Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation

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Everyone meet Chris:

SEPTEMBER 2011 – 250 lbs MARCH 2012 – 173 lbs

Here is Chris's story:

     My name is Chris I am 26 years old. In September 2011 I was around 250lbs.  I was a little on the heavier side as a kid but never obese.  I joined the military and got in the best shape of my life(until now).  I came home and joined the work force and injured my back.  I ate poorly and did not exercise until i reached my highest weight of 250lbs.  With a healed but restricted back i set out to go to the gym to try and lose weight with my girlfriend Sara (who has been there every step of the way for me).  My first experience in the gym was…well awful, humiliating, and made me never want to go back again.  I got some weird looks and few smirks.  I felt "wow i don't belong here.  I am just embaressing myself". 

     That night i went home humiliated, feeling sorry for myself, and felt like i was at the bottom of a hole with no way out.  I looked at where i go for news and i saw a story about a personal trainer gaining 70lbs ON PURPOSE.  I read it and started thinking "this is insane. This guy cares enough about his clients and other people to physically and emotionally impair himself just to know what people like me are going through".  I decided I need to do this.  For myself, my family, and my girlfriend.  I ignored the looks and other rude things that came.  I started in September 2011 at 250lbs.  I am now 173lbs, feeling better than i ever have in my entire life.  All i can suggest to those who are struggling to get out and get fit and feel "i cant do this" or are intimidated by others around you, is don't worry about them.  You are worth every last bit of effort you put into yourself to make this happen.  I give so much thanks to my family and people like Drew who show me there is no hole too deep to pull yourself out of, and it definitely helps when someone is down there with you or cheering you on on your way up and out.


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