it enough. I started to eat 80-85% healthy and I started doing at home workouts and excersizes I found on Drew's website and videos I found of him along with his wife and the powell pack online. I started to follow the meals Drew and his wife suggested. I was feeling great! I started in the gym about 4-5 times a week and I NEVER turned back! 
In January 2014 I was promoted to the rank of detective and my current stats stand as follows: Diabetes-free, no medication, 220 pounds – 34 waist – XL shirt – 17in neck and 13.6% body fat and Im in the gym 4-5 times a week and eat around 80-85% healthy. I feel amazing! I feel so good about myself and the changes are very noticeable that people I know walk right past me in the street. I truly believe if it wasn't for Drew's journey and the many TV interviews as well as his episode on Extreme Makeover Weight Loss on TV I would've continued to follow the dangerous slope to death. I also have to thank my wife for standing by me. Anyone who goes through a change like this should know, you need the moral support from friends and family to succeed as well. 
Thank you drew for listening and being an amazing person.
(Progress photos of Chris's journey)

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