Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation

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Everyone meet Jennifer:

Here is Jennifer's amazing success story:

Growing up I had 3 siblings; an older brother and sister and a younger brother. They were all skinny bean poles growing up and then there was me. For as far back as I can remember I have been overweight even though I played sports growing up.  It didn't seem to matter though. I come from a family where fitness and health never seemed to be something we discussed.

Right out of high school I was married and had my first daughter and I gained a lot of weight during that pregnancy then got a desk job where I started some horrible eating habits. At our monthly safety meetings we always had doughnuts and oh boy, I LOVED them but they were not nice to my hips! Sometimes I'd be in a hurry to get to work and not have breakfast then by the time lunch came around I would rush home and eat something or run by and grab a burger. Dinner was always something quick too, mostly because by the time I had got off my fabulously fit husband was whisking off to the gym and I was taking care of our little one. Yes, my husband is remarkably fit and here I am constantly gaining weight, what's wrong with me?

Next thing I know I'm pregnant again and when I go to my first doctors appointment instead of leaving excited about the next 9 months I was terrified. I was a whopping 220 pounds!! Through my pregnancy I did the best I could to eat healthy and at full term was 237 pounds. At first I was doing well.  I had lost all the baby weight but being a stay at home mom for the first time in my life with a demanding 3 year old and new born I started my bad eating habits again.

One day I was in tears and I will never forgot telling my toddler when I was chasing her in the house "hold on mommy has to catch her breath." That was devastating to me! I couldn't keep up with a three year old. Then one night after the girls were in bed (my husband worked nights then) I sat on the couch with a box of chewy chocolate chip cookies and started TV surfing and there Drew and his wife were talking about his journey and fit2fat2fit. Right away I put the cookies away and text my husband to get Drew's book. I think he was thrilled because by the end of the week not only did I have the book, I had a stack of all the supplements Drew recommended too! I kept a journal and right away started making meals he had in the book and the weight and inches were literally dropping off. I started seriously working my tail off. Everyone continues to ask me what i'm doing and I always tell them to be sure to buy Drew's book. He is truly an inspiration to me! I still can't believe people contact me for fitness advice and men and women walk up to ME at the gym. From 237 pounds to a fit 147 pounds and counting!

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