Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation

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Everyone meet Cindi from Utah:

Here is Cindi's amazing story:

I started training with Drew a year and one week ago.   Drew was kind enough to ask me what time slot I would like and I said ideally my 1st choice would be 5:00 a.m.  and was shocked when he said he'd go for that!  I got up once a week every Tuesday morning at 4:00 a.m. to eat and get ready and drive the 1/2 hour it took to get there.  He never failed to greet me with a smile on his face each morning and ready to work.  The first day I dreaded the weigh in but did so at 224 lbs. I had lupus, diabetes type 2, ankle problems, (had already had ankle reconstruction and still need fusion on both ankles), thyroid and high blood pressure.  Believe it or not I ate fairly clean so that wasn't a major issue.   With all these issues, I was willing to work and do anything Drew asked of me, and I did.  I swear Drew would lay awake at nights thinking up new ways to torture me every week!  But I promised not to complain and don't think I did too much.  On the other days I wasn't working out with Drew, I did his online program at the gym.  I'd like to say the weight just melted off, but that wasn't the case with me.  I ate cleanly, and I mean really clean, I exercised and worked so hard but years of being on steroids and Lupus and all the other meds had taken their toll on my body and the weight inched off.  By the end of January I had lost 10 lbs and no matter what I did my blood sugars for my diabetes could not be controlled.  I later found out I had a rare diabetes called Dawns Syndrome where they would be good during the day and soar at night so when I woke in the morning they were sky high.  I was on 2 meds for that and they made me sick, sick, sick.    I finally researched and decided  to do weight loss surgery.  I opted to do the Vertical Sleeve.  Drew said I was his only client who has ever made that choice.  It was a hard decision, but I was told the chances of becoming diabetes free was high with this surgery and my body had suffered the ravages of the disease…  neuropathy in my hands and feet, and chronic cornea erosion in one eye.  When they told me I had cornea erosion starting in the other eye, that was it, I was done I wasn't willing to give anymore of my body to diabetes. 

I had my surgery January 27th.  Scared?  Heck ya, but Drew was very supportive from day one about it.  The day of surgery was the last day I took my diabetes meds and from the day of surgery I have been diabetes free.  2 weeks later I was off my high blood pressure meds and a month later I was off thyroid meds.   The day after surgery I was walking 2 miles (the nurses had it measured out).  2 weeks after surgery I started working with Drew again, slowly, the weight started coming off.  It's like it completely reset my metabolism and I started losing more like a normal person.  Let me be clear, I didn't take the surgery for granted that it would just shed the pounds without the work.  The change in eating really wasn't a problem as I'd been eating so clean for so long, it was what I'd been doing only in smaller amounts, but I worked hard.  As the weight came off, I suddenly started getting brave and trying new things, such as running.  To this day I am the worlds slowest runner, but the fact that I can run still never ceases to amaze me.  Yes, I still need fusion on both ankles and at times they hurt alot, but the fact that I can run is a miracle to me.  In late February my 25 year old son was dx'd with cancer, and between having to be there for Joshua and the expenses that came with it I made the decision to end working with Drew.  Drew promised to be there to support me and he has kept that promise.  I did his online program for awhile on my own, and then Drew suggested I try Crossfit.  Crossfit, me?  I didn't ever imagine that to be possible.  Well, I tried it out, and 3 months later am still doing it….  the slowest, not the strongest but as my coach says, "Cindi, you are here and doing it and there are no wimps in Crossfit".  I run, I lift, I jump rope, I do Burpies and pushups, and have never developed that LOVE for exercise or addiction as so many get.  I tell myself everytime, "I can do anything for an hour" and I do.  Sometimes I hate it, ask Drew!  But I always know it's going to end soon enough and every single time I drag my butt down to exercise I leave sore and tired but feeling so much better and so glad I decided to do it.  I do Crossfit 3 times a week, and I choose to walk, ride my bike, or run on the off days. 

So one year and one week later, I have lost a grand total of 98 lbs!  Hoping for that number of 100 soon!  I have gone from a size 22-24 pants to a size 4 skinny jean from aeropostale!  I literally squealed when I found I could fit in them.  I now weigh a few lbs less than my 15 year old and she has such a great sense of style, we shop in each others closets all the time now.  I tell my husband when we shop for either one of us that he's got a deal because it's like shopping for 2 and paying once!  works for us!  Sometimes even though I know how much I've lost in weight I still see myself as the same as I was at 224 lbs, and then Drew steps in and shows me the beginning photos and reminds me how far I've come.  Drew and Lynn have never stopped cheering me on and supporting me.  Even the weeks I would lose .2 lbs he would say, "look it's going the right direction"!  I just found out I need major surgery on my thumb as well as my ankles, and Drew is helping me to figure out how I can continue getting my exercise in and working around the issues.  Now I enjoy running with my daughter, long walks (miles and miles) with my husband, bike riding and hiking and my favorite exercise now is shopping!  Shopping for clothes and figuring out new styles now is so much fun!  I'm enjoying life.  My 7 year old used to be embarrassed because her friends would always say how fat her Mommy was, now she is so proud of me, she begs to choose which outfit I should wear when I go to volunteer in her classroom.  She begs to go to Crossfit with me, and while I workout, she gets a good workout in the kids corner.  She is so proud when her Mommy lifts the big barbells! 

I may have gone about losing weight and getting healthy in a different way, but I don't regret my choice.  I had health issues that just weren't resolving and I needed extra help., but I never stopped working from the moment I got up and walking after surgery.  I tell everyone about, Drew has offered the resources everyone can use.  Even though it may be slow and sometimes I really don't want to exercise, I have to keep telling myself I am there, I'm doing SOMETHING, somedays seem like smaller steps than others especially now that the weight coming off has really slowed down, now that I've passed doctors goal and am just about at 'normal weight' for my size, but my motto is, "I can do anything for an hour or a little more" and anything is better than nothing.  I never cease to be grateful and amazed everyday my body can move.  I may not be the fastest or even close at times, but at least I'm moving!   Also, on the eating ends of things, I LOVE finding new ways to take old favorites and make them healthy and good and still enjoy them.  I LOVE the quest bars, Peanut butter cups (I usually will only eat one at a time), and Amberlynn Chocolates, I love to have a piece of chocolate now and then.  Not the whole bar at a time, a piece… I just put it in my mouth and savor it!  I love to make protein icecream, and protein pudding.  It's not about being deprived but knowing I can enjoy a meal, a dessert, a snack with my family and not feel deprived.  As a result my kid and husband like eating my way better than the old way for the most part.  Life is good, and so much better a year after having met and started working with Drew!

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